What makes the perfect date? I’m not talking about that amazing first date where you get picked up and offered roses, before being whisked to the cocktail bar of the moment. I am talking about the little dates that you share with a special person in your life. Someone you know well, and someone you can call a best friend as well as a partner. My boyfriend and I both have lots to do in the day – he goes to work and I am trying to get through my final year of A-levels. With all this going on, we have to make time to spend with each other, actually doing something and exploring the world. Yes, we spend quite  a lot of time sat watching Netflix, as well as texting all day, but it means a lot to me that we do things together. This got me thinking about what actually makes that time together not only special, but different from the other times you have. There are a few things that both of us enjoy doing together, and a few elements that need to be right in order to enjoy that perfect day. 

– Where? – 
Here in Bristol, we live in a beautiful city, and have so much on offer to do during the day. One of our favourite places to come has to be Clifton Village. It is small and convenient to where we live, and there are lots of places to go. One thing that is nice to do is park the car on the Leigh Woods side of the Suspension Bridge, and walk over straight into the beautiful village. When in Clifton we usually just stroll around, have a relaxing coffee, and have a browse in the little boutiques. Where you go on a relaxed day date is very important, as it needs to be stress free and enjoyable. 

– Food – 
As you can probably tell just from reading this blog, food is a hug passion of mine. I enjoy making it, eating it and everything in between. My boyfriend and I both share this passion, and are always seeking out new yummy places to eat. A day date wouldn’t be complete without food – and this day certainly isn’t a diet day. We will usually start by having a delicious breakfast together. My favourite has to be a bacon and camembert sandwich on granary, and my essential morning coffee. I am very lucky to have someone who is so good at making a decent brekkie! 
This keeps us quite full, so lunch is usually later on in the afternoon. We will spend the time between breakfast and lunch relaxing and just watching something on TV together – or perhaps a nice walk. By this time we are usually hungry. We have so many places we love to go, and one of my favourites has to be Gourmet Burger Kitchen. I am a big fan of chicken burgers, which my partner fails to understand, but I will always choose one over beef. However, this is not the most importnant part of the meal there for me. Have you had the skinny fries?! Oh my, they are amazing! Every time we go, we and up having a discussion as to how they have been made – we just cannot get our heads around it! If this isn’t filling enough, we usually always have one of their delicious milkshakes. They are just so good, and my personal favourite has to be the peanut butter. This time eating is a nice time to talk and relax together. 

– Outfit – 
This is the same for everyday really, but for me to feel comfortable for the day, I have to be wearing something that suits me and is comfortable. On a date day, I try to make a little bit more of an effort, just because this time together is special. This outfit usually consists of jeans, nice boots, a nice top and during this time of the year, a proper coat. 
– Entertainment – 
A date day to me needs to include one thing to look forward to, and entertain. My favourite is a simple cinema trip. It is easy to do, and keeps us occupied for a few hours. I am a huge movie lover, so little trip to the cinema really excite me. Sad I know! Although, when on a date day, it is important to go and see something that you both are interested in. I would never expect to take him to see the latest rom-com! Those sorts of films I save for the girls! 

– No Phone Rule – 
This is my one rule on a date day. We have to resist going on our phones. During this time I want to just relax and enjoy being together. When I’m on my phone I always land up spending ages checking everything, and usually start worrying about something that I haven’t done. I also hate when he is on his phone. I have to constantly compete for his attention, and get blanked when trying to have a conversation! It is just a lot easier to put them away. 

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– happy dating – 

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