Today I wanted to share a few tips and tricks that I have learnt when trying to get the perfect red lip. I love lipstick, and feel so different with each shade that I wear. However, the one that I used to and still sometimes struggle with is red. Red in itself looks so good on me as it really highlights my facial features and compliments my skin tone. I love wearing it for a special occasion, as it is much to striking to wear during the day. I have found so many different shades of red that do justice for me, yet they are all so different. For each shade I have had to develop a way of wearing them so that they look the best they can, and last for as long as possible. 

“Red lips really signify the look of a good time girl – and are perfectly paired with neutral makeup shades to create a feminine and sophisticated look”

I now have three main shades that I use, and have found the perfect base coats and shines to go on top. With red lipstick, I always used to find that it would slightly bleed into my lips, although I now seem to have this under control – using the correct textured product and priming my lips before application. Here are my tips and tricks, as well as the shades I use with one another. 

Before applying red lipstick (about half ban hour or so), I really cleanse my lips with a good quality cleanser or just some water. I will link my go to cleanser below. This just really cleans any excess product that may still be there. I then use my electric toothbrush to scrub my lips. I change the toothbrush head for this, so I now have a dedicated red lipstick toothbrush head! I just scrub all over my lips, especially towards the edges and dry prone areas. This hopefully gets rid of any excess dry skin, and makes your lips smooth and refreshed. Don’t do this for too long as it can cause irritation, and using a manual toothbrush would also be okay. 

After scrubbing my lips, I leave them for about five minutes, trying to resist from touching them! I then apply a generous layer of rich lip balm such as Nivea Essential Care, or even just simple old vaseline. The products needs to be really rich, in order to protect your lips from the red lip product. I find that if I don’t complete this process, my lips stain really badly after wearing red lipstick, and it takes a good few days to fade completely. 

Red Lip No. 1
My first red lip look is very bright and bold – everything a red lip should be. I bought this lipstick from The Body Shop around a year ago, as I didn’t really have many lipsticks at this point and wanted to start sort of collecting them. I was in The Body Shop, and started looking at their beauty range, which I had actually never bought anything from before. I knew that they were all cruelty free, and I knew the quality would be good as everything I have had from there as been amazing. I went for the brightest shade I could find, as I had nothing like it, and I am so glad I did. Not to mention the very reasonable price! 

For this lip look I apply a good coat of this red lipstick starting with the bottom lip. I apply all over, and in and out of the edges. I then rub my lips together. I fill in the top lip where it is still pale, and rub together again. Using a tissue, I put in between my lips and press. This removes excess product, so that the colour can really come out. I then repeat the process again. This way the lipstick is really forced onto my lips, and a matte effect is created. 

For this look, however I wanted a glossy finish, so I used a gloss over the top. This really bring the shape of the lips out, and creates a beautiful shine. I apply all over, with a bright red shade I got in my Christmas Beaty Advent Calendar! I then used a slightly damp cotton bud, and went all around the edges of my lips to give it the perfect shape. I don’t really use lip liners because they don’t seem to work with the shapes of my lips… or maybe I am just using them wrong? πŸ˜‰ 

Body Shop Lipstick Shade: 115 Enraptured Red // Red Lipgloss

Red Lip No.2

Think matte… like really matte. My second red lip shade features one of my favourite MAC lipsticks ever, called Ruby Woo in Retro Matte. I absolutely adore this lip shade – it is a gorgeous deep red shade making me think of an English red rose. It is in an extremely textured shade, meaning that priming your lips is absolutely essential. Basically, if you don’t do it, the lipstick doesn’t go on! I would probably even recommend putting a bit of vaseline on your finger and really rubbing it into your lips before applying your lipstick. This helps because seeing as the product is so matte, it can really stain your lips, and it starts fading on the inside much more quickly. 

So, before applying this lipstick I prime very well, and use a lot of vaseline. I also then use a base coat. It isn’t actually a base coat, it is just a shade from Rimmel – I use the shade 05 from he Kate Moss collection. This shade is a lovely blush pink colour, and adds the perfect base for Ruby Woo. It isn’t too thick, and actually really nourishes your lips. As Ruby Woo is such a vibrant colour, the colour of the Rimmel lipstick doesn’t take that away at all. Even so, I do only use a small layer. 

I then apply the Ruby Woo all over my lips, trying to avoid the skin. This lipstick is quite hard to get off if you don’t have a proper lipstick remover. Use a cotton bud and soak it in the remover, and just do this around the edges after you have finished, whether you get it on your skin or not. This just tidies up the shape, and makes the lips much more defined. As with my first red lip look, I also do the tissue process again, repeating it once. 

Red Lip No.3

My final red lip look, is much less bright, and more of a berry colour. Personally, I feel that this shade is perfect for my skin tone, and I feel so so confident wearing this colour, as I feel it really reflects my personality. The colour is so beautiful, rich and unique. I start by using another Rimmel base, however it a much lighter shade. The shade I use is Kate Moss 32, and this is more of a peachy nude. I apply a thin base, and use my finger to blend it into my lips. The main feature of this look though is the main shade, ‘D for Danger’ by MAC, and this one is a matte. It is not as heavy as Ruby Woo, and has a much more normal texture. The colour is a deep berry, which I love, however I do like to brighten it up, as it just works better with my skin tone. I bought this MAC lipstick in February from the airport in Copenhagen (travel diary here), so have not had too many chances to wear it yet. The airport had very dim lighting, so when I got it home it was much darker than I knew, however this didn’t put me off it, and it is now one of my favourite shades in my collection. When applying I make sure it is all over my lips, and using a tissue, press together to rub the product in. As with the other two looks, I do this twice. 

On the top of this colour, I then brighten everything up with a colour balm from Revlon. I have quite a few of these now, and am totally smitten over them. They have a gorgeous glossy consistency, although are not too shiny like a lipgloss. I also find them so easy to apply because of the shape. I use the shade ‘Romantic’ all over the top of my MAC lipstick, and it compliments it so well. The colour instantly changes to something much more fun, and it really suits my facial features. 

– happy Easter weekend – 


I have not been paid to talk about any brands or products mentioned, and all views and opinions are my own. 
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