Happy weekend everybody – everyone’s favourite time of the week! Well apart from those who work in retail, so therefore don’t really know what a weekend is anymore. I am one of these unlucky people, who seem to have completely forgotten what it is like to have those two consecutive days at the end of the week. I remember as a child how much I used to love Friday evening, knowing the next to days were all about lie ins, better than normal food, and generally doing whatever the hell you want. I have worked Saturdays now for well over a year, and have kind of gotten used to it. Sunday is therefore my rest day, but I am so tired from a busy week, that I really just cannot be bothered to do much. Half of this is probably because I give myself too many things to do, but I am a perfectionist, and like to keep busy. On these busy days, they tend to all go the same way, and I think that it is a day that I am entitled to be lazy and just not do very much. I thought I would share what makes a perfect lazy day for me – hopefully giving you a few tips on how to relax more or other things to do instead of just binge watching on box sets. 

“The human body needs rest in order to function. It is a basic principle that many seem to forget to follow”

I am a strong believer in having proper rest days. I do feel that nowadays there is way too much pressure on people to always be busy and doing something. This could be work, exercise, house chores or studying. In this non stop culture we seem to often forget that it is okay to rest, okay to take time out and okay to be ill! I cannot stress enough about how guilty I feel when I am genuinely poorly. It is something that makes me quite angry, especially still being in education. When people are ill, they need to rest and recover. The pressure put on young people to always be on point with regards to attendance is so bad – IT IS OKAY TO BE POORLY. As a result, I think this also makes it okay to have some you time a few times in the week, on order to stay healthy and able to function. 


This is such a basic thing to say, but it is something that I actually really struggle with on a rest day. I go to bed feeling so exhausted, and always land up waking up at an early hour. My body is programmed to wake at this time, so why would it be any different on my rest day? In order to deal with this, you have to develop a way in which you can successfully go back to sleep, or even try to sleep for a bit longer. Ensuring there is no noise in your home would be a start, followed by keeping as much light out as possible. I sleep under a skylight window, with a really bad blind, so often get woken by the light. When I sleep at my boyfriends, who has a black out blind, I can sleep until midday! So clearly this can really impact your sleeping pattern. If you really can’t get back to sleep, I would just say staying in bed for as long as possible. Don’t start getting up and doing things, just give yourself an hour to catch up on a TV programme or read a book. This keeps your body relaxed, and will gradually wake you up. 

P.s. I obviously do not sleep with make-up on… but blog standards ๐Ÿ˜‰ 


I am probably not one to speak about this, but ditching the technology for a day and picking up some reading material is going to do your mind a lot of good. The amount of hours we all spend staring into screen nowadays can be quite scary, as well as extremely unnecessary. When I am trying to relax, reading a few articles from a magazine really helps. Not just skimming over the pictures but actually reading a good story can really please me, and makes me feel so happy inside as I have done something different. I rarely get time to sit and read a magazine, so it makes me feel in complete relaxation mode when I do, just because it is out of the ordinary. I do tend to go for the high end fashion magazines, just because I love the topic, however i’m pretty sure some trashy magazine with Cheryl Cole on the front will do just fine! We can’t deny that we don’t all love a good old read of the latest OK! 

If magazines aren’t really your thing, the weekend newspapers always have some good stories, or even just sticking to a good book. I have never been a big reader, however when on holiday in the sun, I can get through about three! To me it totally relaxes me, but only in the right location. I love my phone and computer, but sometimes it is nice to just leave them be. 


My rest day always equal junk food. I am not going to lie to you all by saying that I eat healthily all week, because I really don’t. I love McDonalds, Starbucks and pretty much every convenience food place out there. The only difference on my rest day is that I feel less guilty when eating it because technically it is a day for me – I can do whatever I want. Yeah like every young girl I want to have the perfect toned body for summer, but realistically I love food more, and don’t care enough not to eat what I want. On rest days my favourite thing has to be proper hot chocolates with the works. I love hot drinks, but don’t have too many hot chocolates as I find them quite rich. My obsession at the moment is Super Berry Tea from Teapigs. A rest day is therefore a good excuse to have the richer option! I like to snuggle up in bed or on the sofa, watching something good with my favourite person, drinking a sickly drink. 

On a rest day, I always wake up really hungry, so a late breakfast is always needed. This is usually the only proper breakfast of the week that I have, simply because those five extra minutes in bed are more important to me. Usually I am with my boyfriend, and he is the breakfast king, so we always have his amazing scrambled eggs with bacon and bagels. Even though, he has recently shown his talent with pancake making, so maybe that will be our new breakfast thing? Anyway, the point is that whatever we have is yummy, generally quite filling, and probably contains an insane amount of calories that I would rather not know about, hahaha. 

As we have quite a late breakfast, we generally just have light snacks through the day, if anything. This means that we always have an early dinner. Obviously I am starving by this point, so I love a good meal like a roast, or homemade risotto. Basically I just want comfort food. I love to cook, so a day like this is the perfect opportunity as I have much more time on my hands. 

So this may seem pretty lame, but I love to talk. Hence why I write a blog, allowing me to talk to you all day everyday. In the week I always all over the place, never really sitting down and having a proper conversation with family or anyone. Therefore, on a chilled day I love the simplicity of lying in bed, half asleep, just talking. Discussing what I have done this week, what is happening next week, things that I am looking forward to etc… I feel like I always have something on my mind to worry about, so keeping myself busy and distracted is very important. I count down to things exciting me, and I plan for them so far in advance. For example, in three weeks time I am going on a family cruise around Greece and Spain. I am so so excited, and have already planned every outfit I will be wearing based on the itinerary. Now this may sound a but extreme, but I would put money on everyone else in my family worrying a few days before because they’ve realised they’ve forgotten something. Knowing people in my family it might even get to the day before and someone will have noticed that their passport has expired or something! Talking is so simple, but can actually really relax you, especially if something is on your mind. 


After having a good rest, I always use one or two hours to sort things out. Whether this be a pile of clothes that seems to have gathered in my room, or my desktop that has filled with so many saved images and files. I cannot even explain how cleansed I feel after everything has been organised, and my room is clean and tidy. I automatically feel ready for the week, and just feel like such a productive human being! Keeping with the relaxation theme, I don’t just quickly speed through the tidying up process. I usually have some good music on, say Adele, and do it in stages in between all the other things I do on a lazy day. I am a major procrastinator, so anything I do seems to take three times longer than the average person. 

One thing I have noticed on a lazy day, is that even by doing one small thing to tidy up, I still feel the same satisfaction. This implies to me that you only need to do one small thing in order to feel better in yourself. A lazy day shouldn’t be about doing a major spring clean, so by doing just a little, you are still able to feel like you have achieved something. 

Beauty and Lifestyle

On a lazy day, usually more towards the evening, I like to give myself some me time. I usually have a really nice long hot bath or shower, where I will use all my nice scrubs and products, and give my hair a bit of TLC. Things like this just don’t get done in the week, as it just takes quite a bit of time, so I like saving them for when I am feeling relaxed and revived. I light candles around my room, to give a peaceful atmosphere, and slowly pamper myself. I usually also have a good facial to make my skin feel silky smooth, and always make sure my nails are looking socially acceptable. I absolutely hate not having nice nails, it make me feel so insecure! This process usually takes a few hours as I take my time and do it in stages, so by the time I have finished I usually am ready to get into bed. This period before going to sleep does wonders for my body, as I am able to fall asleep easily, feeling not only relaxed but very happy… despite knowing that I am getting up for another long week! 
– happy relaxation – 

I have not been paid to talk about any products or companies mentioned, and all views and opinions are my own. 

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