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After photographing this post, I realise how much easier it would be if I had a Youtube channel. There are so many things to show you guys, and so much to say! I thought I would put together a post about my current everyday make-up look, as I know personally how nice it is to know what other people use on a daily basis. I have done this post before, however it was probably almost a year ago, and a lot has changed since then. My love of make-up has really grown in the past few months, and I have been feeling so much more confident in terms of experimenting. At the moment I feel comfortable in what I wear, without feeling it’s overdone. I have talked you through the step by step process below. 

Before applying any make-up in the morning, I rinse my face with water, cleanse and moisturise. I let this all dry out, whilst usually getting dressed. 
To begin with, I prime my skin with the Clinique primer, specially designed to reduce redness. I get redness around my nose a lot, and it just never seems to go. This product is definitely helping to reduce it. I also use a little bit of Nivea lip balm, just to keep my lips nourished. 

Next, I use foundation. To begin with I use a small amount of the Rimmel matte foundation in the shade Light Porcelain, and blend in with a dense brush. This sets a base for my main foundation. I am a big sucker for my Chanel foundation, and have now been using it for several years. It is the perfect colour for my skin tone, and feels so light on my face. I put this all over, with half a pump of the Bourjois healthy mix on my cheek bone. The reason I use a small amount of the Bourjois is that it is very shiny, so almost creates an instant highlight. I blend all this together with my Spectrum foundation brush. 

After foundation, I then focus on eyes. I start by applying a small layer of Origins eye cream on both my lids, in the shade vanilla. I blend this out all the way to my brows, as it instantly makes my eyes appear bigger and brighter. I then use eyeshadow, starting with a light shade all over the lid up to the brow. Depending on the day, I usually use two colours, a darker one on the inside of my brow bone, and a lighter on the lid. I blend this all together with a larger brush and wipe any excess that has fallen around the eye. I then attempt to do two thin lines of liquid liner from Rimmel London. I use the Rimmel glam eyes, and I stop the line at the end of the eyelid. To do the flicks I use a different Rimmel liner, with a slightly thicker brush. I don’t use this for the lines as they always appear too heavy. 
To finish I use a little pencil liner on my water line, and two coats of Benefit mascara on my lashes. I absolutely adore this mascara. 

Then, it’s all about the concealer. To begin with I use this heavy duty concealer from Seventeen. I only use this under my eyes and sometime on blemishes if they’re really bad. Because it’s so thick it isn’t good to use it all over. This concealer is amazing for reducing circles under the eyes. 
*Tip – if you suffer from bad eye circles, apply a thin layer of red lipstick under your eyes and blend before using concealer. The colour red masks out the blue colour of eye circles. 
I also then use a lighter concealer around my nose, and blend in with a BeautyBlender. 

To set this make-up, I use my amazing Mac powder, however I try to only use it under my eyes, nose and chin. Sometimes it can go a bit orange is too much is used on top of the foundation. I use a large brush, and then clean it on a tissue, before using it again to blend. 

I don’t really do much to my brows, as they are naturally quite thick, so I just brush out all the foundation which may have caught and use a little of the Rimmel brow pencil. I blend this in thoroughly, so that it creates a very natural look. 

To add some colour to my very pale complexion, I use three different products. I begin by drawing a line up my cheek bone with the Clinique contour chubby stick. This product is so good, and gives you instant contour. I blend it a little with a BeautyBlender. I then use the Tanya Burr Contour Palette, and use the shade beech bronze togo over the Clinique line. To do this I use the RealTechniques contour brush. I then use the pink RealTechniques brush, and apply the Dior Nude bronzer all over my cheek bone above the line. To finish I apply a little of the Tanya Burr blush in the shade apricot flush. I blend this all together with my larger brush, used previously for the powder. 

For a very natural daytime lip, I use two shades. I use Mac Velvet Teddy on the bottom lip, and Mac Honeylove on the top. I blend this together and just wipe any excess from around the lips. 
So there you have it, a simple everyday look. Usually by the time I have finished this, I am 10 minutes late, my bunny stills needs her morning food and I have no idea where my bloody car keys are! Hahaha… xx
– have a good evening –


I have not been paid to talk about any products mentioned, and all views and opinions are my own. 
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