Living here in Bristol we
have the best of both worlds. We live surrounded by beautiful countryside and
rural villages, and are a short car journey away from the buzzing city. A few
years ago I lived just outside of London, an area that was very busy and very
city like. Looking back now, I realise how much I love living in a quiet
country area, and there are so many reasons why.

Getting Back to Nature

 I spend a lot of my time sat on my laptop or phone, for A-level work
and blogging. However, when I have had enough, I can simply walk out the front
door and escape from all the technology. You can take a quiet walk, or go to a
coffee shop where you rarely see someone sat, staring into a screen. The way we
live here is much more relaxed, and much more about things that really matter,
like spending time with friends and family.


is something very small, however very important to me now that I can drive. I
cannot stand being in huge traffic jams, with all the break lights and rude
people. Unless you are driving through town during rush hour, it is very rare
to get caught in the dreaded traffic.


 I feel
so much more confident walking around the streets here than in most cities.
There are so many people around, making me feel very conscious of being judged
for what I am wearing. People are so much kinder here, and much more accepting
of individuals. You can be yourself, which is the way it should be.
With fashion in mind, my
typical country outfit is very simple. Jeans are an always, with a good thick
jumper in the freezing weather. Muddy walks wouldn’t be complete without my red
Hunter wellies, conveniently the name fits! Finally, a good warm coat and throw
around scarf which is always the perfect accessory. A simple outfit, that can
be worn in a variety of ways.

Coat Fat Face (alternative) // Jeans New Look (alternative) // Cream Jumper (Missguided) // Scarf Next // Wellies Hunter

– have a great weekend – 


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