If it wasn’t annoyingly obvious, I am quite an organised person, and simply just don’t feel right if I forget to do something or have something on me during the day. I think the worst thing I could forget is probably my phone, but I also feel very out of sorts if I forget something small like my hairbrush. I like to keep a lot of goodies in my handbag everyday, therefore I am prepared for anything that may happen. I have now got into a good routine, not usually forgetting anything when leaving the house. 
Quickly going back to the horrible feeling of not having my phone. The weekend just gone, I had something very silly happen to me. I had just got up on a Saturday to get ready for work, went into the bathroom and landed up dropping my precious phone into the toilet. The shiver I felt when hearing it fall was horrible, and I have never grabbed something so fast in my life. I dried it off, and everything seemed to be fine. It worked perfectly normally for a good forty five minutes, even though it had been dropped head first into lots of water. Driving to work I made a phone call on hands free, listened to music over bluetooth, and checked Instagram quickly before getting out. Suddenly the screen starting to change colour rapidly, and it died becoming completely unresponsive. I felt so sad, and felt even worse for feeling upset about something so small. When on my lunch break I took it to a phone repair shop close to where I work, and they said they would have a look. A few hours later I went back, and they told me it would be okay, as they just needed to change something inside and replace the screen. I picked it up after work, and it was perfect again. It’s safe to say, I did not think I would have to spend so much money on a phone that is in such good condition. I guess I am only really saying this, because I felt so odd knowing that something I am quite dependant on was suddenly gone. I get like it with lots of things that I rely on during the day. They may be small, but they are little things that make me happy. 
These little things that I have on me, pretty much make me who I am. Each is a reflection of things I like and enjoy, they show that I like to keep myself up together, and I feel so much more confident knowing that I can just do these small things to be more sure of myself. 
I wear makeup everyday, and am not one of those girls who can rock the no makeup messy bun thing. I feel so much more confident when wearing make-up – not in excessive amounts, but just enough to cover blemishes and make myself look more alive! Three things that I find really have an impact on my face are mascara, blusher and lipstick. Wearing these makes my face look so much healthier, as I am naturally quite pale, therefore giving me a boost of everyday confidence. I don’t wear tonnes of make-up, and always adopt the everyday natural look.  
For my lips, I always apply lots of vaseline or lip balm after brushing my teeth. This just keeps them hydrated, and primes them ready for my chosen lip colour of the day. I usually wear a natural MAC lipstick, so the vaseline helps this to last longer, and stop them from drying out as my lipsticks are quite matte. My everyday combination is ‘Velvet Teddy’ on the top lip and ‘Angel’ on the bottom. I then just blend together with my lips, and use tissue to get rid of excess. This creates a very natural colour, and to glam it up I sometimes apply some lipgloss from the Tanya Burr range. I use it in the colour ‘Lunch Date’. 
As much as the primer helps to make the lipstick last longer, it doesn’t last all day, so I do have to reapply throughout. I only do this once or twice, so I need to have it to hand in my bag. If I can’t do this I feel so horrible, as I just feel it really highlights my facial features. 
Hand Cream
I cannot cannot cannot leave home without this now. Throughout a lot of last year I wore acrylic nails, and am so angry with myself for it. My nails have been completely ruined, as they are so thin and brittle. I stopped wearing them about four or five months ago, and have been doing several things to make them healthier. Every night I soak my nails in nail oil, to try and repair the nail and hydrate the cuticles. I am starting to notice I big difference by doing this, and the new nail growing seems to be healthier. I am also wearing OPI gel nails constantly at the moment. This gel offers my nails some protection from the cold weather and anything they come into contact with. The gel is much healthier than shellac, and I get it properly removed every time I get them reapplied. I get them re done about every ten days, and get them cut down when I do, so they can grow and not just break. This leads me onto hand cream, which I now try to use all through the day. I use a good amount and just rub it into my hands, as well as all over my nails and cuticles. This helps them to repair and become stronger. I have started to notice a difference, however my beautician said that it can take years! 
The hand cream I have been loving at the moment is from Palmer’s, as part of their cocoa butter range. I absolutely adore their body moisturiser, so I had no doubts about the hand cream. It hasn’t disappointed, as it is so rich yet not at all greasy. The scent is also very chocolatey, which I love! Not having this in my handbag makes me feel very sad now!
Top Ups
As with the lipsticks, I also enjoy topping up other areas of my makeup that tend to fade a little. The make-up I use is generally really good at lasting all day, however it would be impossible for it to look perfect for hours and hours. I don’t take my whole makeup bag out with me, so I just take key things that are important to me. 
I love how defined my eyes are when wearing mascara, so I always take this out for top ups. I don’t put too much on as it can start to look really clumpy, however adding a little to the ends always helps to make them look that extra bit longer. There is nothing I love more than beautiful fluttery eyelashes. This paired with black eyeliner on the water line creates a killer defined look! 
I also like to have some form of concealer with me, especially if I have a few blemishes, or have had one to many late nights. The one I take out with me is my YSL gold pen. This thing is bloody amazing to be perfectly honestly. It hides everything, and can also be used as a highlighter. I apply a good amount under my eyes and on blemished, and blend together with a beauty blender. It is honestly one of the best products I have ever used, as it actually does what it says it should! 
Finally, I always take my large RealTechniques powder brush with me. I usually put a lot of MAC powder on it, ready to use in the day. I don’t use very much, so just use it when I went to blend my makeup together. If my bronze or blush is starting to look a little patchy, I simply brush it out again with the large brush. This saves me taking all my brushes out with me constantly. 
Hair Care
I have very long hair, which is very prone to getting tangled. If I don’t have a hair brush on me, I feel very annoyed, as I hate the feeling of having knotted hair, even if it isn’t obviously visible. I brush my hair regularly in the day, however I only try to brush the ends, as over brushing the roots can make them very greasy quite quickly. In my experience, I have found that it is much better to leave roots alone, especially if you are suffering from oily hair. It is also important to have a brush that is right for you. I remember once my mum gave me her comb to use, and it was the most horrible thing ever. My hair is way too thick for it, and it was just pulling the knots instead of brushing them through. 
I also find that I need to have something on me to just throw my hair up. I always have a hair band floating somewhere in my bag, but if I want something even more casual I have this large grip. This allows me to just throw it back, often just the front. Sometimes if I am trying to work, or eating something messy, I absolutely have to use this! I love the natural hair look it gives too! 

– what are your handbag beauty essentials? – 


I have not been paid to talk about any brands mentioned, and all views and opinions are my own.