Contouring is something that seems to be talked about so much recently, with all the beauty bloggers I watch and read about and all the products being released to hep with the perfect contour. I am by no means an expert when in comes to make-up, and still learn so much from everything I read and watch. Therefore, when it came to trying out some of these products on my own, I was a little dubious about the results and felt very insecure about whether I had got it right or not. Now I have got my morning make-up routine to a point where I feel comfortable, and am able to just get on with it even when I can’t really be bothered in the morning. Writing this post now, I realise how useful it would be if I was filming a YouTube video and showing you guys exactly how I do it. Although, YouTube isn’t really my thing, so I am just going to be talking through the products I use that are easy to apply and create the perfect contour look. 
“Contouring defines your cheek bones, making your face look well structured and healthier. The tones of bronze and peachy pink create the perfect natural look. Nothing is better than natural”
I have found when experimenting that it is not just about the products you use, but also what you use to apply them. My favourites have to be these two Real Technique brushes, from the beautiful metal collection. 

Personally, I feel it is much better to complete the contouring process once all make-up is applied. Whenever I have done my eye make-up after, I always find that it gets a little smudged from where I lean on my cheek. To start I use this amazing Clinique contour chubby stick. I brush along the bottom of me cheek bone, quite firmly. To blend I then use the amazing BeautyBlender. I blend it in enough to look natural, however with a distinct line. 

I then have this Barry M contour kit. To begin with I use my Real Technique contour brush, and use the darkest shade in the kit. I use a small amount along where I used the chubby stick, then wipe the brush for excess powder with a tissue. Once the brush is cleaner, I use the second darkest shade in the kit and brush a gentle line above the previous line. I don’t actually use the lightest shade. Then I take my Real Techniques Tapered brush and blend the contour together. 

To finish, I use this gorgeous bronzer/blush from Dior. It has a small brush, which I use to brush the product along my cheeks, going upwards. Once this is done, use a large powder brush to blend everything together. You can use a little face powder to help fade the colour. 

– have a good weekend – 

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