Seeing as this year is swiftly coming to a close, I thought I would use this short period between Christmas and New year to reflect on all the wonderful things that have happened this year, both in my life and on the blog. Scrolling through all the blog posts from this year, I couldn’t believe how much I have managed to post! 
This year I really feel like my blogging career has developed, and I couldn’t be happier. I have worked with many companies such as Anchor and Crew, Treacle Moon and Coconut Lane. The blog celebrated it’s first birthday also in May, and to me this was such a significant part of the year as I never imagined I would be able to carry on doing this for so long, and not lose the motivation to do it. I have truly found a hobby that I can say I love, and am completely committed to doing. 
Early on in the year I visited Poland with friends, and it was such an amazing experience as it is somewhere I wouldn’t have chosen to go normally. We were in an amazing position, and were able to really get into the culture, eating the local cuisine and taking a ride in a horse and carriage. It was also nice to be away with friends as it is so different to being with family. You feel a great sense of independence. I then also completed my first year of sixth form, and celebrated in style with my gorgeous friends and family. 
Another trip I was lucky enough to go on was a week away at Easter with my family. We went to Tenerife, somewhere I used to go a lot as a child, and it was so nice to revisit all the places I had been and just enjoy some quality time together in the sun! 
As much as I love blogging, it does have its flaws, as with anything. Living this life online gives you so many opportunities, however it also makes you extremely vulnerable to those who feel the need to mock you for doing something you love behind a screen. Mentally I am strong, and I just shake it off and carry on doing what I enjoy. Although sometimes it can upset me, ultimately I am only human, and I can spend days totally dazed by everything because I can think of nothing else. In the end you just have to carry on, and I feel like most of the time it actually fuels me to continue and do an even better job. I get that not everyone understands why I do what I do, but at the same time all I can say is i’m not forcing anyone to read this blog, and I am certainly not trying to inflict my views and opinions on to my readers. This all led to a post about a month ago, pretty much ranting about why I do what I do! I am so grateful for all the positive comments I get for doing this, and it means so much knowing that even a small number of people are enjoying joining me on this little blogging journey of mine. 
Finally, I also have had lots of chances to work with other bloggers this year, which to me is one of the highlights. A big collaboration in the summer, called ‘Worldwide Rainbow’, allowed me to work with some amazing girls located all over the world. We were all given a colour, and had to create two outfit based around that colour. If you know me at all, you will know that I obviously went for hot pink! All the links to my favourite posts can be found below!

I would also like to say a huge thank you to Coconut Lane (click here) for their special mention today on their blog – giving me plenty of motivation to fuel in 2016. 
– have a great new year –

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