At the beginning of last summer, I decided that I would get my hair highlighted for the very first time. My natural hair is very blonde, and also very straight. Therefore, I did take quite a long time to make the decision to actually go ahead and do it. I didn’t go for a massive change, but just decided to make it a little brighter ready for the summer. I absolutely loved it, and so then decided at the beginning of Autumn to get it done again, however opting for some more golden tones. This means now, that I probably get it done twice a year. I go to my favourite hairdresser in Bristol, where they use Aveda hair products. When looking online at all the different brands available at each hairdresser in Bristol, Aveda just seemed to have the best reviews and is also a brand I have seen a lot of on social media etc… I already knew my hairdresser quite well, so I definitely knew that I would want her to do it. She is just amazing, and is the only person that ever seems to do what I have asked for and pictured in my mind. 
The first time I washed my hair myself after having it dyed, I noticed how knotty it was when I tried to brush it out. It was almost impossible, so at that moment I realised that I was going to have to try a lot harder with my whole hair routine. As it was quite a long time ago now, my hair seems to have settled down, and I have gotten used to a few techniques to keep it healthy and protected. The second time I had my hair dyed I asked my lovely hairdresser for some tips, and what she said really has made a massive difference. 

Shampoo & Conditioner
I did kind of know this before, but now I definitely do stick to it. You really shouldn’t change you shampoo and conditioners very often. The different chemicals react with your hair, and for the first few days it feels amazing, however it then starts to become oily and dull. The brand I swear by is Aussie, as all their products are so beautiful, work well with my hair and last for such a long time. I use Aussie for both shampoo and conditioner, however I a different range for both. My shampoo is the ‘Miracle Moist Shampoo’. This shampoo is so so rich and soft, and makes my hair feel very volumised and very protected. It isn’t oily, and always leave a very natural shine. This is perfectly partnered with the ‘Volume Conditioner’, which I just use a small amount of in the ends of my hair. It makes my hair silky smooth, and keeps it hydrated throughtout everyday life. Since having my hair dyed, I do use the tiniest amount of conditioner in my roots, just because of the knots, however it really doesn’t require much as most conditioners and shampoos nowadays are so rich. 

Tangle Teezer
I absolutely swear by this now, and it is such an essential part of my wash bag when going away… even for the night! I used to just use my normal brush after washing my hair, however once having it dyed it was way too knotty, and started to damage my hair. I bought one of these as someone recommended it, and I just think it is a miracle product. My hairdresser advised me to always start brushing from the bottom of your hair and work your way up. This way the knots fall out very easily. To begin with I couldn’t get my head around this concept, but now it is just a natural rhythm that I have got into when brushing! I couldn’t recommend a tangle teezer more, even for those who don’t have dyed hair, as it is so much healthier and easier. You also get to choose from a really wide variety of colours, which I just adored! 

Aveda Damage Control
When I brought up my concerns with my stylist, she instantly recommend this product. She knew that my hair wasn’t in need of deep repair, and she also knew that I just wanted something light to offer a little extra protection when I washed it. After brushing my hair out, I simply spray a small amount all over the ends of my hair, as well as a little in the roots, from a distance. It makes my hair so unbelievably smooth, and then when you brush it again it is so so easy! I always lightly dry my hair with a towel once I have completed this process, just to get rid of excess water before drying. 
A drying tip for me would be to lightly do the roots, and then do the ends with the tangle teezer. Simple tip you head over, and brush down you hair in stages, drying as you brush. This makes it so much quicker, especially when you have really thick long hair like mine. 

One important tip when you are trying to protect your hair has to be using as little heat as possible. I rarely straighten or curl my hair as it just does’t need it, however I do dry it every time it’s washed to reduce oiliness. When drying it, try to keep it on a low cool setting, as the heat can really damage your hair. 
If I am going out, I do like to make a bit more of an effort, so I will usually grab the curling wand or straighteners. If I know this is going to happen, I wash my hair first, and apply some product from Tresemme, after using my Aveda spray. This just offers a little more protection from the heat, and is only used in the ends of your hair. It is a foam, which you just lightly brush through with your hands. It also makes the hair a little easier to work with once dry, as it gives it a bit more volume. The smell is also very gorgeous!
– have a good day –


I have not been paid to talk about any products mentioned, and all views and opinions are my own. 

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