Something that I have never shared on the blog before is my terrible sleep cycle. For a very long time, my sleeping patterns have been very strange. For months I am able to sleep well, and then suddenly for about two to three I suddenly can’t, usually due to stress or something going on in my life. During this time it isn’t that I get no sleep at all, but it usually takes me a very long time to get to sleep, I am constantly moving during the night and I wake incredibly early. As a result I feel extremely tired, and this is usually a time when I get very run down. It comes on suddenly, even a few weeks after a stressful event, and takes a while for me to get back into a comfortable sleeping habit. As this has been going on for quite a few years now, I have learnt of many different ways to cope with it and help myself. I thought I would share these sleeping tips, for those who also may suffer from the same problems as me, or if you just want to improve your sleep in general. 

“I absolutely adore sleeping, so there is nothing worse than just lying in bed not being able to fall asleep, and feeling completely frustrated with myself” 

There is only one thing that I can do in the day to improve my sleep pattern, and that is reduce the amount of caffeine that I drink. You have to remember that caffeine is not just found in coffee, but also tea, fizzy drinks etc… Therefore I try to keep it to one coffee a day and this has to be before 12pm. Some people can handle caffeine better than others, but personally I am awful, which is a real shame as I enjoy coffee so much. 
To begin with, I have now tried to get into a good routine before going to bed. This usually takes around an half an hour to an hour… depending on how much time I leave myself. Below I have stated all the steps in this nightly process. 
Firstly, the hardest part of the process for me… turning all electronic equipment off. I find this particularly hard at the weekend when I want to fall asleep watching the latest comedy, but it does lead to nightmares for me during the night, so it is a habit I am starting to grow out of. So my laptop, iPad and phone should preferably off first. I must admit, I do quickly check my phone notifications before going to sleep, but I try not to stay on it for too long. 
So many people I have spoken to say that this is something that they absolutely have to do in order to have a good nights sleep. 

Next, a little sleep remedy that my grandma bought me a few years ago when I told her about the problem. I am almost very sure that this is probably psychological, however it seems to work so I have carried on using it. Once all my equipment is off, I will place two or three drops of the oil on my tongue, and just have a sip of water. It tastes of elderflower, which I actually quite like. It simply just sends me into a deeper sleep, so I won’t be disturbed when moving around. 
At this point I will then have a warm shower or bath, remove my make-up and put on my warmest pyjamas. As well as having a bad sleeping pattern, I also am one of those people who are cold all the time. So thick fluffy pyjamas are an absolute must have. 

Then it is time for a quick relax, usually consisting of a herbal or fruit tea and a small read of a good book. Preferably the tea needs to be decaf, as caffeine massively affects sleep. I am a very bad reader, as it is something that I just don’t particularly enjoy, but I do find that it is very relaxing and good for the mind. One of the reasons that I find it so hard to actually fall asleep is that I am always thinking about something, and worrying. This has definitely been passed down in my genes, so I worry over the most pointless things, thus effecting my sleep. I find that reading a little definitely helps to reduce this, as my mind is relaxed by the words. 
Once the tea is finished, it’s just a quick brush of my teeth and time to attempt a good nights sleep. 
– sleep tight – 


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