Tomorrow I am off on holibobs to soak up the sun and relax for a week. We are going on a cruise, starting in Venice and then going to Bari in Italy, Mykonos, Athens, Dubrovnik and Katakolon. This might sound like a holiday fit for an OAP (old aged pensioner), however as a family we have been on quite a few cruises in the past few years, and they are always full of young families and couples. I absolutely love them – you get to live a life of luxury for the duration, where you meet so many people, visit so many different places and get to take part in loads of fun and exciting activities. It is the ultimate feel good holiday, where you can do just as much resting or exploring as you choose. Obviously, I spend a lot of time on my sun lounger getting my Vitamin D fix, although I love to walk around lots of new places for a short space of time, taking in the culture. I have already been to Athens and Mykonos, and am so excited to return, but I have to say the place I am most looking forward to is Dubrovnik. Apparently it is absolutely gorgeous, and my boyfriend and I are planning to take part in a trip that involves site seeing by bike and wine tasting… very sophisticated! I thought that I would give the blog a holiday theme for the next week, starting with my holiday skin care products. As there is a change in temperature and sun exposure, I always make sure that I have the correct products with me to protect my skin and keep it hydrated. As I am quite fair skinned I burn easily, so I want to try and avoid this, as well as ensure that I get quite an even tan. I also don’t really wear any makeup when I am on holiday, so I use a few products to make my skin appear more radiant. 
Baby Oil – I absolutely adore this simple product. It is so easy to use, keeps skin feeling really nourished, and has a beautiful light fragrance. When on holiday I usually always shower before getting ready for dinner. By this time I am usually feeling a little light headed from the sun, so I go back to the room and wash away all the sun cream that makes me feel all sticky and gross. We all know that feeling. I always use a gentle scrub to lift excess sun cream, so I need to make sure my skin is properly moisturised afterwards. Scrubbing and moisturising helps so much to create an even tan. Once I have showered I rub baby oil all over myself and dry it off lightly with a towel. I then just relax for a bit, reading a magazine, or catching up on social media. 
Cocoa Butter – When I get ready for bed after dinner, I then moisturise with my favourite Cocoa butter. This product is the best moisturiser I have ever used, and honestly makes my skin feel so healthy, not just after using it, but throughout the whole day. I use it all over my legs and arms, but not anywhere else as it is quite rich. I absolutely adore the smell, hence why pretty much all beauty products I use I try to find a Cocoa scented alternative! As this is quite rich you have to wait a while for it to dry properly, but that is all okay because when on holiday you should never rush! 
Sun Cream from Hawaiian Tropic – This stuff is my favourite sun cream of all time. It offers the most protection for my skin, is not too oily and smells divine. As I burn easily I always apply suncream regularly, and I find that this one also offers amazing coverage. I only have to use a small amount to cover my whole body. So I use the protective sun lotion during the day, and after sun when I have showered. I apply the after sun when the baby oil has soaked in. I love this as it just gives my skin a bit more protection, and creates such an even tan. On my face I use the ‘Face Protection Lotion’. In the morning I apply this as I would with my ordinary moisturiser, however I also add another product which I will talk about later. I reapply the face lotion whenever I reapply my body lotion. I don’t use too much as I don’t want to make my face greasy. I love being in the sun as it really dries up all my horrible blemishes and makes my face feel so much healthier. 
Vaseline – When in the sun, I get incredibly dry lips. So I constantly use simple vaseline to hydrate and repair them. I use the one with Aloe Vera when on holiday, as it offers extra protection in the sun. If I get sun burnt I also smother it with this vaseline as it repairs burns beautifully. It relieves the pain so much, and helps it to get better so much more quickly. Just before going to bed on holiday, I use vaseline in dry prone areas of my face, such as around my nose so that the sun doesn’t dry it out even more. Vaseline is also amazing if you use it on your eyebrows and lashes before going to bed, as it makes them darker in colour and really makes them look healthier. I will always be a dedicated user of vaseline, as I believe that most of the time, the classic products really are the best. I also love how convenient the packaging is, as you can just pop it in your handbag and it just lasts for such a long time. 
Clarins Glow Booster – I got this as a present from my grandma when she went on holiday a few months ago, so I haven’t had a chance to use it on holiday yet, however I have used it at home. All you do is mix a few drops into your face moisturiser and apply normally. It gives your skin a really subtle glow, which you do notice, and creates such a beautiful radiant look. I am so excited to use this on holiday, as I won’t be wearing foundation, so this will add a little colour to my pale complexion. In the morning I will moisturise my face with my favourite Body Shop moisturiser, with the glow booster mixed in, then I will put my face sun cream over the top. Hopefully my face will stay glowing throughout the day. 
Dirty Works Shimmer Lotion – I absolutely love this stuff! In the morning I usually put sun lotion on everywhere first, then I add a coat of this on top. I only use it in the morning, as it is a bit annoying having to do it every time I reapply sun lotion. I use a small amount on my legs, arms and top of my chest, and it is a faint sparkle that looks so gorgeous in the sun. It is not greasy, lasts for a long duration of the day, and makes skin appear very radiant. After all, the radiant look is exactly what you want when in contact with the sun. I do love to sparkle! 

– have a great day – 


I have not been paid to talk about any brands or products mentioned, and all views and opinions are my own.