A few weeks ago, I joined the gym with my boyfriend here in Bristol, as a bid to become a healthier and happier person. It was something that I knew I would enjoy, with all the facilities available, as well as it being something we could do as a couple. We went to look around at the beginning of the year, however took quite a while to actually sign up as we weren’t sure if we were going to use it enough for the money. In the end we decided that we would, and I have to say we have definitely stuck to our word. We went everyday after we signed up before going on holiday, then we were in the gym a lot whilst on the ship. We got back on Sunday (just gone), and I have now been on both Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday we had a fab gym session, and then used the swimming pool and sauna. It was total bliss. With the gym in mind, when I knew I was going to be signing up, I started thinking about the essentials I would need to take with me. One of those was a water bottle. For quite a while now I have been looking for an everyday water bottle to take with me in my handbag, as well as my gym bag. I wanted something that would encourage me to drink lots of water to stay hydrated, but also something that actually looked quite nice. Looking around a lot of what I saw were pretty ordinary looking bottles, for ridiculous prices. Luckily for me, Chilly’s Water Bottles got in contact and offered to send me a bottle. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was, and I also cannot put into words how much I adore what I got sent! I got to choose from a range of different sizes and colours, and it took me a while to think about not only what I wanted, but what I actually needed. I was going to choose the smaller one as it would have been perfect for my handbag, although I decided if it was going to double up as a gym bottle, it would be way too small. In the end I went with a 500ml bottle in pink. I mean, what other colour would I choose? πŸ˜‰ I am absolutely in love with this product, and have been so reliant on it since the moment it came in the post. 

“A water bottle is not just something needed in the gym, it is something that should be used all day for every event in life”

I feel like in the past few months, I have matured a lot. This seems to have affected my attitude towards my health and diet. I am much more conscious about the types of food I am putting into my body, as well as how much alcohol I consume and most importantly making sure I am drinking enough water. In the short amount of time that I have been going to the gym, I have noticed a real difference in myself. My metabolism seems to have increased, so I am not feeling as bloated from certain foods, and I just seem to be much healthier in myself. I feel more productive and able to do a  lot more simply in a day. Having a bottle of water with me has encouraged me a lot to keep drinking, and refilling. I am counting the amount of bottles I get through, and have actually started to also notice a difference in terms of beauty. My skin seems to be clearer, and I feel much less tired than before. I am so glad that I am now doing something that it healthy, and that I have there perfect companion in the beautiful pink bottle. This bottle is now a complete everyday essential for me, and I have also devised a short list of essentials that I need in the gym as well as the bottle. 

Before going to the gym, I was actually really nervous. Being honest, I really am unfit. I eat junk food, I have late nights, I did little exercise and I just generally had a pretty lazy lifestyle. I am actually quite lucky that I didn’t gain as much weight as I probably should have done! Because of all of this, I felt quite intimidated by the thought of the gym. In my mind, everyone would look at me and think how silly and not capable I was of doing anything. This thought process went away the minute I walked in. I have to say, I have never felt like I was in a more comfortable environment in my life. No body cares what other people are doing, or at what stage they are at, which was great for me! I was so uneasy about what I would need with me, what did normal people take?! However, I am now completely in the swing of it, and I am enjoying it so much. 
The essentials I need are: 

My Chilly’s Water Bottle

A Towel for after your Workout


Makeup Remover! 

Phone (with pictures of exercises to try out on – or with a note of your workout plan)

Comfy Clothes for after your Workout

So not only is my water bottle my perfect gym companion, it is also a great companion in life! It is a new handbag essential, it is great in the car, and will be great in the summer to keep my freezing cold summer drinks at the right temperate. It does exactly what it says on the label, which is actually sometimes a surprise nowadays! 

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This post is in collaboration with Chilly’s Bottles, however all views and opinions are my own. 

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