New Look has been one of my favourite high street stores now for years, and every time I go in there is seems to get better and better. I noticed how many gorgeous autumnal pieces they have had recently, with all the camel colours, and thought how fun it would be to put together an entire outfit from the range. I was so excited, however when I got in there, I felt slightly overwhelmed as there was so much to choose from for just a single outfit. Usually I would only buy a few things that literally don’t go together at all. I started with this autumn kimono, which instantly caught my eye because of all the ruffled detail at the front. I just loved how casual it looked, as well as warm! Based around this I thought that I needed some shades of brown. I found a plain camel skirt, which actually has two front pockets ideal for your phone, and a simple brown cami. The skirt came with a suede like belt, which finished it off perfectly. I knew that this look would be completed with some thick black tights and winter boots. 
“Finding the perfect winter boots is next to impossible for me. So many just don’t feel right”
I ventured upstairs to the entire shoe area, and started looking around the boots, with not really much drawing my attention. Then, I saw these – simple ankle boots in a brown suede material. I absolutely love this type of boot, as it can be worn with jeans or tights, and are generally so comfortable. Typically they also had to be the most expensive pair in the boot collection! I also think that they completed the colour theme beautifully. Finally, I needed a bag, and how could I resist a simple black shoulder bag with a gold tassle? 
This blog post is in collaboration with Lily Rose, and you can find her blog here.

Outfit Details (New Look):- Kimono // Top // Skirt // Boots // Bag // Watch

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