Today I woke up at 11am, which for me is a complete miracle. Recently I have been finding it really hard to sleep through the night, so actually having a proper lie in was bliss. I have also been feeling so unmotivated in the past few weeks, when it comes to studying, blog work and just generally with getting things done at home etc… So as a way to try and motivate myself I thought I would talk to you guys about it, and tell you how I am going to attempt to challenge the little motivation I am feeling. Maybe I could even tempt some of you into getting a little more motivated. What better way to start than a Saturday. 
“I love to start my weekend with a delicious breakfast and strong coffee”
I started a new job at the beginning of September, and so I have been working on Sunday’s instead of Saturday’s. Therefore, my lazy relaxed Sunday has now become a Saturday thing. So after attempting a long lie in, I then indulge in a delicious breakfast, which is something most of us never get to do in the week. My favourite is beautifully cooked scrambled eggs on a  bagel. Grilled tomato usually makes my breakfast, however today I realised I had forgotten to buy them. 
I then spend the rest of the day trying to get some school work done (which isn’t usually a success), prep blog posts for the rest of the week and tidy up after the busy week. I also like to spend time playing with Princess as she doesn’t get much attention in the week. 
So as I sit with my second strong coffee, I am going to decide on a few ways to motivate myself in the next week. 

Aim to get two hours of school work done everyday – Some days I do literally nothing, which in my last year of sixth form is a really really bad habit to be in. So this week I am going to aim to get at least two hours done every night. This may seem like a lot, but in context the time always goes by so quickly when I’m busy working. 

Bake – Baking is a huge passion of mine, which you will know if you have the blog on snapchat, so this week I am going to try to get back into it as I haven’t been doing much lately. Let me know if there is anything you would like me to try and share with you, or even let me know if you get baking yourself. When going through exams last year, I found baking the most therapeutic process ever when I was getting so stressed. I love creating something new, and something delicious. 

Exercise – This is getting ridiculous; I haven’d had a proper exercise plan for months now, and as hard as it is to get back into it, I always find it helps me so much to be motivated and productive. So this week I am going to write up a plan for the next 7 days, something not too optimistic seeing as I am so unfit at the moment. I am going to prove to you guys that I am getting on with it, so add me on snapchat (@ladyhunterblog), to see my fitness log for the week. 

Eating Habits – I love food, and when I get tired and bored I always reach for a quick takeaway or rice box from KFC, so this week my aim is to cook and eat everything healthy and homemade. I am not going to say that i’m on a proper diet, because that always leads to to relapse, but I am going to attempt to eat as much fruit and veg as possible, as well as drinking loads and loads of water each day. 
Less use of technology – this week I have been talking to lots of friends about how much we use laptops and phones during the day, and we have all admitted to spend way too much time on them. This has also resulted in me getting quite a few headaches, probably because my eyes aren’t used to the amount of hours being spent staring into a screen. So this week I am going to try and limit the amount I am on my laptop, as well as stopping to use my phone a few hours before bed. Perhaps this is why my sleeping pattern is so disturbed? 


Let me know if any of these points help to motivate you for the week!

– have a good week – 

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