So, when this post goes live it will be 7am UK time on a Monday morning. However Monday isn’t the only bad thing happening today at home in the UK, as it is also first day back for many who have just had two lovely weeks off for Easter. Luckily for me, I live in North Somerset, which was one of the few locations in the UK to start their Easter a week later. This means that I am not awake, getting ready for a long tiresome Monday. I am in fact eating breakfast in my Cabin, looking out at the view of Katakolon in Greece, feeling smug and relaxed. I am so so happy to be away, enjoying the sun and relaxing family time – most likely over indulging on cocktails and luxurious food. Fancy a Cosmo anyone? πŸ˜‰


When I am on a summer holiday I try my absolute hardest to not wear makeup, but I do find this so difficult, especially in the evening. I do quickly get used to not wearing makeup in the day, as I love how the sun just seems to shrivel up all blemishes and makes my skin glow. In the evening, I simply don’t feel right not wearing any makeup, as I always like to wear a nice dress and things. As I am on holiday, I always try to wear less, and like to use products that aren’t too heavy on my skin. By the end of the week, I am so used to not wearing make-up, and it takes me quite a while to get back into it again! Sadly, I always do πŸ˜‰ I have now finally found a foundation that is perfect for holidays, as it is light and is the right colour for my skin tone. Obviously as you get more tanned, this foundation starts to look a bit too light in colour, so I would advise taking the bronzer! As a way of telling you what I use, I thought I would do a step by step…a written tutorial! Written being because I am too scared to start a Youtube channel. 

When getting ready for an evening on holiday, I always start by showering to get rid of all the yucky excess sun cream! I use a gentle body scrub to create an even tan, as well as using a face scrub, as my skin can get quite dry from the sun. After using the scrubs my skin always feels amazing, and I love seeing the slight glow left over from being in the sun. 
To moisturise, I use my everyday moisturiser which is from The Body Shop. It is a rich, thick product, designed to target dry skin. I use this both morning and night when on holiday, as I feel like my skin deserves the extra hydration! To go with this I also use my Clarins Glow Booster, which I mix in with the moisturiser before applying. I love the subtle shine this gives my skin, and it even shows under my foundation. 

For foundation I use the Clinique Moisture Surge, which has SPF 30. I absolutely adore this foundation for holidays, as it is so light and dewy in texture. It has great coverage, and just adds a thin layer to make my skin appear much more even. It is also quite a hydrating foundation, which is perfect after a long day in the sunshine. I add bits all over my face, and blend in with a RealTechniques brush. The packaging says it is a CC Cream, which you probably can just lend in with your hands, but I just think it looks so much more flawless when you use a brush. For concealer under my eyes I use the YSL gold pen, and just blend it in with a beauty blender. The sun may get rid of spots, but it does nothing for those dark circles! I then use a thin coat of my MAC powder just to set it all. 
To add some colour to my face, I take one simple product away with me, which is a bronzer from Dior. I absolutely love this product for holidays, as it is a bronzer and blush in one, with a slight sparkle for instant highlight. I use a big brush, and apply up my cheek bone for a contour effect, and then I also had a small amount to my chin and forehead, as it just makes my face colour match a lot more with my tan! If I want to add a bit more of a pink tone to my cheeks, I use a smaller brush and just use the pinky part of the product. This product is so easy to apply, and has lasted me bloody ages. 

In terms of eye makeup, I usually always run out of time by this point, so I tend to just do some pretty eyeshadow and a good coating of mascara. I always like to take a balanced eyeshadow palette with me, with lots of light colours and a few darks. I start by applying some of the lightest colour all over my lid up to my brow, with a basic eyeshadow brush. I then blend this as much as possible with a softer brush, like the one from RealTechniques photographed here. To add some colour, I usually choose a dark and a light. Perhaps the darker pink and the lighter pink? I add the darker colour in the crease of my eye, blending as I go. I then add the lighter pink just on my lid, and slightly blend it into the crease. Using my softer brush I then blend that all out upwards, and getting rid of excess specs that fall under and around my eyes. This look should be subtle, yet defined. For lashes I then use my favourite roller lash for the false eyelash effect, and use some eyeliner pencil on my waterline. This makes my eyes look so much bigger, and much more ready for the evening. This eye look can literally be done in a few minutes, and is so good for a holiday evening meal. 
For lips I use a neutral colour, usually one that slightly matches my eyeshadow colour. I never really use bright colours when on holiday, as I feel way too relaxed for that! 

– what is your must have holiday beauty product? –


I have not been paid to talk about any brands mentioned, and all views and opinions are my own. 

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