Christmas themed blog posts have got to be my new favourite thing, making every single normal post a little more festive. It is officially 5 days til’ Christmas and I am so super excited. As I have gotten older I haven’t been that fussed, but this year I am really getting into it, and am so excited for he presents, food and relaxed day. Speaking of relaxation, that is exactly what this post is about. Last week I started to develop a sty on the inside of my left eye, which is something that often happens when I get extremely run down. A few days later I then got a cold and an immense tiredness come over me. At this point, it was time to relax properly, something that I am not exactly very good at. 

‘Taking time out for yourself is something so important in all our busy lives – however it must be done right.’

When relaxing in the evening, there are certain things I do which I think are fun but actually are not good for me – such as watching a film. Watching a film is one of my favourite things to do, although mentally they can be very tiring. So I thought I would share a few things I do to relax properly. 

Seeing as I had a few hours spare, I started by sitting on the sofa and doing a tiny bit of easy blog work whilst watching a Christmas movie. I know I said this isn’t great, however I knew I had some time afterwards to unwind, and ultimately this to me is quite therapeutic, especially at this time of year. So whilst editing blog photos for about half an hour, I started to watch ‘The Santa Clause’. Then, it was time to say goodbye to all my devices. 

Next it was the bath stage. I ran an amazingly hot bubbly bath, using a new bath bomb. I am not big on all the LUSH bath bombs, so opted for a simpler alternative from New Look. Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph it before chucking it in the water… because sometimes I turn into a major numpty when very tired! I turned on some classic Christmas tunes, and soaked in the amazing bath for a good half an hour, doing nothing but dozing off. When having a relaxing bath, I don’t use this time to shave or anything as it is simply about relaxing and not having to worry about anything. 
After my lovely bath, I wrapped myself up in a very fluffy dressing gown and took the opportunity to moisturise with a very rich hydrating moisturiser. I also then had a lovely chat with my boyfriend, and it was so nice not to be distracted by my phone or laptop! I love times like these when we can just talk and enjoy each others company. 
Who will you kiss under the mistletoe? 

I then decided that I really wanted to indulge in some Christmas chocolates, accompanied by a good old cup of tea. If you know me at all, you will know how much of a coffee junkie I am, however I have been craving tea so much recently. This probably has something to do with how much sugar I put in it! I can easily justify it as it’s Christmas. So I sat with my goodies, at which point I was starting to miss my phone! Instead of reaching for it, I chose a magazine! A little less strenuous for the mind!

So there we go, my relaxation period simply consists of a good bath, a chat and switching myself off from the world via technology. Being a blogger, I find it very difficult to resist the temptations of Instagram and Twitter notifications, but I am trying. I may even consider making it a new years resolution – having more contact with the real world!

Jumper Asos

– I hope you enjoy your relaxation time this christmas –
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