In the past few months, my love of makeup has grown and grown. I have experimented with so many different brands and different types of products, that I never knew before even existed. My brows have been no exception to this boost in knowledge. Naturally I have very thick and dark eyebrows – well as dark as they should be for someone as blonde and pale skinned as me. I have never really paid much attention to them, and have been terrified to touch them for so many years as people have warned me that they don’t grow back. Therefore, they have been left alone, and the effect of that seems to be great. 
I see so many girls nowadays with these horrific brows, which to me simply look like slugs above their eyes. They are way too thick, too dark and simply too fake. I always want to go for as natural look as possible, so have finally got the balance right between being natural and making them look more on point! A product that has massively helped me create the perfect brow look is from the Tanya Burr Collection. It is called ‘Perfect Brows’, ironically, and it is my life saviour in the morning. 
A tip that I learnt years ago from my grandmother was to use vaseline on my eyebrows. She told me that all the models did it to achieve the right colour! As a result, I have made this part of my routine everyday. Before going to sleep, I use lots and lots of vaseline in dry prone areas of my face, on my lips and all over my eyebrows. In the morning I wash this all off with a good cleansing water. The vaseline helps to keep the eyebrow hair healthy, and gives it a natural shine. I then do everything else in the morning. 
Before applying any makeup, I use tweezers to get any stray hairs from around the eyebrows. I am quite lucky in the fact that I don’t seem to get too many! Also, the reason I do this before applying make-up is that it gets ruined if doing it after because of the tweezers with the foundation etc! However, I do then wait until all my make-up is done before focusing on the eyebrows. I start by brushing out any excess foundation that has caught in the hair. I am always so amazed with how different they look once completing this process! I then use a Rimmel pencil, and lightly pencil in the lighter areas. If it is more of an evening look I will use more pencil. I then brush this out again, ensuring the most natural look possible. To finish, I use the small Tanya Burr brow brush, and the shade ‘Pebble’. I brush this from one end to the other, really focusing on the inner eye area. This colour is perfect for my skin tone, especially for a subtle day look. If I want to make them a bit darker for the evening I will use a mixture of ‘Pebble’ and ‘Chestnut’. I then use my brow brush again to blend this all together. 

– happy brow days –

I have not been paid to talk about any brands mentioned, and all views and opinions are my own.