For the past few days I have decided to take some time off of blogging, just because I wanted some time away from the laptop and the constant distractions that come with social media. So today I thought I would do a more casual post, showing you a few pictures from a day last week when we celebrated my beautiful grandmas birthday. I don’t really share much about my family etc on the blog, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to interact with you all in a different way. When it is someone’s birthday, we always like to make it special, and for my Grandma we attempted just that. 
“We started the day with a Mimosa”
So we started the day with breakfast. My grandma and I went into Clifton, just the two of us, and went to out favourite place for breakfast. We had coffee, pastries and breakfast cocktails? Is there really much of a better way to start a birthday? Then we casually wondered around the shops, admiring all the new christmas stock. Seeing as breakfast was quite late, we then went on to lunch! We originally had planned a family lunch, however my granddad was poorly so we had to continue without him. We went to Zizzi, a wonderful Italian chain, and had some beautiful food. Prosecco was flowing, although I got stuck with a passion fruit punch because I was the driver! We started with garlic bread to share, served on this beautiful board that I am still dreaming about – my live for kitchen bits and house interior seems to be growing. For main, my auntie and I both had this amazing chicken dish, served on a large kebab like stick. It was served with rosemary potatoes and lemon sauce, which was divine. To finish I tried the new Chocolate and Mint Tea they had on offer, and once i’d added a few sugars it was amazing. 

 – have a good Wednesday – 
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