As you are probably aware by now, I spent a few days in Copenhagen at the beginning of the week, as a bid to travel more in 2016. I didn’t want to spend too much time focused on blogging and taking photos when there, however we did take a few snaps on the compact camera. This city was absolutely stunning, and it was so nice to spend the time just walking around exploring a new place. I thought that I would put a little diary together of what we got up to, and the favourite parts of the trip. 
Our flight from Bristol left on Monday morning at 7am, which meant that we had to be up at 3.30. When I was younger I always used to find these flights exciting, however I learnt very quickly that this is now not the case. I have never felt more sick in my life; which was probably also to do with the sheer fear I was feeling for the flight. I absolutely hate flying. Anyway, when we got to the airport, we tried to get check-in and security done as quickly as possible as it is just so boring. After that we settled in Starbucks with coffee and some pastries, which thankfully did make me start to feel a bit better. The flight out was really easy, and was actually over pretty quickly as my boyfriend and I both spent the time snoozing! 
When we got to the airport, it was all about getting from there to the hotel in the main city. We were going to get a taxi, although we settled for the train as it was quicker and much cheaper. This was a tad stressful, but now looking back we realise how easy it really was! When we got into the central station, it was a short walk to the hotel, where we unpacked and freshened up after the travelling. By this time we were both extremely hungry, and wanted to try out the famous open sandwiches. We had seen where we wanted to try them on the TV a few weeks before going. It was about a half an hour walk there, where we could admire all the beautiful views and attractions of the city. These sandwiches did not disappoint at all. I had pork jaw with apple, and steak with a citrus radish. They were absolutely delicious. We then went back to the hotel, and just collapsed for a few hours. This does seem like a very unproductive use of our time, but I was just so exhausted, and couldn’t enjoy going anywhere because I was finding it really hard to stand! 
In the evening, we decided to go into the restaurant connected to the hotel downstairs. Little did we know that it was actually a Vietnamese restaurant, although the food was absolutely fantastic. I had a turkey curry, which came with fresh fennel and chillies on the top. It was spicy, however bearable because of the fresh ingredients. We had a lovely relaxed meal, then headed up to bed. I don’t think I have ever fallen asleep so quickly!
On the Tuesday, we woke at a decent time, and got ready straight away. I was feeling so much better after the lack of sleep on the Monday, and was so ready for a fabulous day. To begin with we had a traditional Danish breakfast in the hotel, consisting of lots of cold meats and cheeses, pastries and fresh coffee. It was so yummy, and we kept saying all day how we were looking forward to having it again the next day! 
Our first thing on the agenda was to visit the national history museum. My boyfriend was in his element as he adores history, and I was just so mesmerised by the beautiful architecture. Walking there was so pleasant, as the sun was shining, and everything was so clean and bright. The museum in itself was absolutely ginormous, and we actually weren’t able to finish everything as we knew we had lots that we wanted to do. We then went for a long walk around all the city, landing up in Nyhavn, where all the boats and beautiful colourful houses are. The atmosphere was so perfect, with music playing, the sun shining and people everywhere. We were so hungry, so we went into one of the pubs, and immediately stepped back in time to an old boating pub with leather chairs! It was amazing, and the food was to die for. I had coalfish and salmon with chips, and my boyfriend had a wild mushroom and saffron risotto. Both dishes did not disappoint. 
After this we walked to The Round Tower, where you walk all the way up in a circle to the top. From here you can see the whole of Copenhagen. It was the most beautiful view, and you could really see how flat the city is! We had done a lot of walking by this point, so I grabbed a Danish juice, and we headed back to the hotel for a rest. 
In the evening we wanted to go to Tivoli gardens, although when we got there we found out that it is actually closed for three months of the year. We were so angry with this, as there had been no indication on the website or in the handbook. We even mentioned to the receptionist that we were going, and she just said that would be lovely. Anyway, we landed up just eating some food in an Italian restaurant, which was actually really lovely. I had pasta with Danish ham, broccoli, and gorgonzola cheese sauce. It was delicious. 
On Wednesday we had a lunch time flight, so just had breakfast and headed back to the airport. 
This trip was so amazing, and has made my boyfriend and I realise how much more travelling we really want to. Hopefully, one day we will be able to go back to Copenhagen, as we just absolutely fell in love with it. I have never seen such a clean city, where everybody is so friendly, and you just have this feeling of being so completely safe. 
– happy travelling –
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