When listening to the radio on Monday morning, I learnt that it was the most depressing Monday of the year, with he highest percentage of people suffering from Monday Blues. Now I don’t know about you, but to me January is the Monday of the months. It always seems to last the longest; the weather suddenly drops in temperature and becomes even more dull; and you generally have the feeling of disappointment once Christmas and the new year are officially over. At this time of the year, I find it the most difficult time to motivate myself, especially when it comes to studying and general chores that need to be done on a daily basis. I wanted to just simply talk about the things I do to stay motivated, particularly with the focus of studying and revision. 
I am in my last year of sixth form now, so studying has started to become a bit of a bore. Quite frankly, education irritates me, and the thought of sitting even more exams just makes me want to burrow under my duvet until the summer comes. This makes it even harder to stay on track, despite knowing that now is the time to start. From experience, I know that now is the time to start revision, as in previous years I have left it much too late. Although, how am I meant to make this happen when I know for a fact that all the exams are over 4 months away? 
Keeping organised and staying on track…. literally as it says on the tin. For me, a massive motivation is keeping everything that I am doing organised. This year I have one diary, that I use for everything. I write which blog posts are going to be on which day, important events happening in my life, and most importantly my revision strategy. This way, I can keep it with me at all times, and I can refer to it for every occasion during my day. Feeling organised and prepared for me gives me a huge motivational boost, as I know where I am at. Being quite a girly girl, the added colour co-ordinated lists and events does give me a slight buzz. I can’t really stress enough how important it is to keep everything in control, so that you know where you should be at which stage. I simply wouldn’t be able to focus without everything laid out. 
Feeling good… To me feeling good is all about feeling happy and healthy. As you can probably tell by now, I am a complete fashionista, and absolutely adore clothes and make-up. Every single day I like to make an effort, as it makes me feel physically capable of doing anything. It’s like my armour! This doesn’t just include making yourself look presentable, it also includes eating the right food, doing things that you enjoy and spending time with the people you love. As much as revision is essential to get decent grades, it is all about getting the balance right. Ultimately, you need a social life, you need time for yourself to relax and you need to focus on more than just what is happening with your studies. My friends play a huge role in this, as I just love talking to people and making plans. Making sociable plans has got to be a big motivation, as they give you something to look forward to, and also act as a reward for the task you are currently focused on. 
The thought of failure or the thought of success… this is a question that I have asked myself throughout all my years of exams. Which motivates me more – the thought of failing all of them, or the though of being a success? Personally for me, it would be the thought of failing. When I think of failing something that I could have passed, I start to worry not only about my future, but also that i would have wasted so much time and ending up with nothing to show for it. This motivates me a hell of a lot, as I don’t want to be a failure and I don’t want to land up doing something with my life that I don’t enjoy. Everyday I see or hear people complaining about their job, or things going on in their life that they did or still do have control over. I don’t want to be that person in ten years time. 

Support… I think a major thing that motivates me in everything I do, has to be the support of everyone. Not only does this include my family, but it also includes my friends. We support one another through this process, as we are all feeling the same way, and we can learn ways of coping just from each other. Having your own little supportive community can help you in so many ways, as you feel protected by them, and less pressurised. Perhaps having a little reminder of this helps – a lucky charm or a piece of jewellery that symbolises for you how much support you really have. 

– happy studying – 


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