With the cold and windy weather we have had here in the UK in the past few months, my hair seems to have really suffered. It feels very dry and harsh, as well as being extremely static throughout the day. This is something that I seem to have experienced every winter, for as long as I can remember. I don’t know whether this is because my hair is naturally quite fair so it is prone to this, or whether I am doing something wrong. After speaking to a lot of friends about this, I noticed that it really isn’t just me, and that a lot of people experience this during this time of year. I am not 100% sure if there is anything that we can use to completely stop it, nevertheless, I have developed a few techniques to keep it to a minimum. These include hair care routines, products to use and a handy tip that I learnt from my gorgeous granny. A timeless piece of advice that will probably be passed a long way into the future. It is funny how I always ask her for beauty tips before asking a professional! 

“Hair is very sensitive to different temperatures and types of weather. During the summer my hair feels rich and nourished, whereas in the winter it is completely different” 

Tip No.1
My first tip is a hair care treatment that I first started doing a few months ago. I am a dedicated reader for a wonderful blog called lydiaelisemillen.com, and love reading and watching all of her outfit posts, beauty advise and fitness routines. Lydia used a horrible product which really ruined her hair, and used coconut oil to repair it. She talked about using this in a few of her videos, so I decided to try out the tip myself. I thought that if my hair was restored and healthy, then maybe the static ends would go away. 
As much as I would like to do this regularly, realistically I do it about once a fortnight. I put some coconut oil in my hands, and rub it in slightly to loosen it up and make it easier to apply. I then brush my hands through my hair with the coconut oil on, and really rub it into the ends of my hair. I try not to use it in my roots as I have quite naturally oily hair, so this probably would make that problem even worse. I then put my hair up in a high bun, and leave it on overnight. In the morning I then wash it out of my hair, shampooing twice. This just ensures that it is all out of my hair, and does’t make it oily. 
I cannot even tell you how soft my hair is after using it, and how much healthier my hair is starting to feel. My hair has a new natural shine, and I have noticed a big difference with how static it can be. I am going to be doing this  a lot more in the summer, as the heat does wonders for my hair, so hopefully it will feel fully restored by the end of the summer months. 
Tip No.2
My second tip is something quite simple, that I assume many people would think of. During the winter I like to make sure that I am washing and conditioning my hair properly. I don’t over wash it, and I make sure that I am using good quality products that really work with my hair. My favourite products are definitely from Aussie, and I generally use the Miracle Moist range. This just makes my hair feel so hydrated, and amazingly healthy. I learnt from my hairdresser a few months ago a lot about hair products, and one thing that I really picked up on was how you are not meant to change products to often. She says that it can mess with the balance of natural chemicals in your hair, making it feel fabulous for a few days, then absolutely terrible. You need to find a product which is right for you, and stick to it. I absolutely love the product I use, and I notice a big difference when I use something else. 
When conditioning your hair, make sure that you have first washed it properly, and rinsed all the shampoo out. I wash my hair last in the shower, so once I have washed, I then turn the temperature down a bit ready to wash my hair. Once shampoo is done, rinse you hair with your hands, to try and remove as much excess water as possible. If you are suffering from static hair, add double the amount of conditioner that you would normally, and brush through the ends of your hair. If you have knotty hair, you can also try brushing it through with a proper hair brush or comb, as the conditioner will help massively to remove any knots. I then add the excess conditioner on my hands to the roots of my hair, however I personally don’t use much as it is oily. I then rinse this all out properly, ensuring that my hair is completely clean. After showering, I brush my hair out straight away with a tangle teezer and add my product. I then try to dry it as much as possible with a towel. While I get dressed and do makeup etc I leave my hair alone, giving it the chance to air dry a little. 
Tip No.3
After conditioning my hair, and letting it air dry for a little while, I then dry with a hairdryer. I first use the lowest setting and roughly dry the roots and start on the ends. I then brush my hair out again with the tangle teezer. Using the same brush, I tip my head upside down, and dry on the cold setting. As I slowly brush the ends of my hair, I dry the hair in the brush, and it allows the ends to dry properly and healthily. The lower temperature always seems to help when my hair is feeling static. Once the ends are pretty much all dry, I then blast my hair on the highest setting, to make sure that all my roots are dry, as this stops my hair from going oily. I always find the colder setting is slightly less powerful, therefore I give myself a bit more time as it can take a few minutes longer. I don’t use any accessories on my hairdryer, and I don’t use the round blow dry brushes, as the material of them makes my hair so unbelievably static! 
Tip No.4
This is my grandma’s trick. It is simple, easy and cheap! After drying your hair, you should leave it for a few minutes to settle down before brushing it. Once it is a bit flatter, I then brush through the ends, working my way up just in case there are any knots. At this point there is usually a bit of a static situation going on, so I use my little trick. I spray lots and lots of hairspray onto my brush, and then just brush it through all the ends of my hair. I have to reapply the hairspray once or twice, but generally it really really helps, and makes my hair look so glossy and sleek. During the day I take a small hairspray with me, and often redo this at points where I have just come in from the cold. I do this in my car quite a lot…so I try to leave the window open a bit in case I land up having a chemical reaction or something! I use a L’Oreal Hairspray, however I am pretty certain that it would work with most. You don’t want to use one that is really sticky, as your hair may clump together a bit, which is not a great look. 
When I got my hair cut in March ready for my birthday, I mentioned to the hairdresser that I had been experiencing really static hair. She mentioned all the things that I kind of already knew about, such as the weather, and then told me about the hairspray thing! Apparently my grandma knows just as much as she did! I was really surprised that she didn’t try to sell me a miracle product for it! 
Tip No.5
My final tip is a very easy one, that I have to try to encourage myself to do everyday. As mentioned in a previous post, I have very weak nails after using acrylics so much last year. I now never do, and am using lots of creams and oils to restore my nails. As a result, I now carry hand cream with me everywhere I go, and try to use it every hour. If I am having a static hair day, when I use the cream on my hands, I rub it in, but not fully. I then just brush my hands through my hair so that the ends get a coating of the cream. This really helps to reduce staticness, and my hands and hair always land up smelling amazing! 
I use a variety of hand creams, and have a bit of a soft spot for the floral scented ones. My favourite is either lavender or rose, as they remind me of scents as a child. I always use to have lavender by my pillow which would help me sleep! I always like to test a cream before buying it, as some can be so watery and oily on your hands. I hate hand creams that don’t go into your skin! I love thick ones that make your skin feel hydrated and fresh. 

– have a great day – 

I have not been paid to talk about any brands mentioned, and all views and opinions are my own. 
These photos were taken on the new Samsung S7 – in collaboration with Three Mobile