Keeping in with the holiday theme, I thought I would share a really basic post, about what I take with me in my hand luggage for flying. I am such a bad flyer, so need everything possible with me to keep me distracted and feeling in control. I love the whole airport thing, waiting around for the flight, killing time by having endless coffees from Starbucks and just browsing around duty free…and when I say browsing I do mean that I usually pick up one or two goodies to please myself and get me through the flight πŸ˜‰ I am just not willing to miss out on the bargains! Anyway, I always have with me a big handbag that I can wear over my shoulder, as I don’t take a small suitcase because I just find that I don’t actually need it, and then you have a case on its own which just feels a bit strange. Also, you can keep your handbag with you during the flight if you put it under the seat (recommend a very squashy bag), which is so much easier than having to get up and ask people to move just so you can retrieve stuff from the over head locker. So, there are a few things that I need to have with me for flying, that actually fall under four categories. I have flown quite a lot now, so feel like I have perfected my hand luggage essentials list. 
For my holiday in a few days time, I am going on a proper family holiday, cruising around the Mediterranean. For this holiday, my hand luggage may differ slightly to say a short trip, such as when I visited Copenhagen in February. There are less things I need like city guides, however things that I will need more of. 
Work, Entertainment & Basics
There is not really a time in the world where I leave the house without my phone and headphones. Obviously, on a flight you lose most functions that your phone has to offer, although I can still listen to music. I love listening to music on a flight as it blurs out all the chaos ann noise, and just completely relaxes you. I find this much more effective when flying as I am kind of forced to relax when listening to it as I don’t really have another option. If I listen to it whilst doing something, it often distracts me and just lands up being turned off. I only use a simple pair of headphone, usually my EarPods but I need to get some more as mine broke, as they can be easily stored in your bag. I am planning on getting some better ones, preferably bluetooth, so let me know if you have any recommendations? 
Carrying on with the theme of technology, I also always carry my laptop. If I am travelling I have to have my laptop with me as I just find it so handy for work and entertainment. On a flight there is not Internet, so I usually dedicate this time to editing photos, writing posts ready to be copied into blogger, or doing sixth form work on either word or powerpoint. Also, I can charge my phone, or listen to music via my laptop in case I am worried about my phone running out of charge when we are trying to get to our travel destination! The MAC I have now is a Macbook Pro, so I am hoping to change this soon for something much lighter, maybe the Air? As I now have my iMac I don’t really need all the things this one has to offer and I just find it ridiculously heavy to lug around all day. 
My final piece of technology I have to have is my Olympus. I absolutely adore my SLR, but now I have the Olympus it is so much more appealing for travel. It is the perfect travel companion. It is small and light, so ideal for hand luggage, and the image quality is just truly breathtaking. I will never stop being in love with the camera, and just adore the retro look of it. Basically it matches every travel outfit πŸ˜‰ 
Image Links – MacBook Pro // Olympus Pen // Coconut Lane Phone Case (get 20% off with code ‘hunter20) 
“The Start of Something Beautiful” 
Books, Magazines & Writing Material 
For the hot relaxing holiday I am going on this week, I will take much more of this than I would have done for Copenhagen, as I know I will have much more spare time to actually read and jot things down. The first thing that I have in endless supply for a summer holiday is magazines. I get through them by the bucket load, sat around the pool with a cold drink, just before drifting off to sleep, or even just waiting around for a trip etc… I always buy my magazines in the airport once past security, as they would simply make my hold luggage way too heavy, and I like to keep everything as light as possible going through security in case they want to see inside your bag. Nothing annoys me more than when they do that – it feels like such as invasion of privacy. However, I am not going to complain as I completely understand why. Over the years, my taste in magazine has completely transformed, from being a lover of trashy magazine featuring local celebs, to enjoying higher end fashion magazines and now even home. I absolutely adore reading high end fashion magazines, as I love the stories and seeing all the latest trends, although I now seem to be loving interior ones as I am getting to the age where I am much more ready to have my own home and decorate. Other reading material that I also get through on holidays like these are books. I never read at home, which is something that I find quite sad to admit, because I know how nice it can be. I just can never seem to find the time, and I never really think about it as I am just not in the routine. Whereas, the minute I get on holiday chilling around the pool, I can get through an entire book in the space of two days. I really don’t understand why, but my brain just seems to go into complete reading mode. The books that I used to enjoy the most were from Sophie Kinsella, but now I have read pretty much all of these, I really want to read some from Giovanna Fletcher who I follow on Instagram, and finish reading the Divergent series. I always find that in order for me to read and enjoy a book, I have to feel a connection with it from the word go. 
The other thing i can’t live without on a flight or when on holiday is a notebook and pen. I find that when I am away, I get so many ideas come into my mind that need to be jotted down. I love writing myself idea pages, blog quotes, things that have influenced me from magazines. I also land up going home with a huge to do list, and because I am quite an organised person I even land up writing myself little deadlines and additional comments. I also do love a pretty notebook, that I can snap or Instagram in the moment! 
Top Ups
I couldn’t go through traveling without a few basic beauty essentials. You land up waiting around in queues and cafe’s for such a long time that there is no doubt that you need to freshen up. I don’t take much make-up as you can’t actually have over a certain amount, but there are certain things that I always really want. I keep all beauty products in a sealed plastic bag, as it always really confuses me with what should be in there and what doesn’t need to be. I guess this is also nice as it is one place to keep all the small things, especaially when in a bigger bag. Imagine trying to find some lip balm in a rush! The first two things are my hairbrush and hand cream, sometime used together to reduce static hair. My hair gets so knotted at an airport, after security when you have pretty much taken all your clothes off, walking through to find which gate you are at, and then often walking from the airport to the plane in the cold and the wind. I always need to brush my hair, and because I am doing it quite a lot I use hand cream to moisturise my hands and add the excess to the ends of my hair to reduce static ends. My favourite will always be a coconut scented one. 
In terms of make-up, I am just simply not brave enough to go anywhere wearing no make-up at all, no matter how early my flight is. 7am flight? No worries, I will be up at 3 while everyone else sleeps until half past. I don’t over do it or anything, but I still wear the basics. I am very fair skinned, so when I don’t wear make-up everyone in my family genuinely asks if I am feeling okay because I look a little pale! What a cheek! The make-up I wear for flying usually consists of: primer and a light coating of foundation; eye lid cream and a light coloured eye shadow; waterline eyeliner and mascara; powdered foundation to set everything and make it last; simple contour from one palette and a light coloured lip. When writing this it seems like a lot, however I can now get this done in about 10 minutes. Therefore, when I am at the airport I need top ups. I usually reapply my under eye concealer as I always look exhausted for early morning flying, ends of lashed with mascara, a light coating of bronze to give my face to colour and either a light lipstick or tinted lip balm. I generally go with the lip balm as my lips seem to get very dry when flying. 
Three things that I/ YOU need when flying. A scarf, sunglasses and comfy shoes. As much as I love the idea of walking through the airport in my my stylish pair of shoes, topped off with a killer airport chic outfit, realistically I am going to feel like dying after completing the mile walk to the airport terminal. When I see women in heels, and business clothes, a feel a huge sense of sympathy, and think to myself why could they have not just done a Miranda, ditching the heels for trainers? My airport look is all about comfort, usually my comfiest pair of genes with a loose fitted top. I always wear shoes that I know have been broken in, such as a pair of converse or trainers. I abolutely love my Lacoste trainers, but am scared to wear them because I love them being so white and clean. I think these may be my airport babies for our trip this week. To go with this I always have a scarf with me. You never know what the temperature is going to be like on a plane, so if it is on the more chilly side, wrapping a scarf around your neck is going to make you feel so much warmer. I always take a lighter scarf, so that if I don’t need it I can tie it around my handbag handles, so it doubles up as a stylish accessory! As you can tell, I am always one step ahead. 
The last thing I absolutely need is a pair of sunglasses. To begin with this saves me if I have forgotten to put some in the hold luggage, which I often do, so then I know I have some for the holiday. I also find that sunglasses are essential when leaving the airport at the other end, as pretty much everywhere is always sunnier than the UK, and everywhere else just seems to be naturally brighter. A third reason for sunglasses being a must have is to sort out that horrible plane hair. Sometime my hair just looks so gross after flying from the way I sit/ sleep. Brushing it out and just popping your sunglasses on your head instantly makes everything better, and creates such a relaxed holiday look! Mine in this photo are from Ted Baker, and were my sweet valentine present this year… he’s a keeper alright πŸ˜‰ 

– have a good weekend – 


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