Today I wanted to do a little post, all about my favourite shopping tips, helping to grab yourself a few bargains. If you aren’t aware already, I absolutely love shopping, and would without a doubt fall into the category of a REAL shopaholic. However, in the past year my shopping habits have massively changed, especially with the growing appeal of online shopping. To be quite honest, I can’t actually remember the last time I went to the shops and bought more than just food and a DVD. Online shopping to be has to be one of the best creations and the worst. Sitting in bed at 11 at night, scrolling through the endless trends on Asos and saving them is not a healthy thing to do! Thankfully, I have started to grow out of this bad habit. 

Online Shopping
Online shopping has to be one of the best inventions ever. Not only do you have everything you need in one place, but you also usually only buy what you have intended to buy. When going for a shopping spree, I always land up buying a load of unnecessary stuff, that I just saw and loved instantly. So obviously, this has solved one problem. Not to say that I don’t see things that I just buy for the sake of it, but it happens a lot lot less! One of my favourite stores to shop online in has to be Zara. The layout is so beautifully simple, the images are all so creative and the range of stock is just so good. Most retail shops all have a different style of website, and it can take a while to get used to each one. 
What I also love with online shopping has to be how quick it is. If I know exactly what I want, I can go, add it to the basket and pay instantly with my remembered details. All I need is a simple username and password. This just makes everything so much easier, not having to get to the shops, lug all the bags around etc… 

As annoying as they are, sales are one of the best ways to shop. Online shopping makes this a hell of a lot easier, not having to push and argue your way to the many bargains. Sales are good, however you have to strategically shop, making sure you have filtered your size to avoid disappointment. Getting in there early is also a massive help to ensure you get the best deals. 

Bare with me here. Coffee is definitely something that stops me from spending too much money. Going around the mall you can get completely carried away with all the shops under one roof. So my coffee tip is quite simple. Buy a large takeaway coffee at the start of your trip, and then when you’re walking around, it is more difficult to pick things up and carry shopping bags! Not to mention the caffeine boost, giving you the will power to keep going! 

What, When, Where? 
These three things can make such a difference to any shopping trip. Let’s just say, going into town on a Tuesday at 10am is going to be a lot more enjoyable than going on a busy Saturday afternoon. This is difficult for those working during the week, however, I’m pretty sure that the shops are pretty quiet at 9am on a Saturday morning. If you are that keen to shop, you will make the exception to get up! Planning a shopping trip is a key part of the experience, and can really have an effect on how much you enjoy yourself. 
Finally, go with the right person. I’m pretty sure that person is different for everyone!

– happy shopping –
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