I have been a little quiet on social media in the past few days, just because I wanted to celebrate my birthday properly with friends and family. I love social media, but sometimes it can become quite tiring, when trying to do it for a purpose like blogging. So I took the opportunity to have a few days away, and wow how amazing they have been. 
As with nearly every person who turns 18 now,  I was so excited and so ready. I am not really a going out every weekend highly sociable girl, however I just liked the thought of being able to do it even if I didn’t want to. I like the tremendous leap of independence that you get, and a sense of relief that my child years are over. As you can imagine, because of this excitement, I was extremely organised with how I was going to celebrate. With a few mishaps, things did eventually go right, and I definitely had a few days of celebration to cherish forever. 
On my actual birthday, things started off with a family champagne breakfast. How else can anyone celebrate such an event? We had good old bacon sandwiches, bucks fizz, fresh croissants and coffee. It was relaxed and wonderful. Breakfast is something that we never do on a weekday, so this made it extra special in itself. I opened presents and read birthday cards, admiring all the glittery goodies I had been given. Clearly my friends and family know me very well with the amount of sparkly cards proudly displayed in our living room! Although, it was not all fun and games, as even though it was my birthday…it was still a sixth form day. Luckily one that started at 11 instead of 9! My friends made such an effort, so it really wasn’t that bad at all. I had a cake named Mr Puggles and had so many presents from everyone! I honestly felt so blessed to have such kind and thoughtful people in my life. I only actually had one lesson, making it a bit bearable, with the added bonus of having my best friend in the same one! Once it was over we decided to leave as there was no reason not to, and grab a birthday lunch for just the two of us. We decided to go to Zizzi, one of our favourite chained restaurants. We both had a cocktail, both non-alcoholic, which sounds crazy seeing as I turned 18 but I had to drive… so there was no other option! The food made up for it though, sharing some gorgeous garlic bread to start followed by two classic Italian dishes. I had a beautiful chicken and mushroom risotto with thyme, and my bestie had a yummy looking pasta dish. We sat and had a good chat for over an hour – total bliss for us both. 
After the lunch, we both went to have pedicures that my lovely grandma had arranged as a birthday treat. She was meant to be with us, but she actually became really poorly the night before my birthday, so she was summoned to bed. Nevertheless, we still carried on with the plans because she wanted us to, and had the most amazing time. We got to choose from so many gel colours, and had our feet bathed scrubbed and moisturised to create the most smooth result! To top everything off, whilst sat in our luxurious pedicure chairs, we both got given a glass of Champagne, as they knew it was my birthday. I have never felt so pampered in my life! 
In the evening of my birthday, I really wanted to spend a little time looking at all the lovely gifts I had been given, so I did whilst I waited for my boyfriend to appear from work. I didn’t have long so I just laid everything out, and spent most of the time playing around with my new baby. Seeing as this was quite a big birthday, my grandparents wanted to get me something really special. In the end I decided to ask for an iMac. Next year I intend on taking a year out to try and expand this blog, and earn some money. This is going to really help with this, and it is something that I am going to have for years. The iMac in itself is so much better than I had ever imagined, and I don’t think I have ever been so pleased with a present. It is so amazing, so I think I may do an individual blog post for it when I have learnt a lot more about it! 
In the evening I knew that I wanted to do something really relaxed, so my boyfriend and I went on a sought of date night. A film and dinner. We ate first in Pizza Express, both having a carbonara pizza and a glass of Prosecco. What else would I drink whilst celebrating? ๐Ÿ˜‰ The food was so good, but seeing as I’d already had a big lunch I had to take quite a bit home in a box! Typical me…! After the meal we went to the cinema, and landed up seeing the new Divergent film Allegiant. I absolutely loved the first and second films, so my expectations were very high for this. Unfortunately, they weren’t really met. The narrative just seemed very flat, and the animation was shockingly bad. It was kind of so bad that it was actually quite funny! I did enjoy it, and I can’t really complain seeing as I got to spend a good two hours just drooling over the sight of Theo James. My poor boyfriend! 
On Friday I was feeling quite tired after a busy day, but I had to work through it for my first night out with my girlies. I knew that I wanted to go for a meal first, so we booked a table for Las Iguana at about 9.30. This is our favourite restaurant because the food is just insanely good and the cocktails were a must for my first night legally drinking. We were there for quite a long time, and made our way through a few drinks. They also all surprised me with a giant cocktail bowl, lit for my birthday! It was very yummy, however I felt very full of liquid for a long time after drinking it! We then headed into town, starting off in a pub and then going to a popular club. In the end I got home at about 3, which I really didn’t think was too bad. I was so ready for bed by the time I got in the front door! The extremely late night wrote a lot of Saturday off for me, which was actually okay as I’d booked the day of work and had no plans. 
The last of the celebrations happened on Sunday, at a beautiful country manor hotel in Wilshire. This was a lovely family Sunday lunch, a very relaxed and yummy end to an amazing few days of celebrations. We had a delicious three course lunch in the restaurant, which included homemade soup; perfectly rare roast beef and a devils lemon meringue pie. I was extremely full, but satisfied. We spent a few hours in the lounge just relaxing and having coffee, as well as having a little nosy around the beautiful country gardens. I have to say, by the time I got home I was so exhausted, and my boyfriend and I both collapsed on the sofa watching a film! 
I guess that pretty much brings me up to date in this blog post – time to get back to reality as a new adult in the world! 
– happy Monday –


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