Being away
in the bright sunny weather, worrying about nothing but having no Internet
connection, has made me realise how much more positive I am when influenced by
certain things. In the UK, we have such unpredictable weather, as one day it
can be really warm and sunny, then the next we can have a blizzard. I find that
this really plays with my mood, and I feel very low when experiencing dark and
rainy days. The sun makes me a much happier and positive person, which has
enabled me to think more about how I can keep this attitude up when I get home.
There are so many little things at home that make me happy, and often I do take
them for granted because I barely notice their significance.
Roaming around
Mykonos yesterday, I noticed how much more relaxed and happy the locals were.
We sat and had an amazing lunch in a real Greek restaurant that seemed to be
full of locals. I have read somewhere that you should always choose somewhere
that the locals eat and not the tourists. The owner of this restaurant was an
elder round man, who was so kind and funny. He was going around making sure
everyone was okay, in a slightly manic way, then sitting at his table
calculating the bills by hand, with a cigarette in his mouth and glass of wine
to his side. To make this man even funnier, he then joined a party of four
locals at their table, where they were doing some shots, that looked like they
are drank after a meal. It’s safe to say that he looked pretty plastered by the
time we had finished our meal, but this simply added to the charm of the
beautiful island.
In the UK
this would be classed as extremely unprofessional, however here it is so
accepted, and I really don’t think he would care if someone didn’t like it!
Naturally the restaurant had a happy buzz to it, and I really noticed how
relaxed and care free everyone seemed to be. This is something that we lack
massively back at home, as everyone is so set in the rules laid out for them,
and never willing to stray from what is known as socially acceptable actions. I
think that this is all getting a bit too far, and following these guidelines
all the time is making people depressed and socially awkward. We seem to be
living in a country that isn’t free, and where everyone cares so much about
what other people think. I can tell you now that the restaurant owner couldn’t
have cared less, and I just completely adore this positive attitude to life.
is the key to a happy and fulfilled life”

I want to
adopt so many of the care free attitudes I have seen in Greece and Italy, and
use them to give myself a more positive outlook on life. I am someone who gets stressed
so easily, over silly little things as well as bigger problems, but often I do
find myself worrying over things that really don’t matter at all. This is
something that I know I must work on to be happier, especially when it comes to
worrying about the future. I need to live in the moment! I am surrounded by an
amazing supportive family, I have a boyfriend who I can easily call my best
friend, and I have a small collection of close friends who I know are there for
me and vice versa. I have learnt through my teenage years that you really don’t
need to have a huge group of friends because they simply aren’t going to be
there for you as much as a few close ones. These important people in my life so
often get forgotten about when I am feeling low, and I get angry with myself
because they really should not be taken for granted. I have been thinking of a
few things that I can do to improve my mood when feeling down, or just general
things I can do to make me a much more positive person.

time with the ones you love
I am definitely
one of those people who often can’t be bothered to go to a family event, or go
out with friends, but after I have forced myself to go I always land up having
an amazing time. The minute I start socialising I instantly enjoy myself, and always
land up feeling so much happier. I’m not saying you have to go out every
weekend with your friends, but even just going for a drink with a good friend,
or meeting up to go to the shops, these sociable times are going to make you a
much happier person, as you realise how lucky you are to have these people in
your life. You also have to get the balance right. I am constantly trying to
make sure that I am seeing my friends enough, as well as having quality family
time, and seeing my partner. Getting all this right is so difficult, and I know
that I often neglect someone in order to please someone else. All I have to do
is tell myself that it is okay – as long as you are trying no one can ask anything
more. This is also my approach to exams, as I think if you have put the effort
in, you simply cannot expect anything more from yourself. It may be slightly
cheesy, but trying really is the most important part. Ultimately, there is
always so much going on in life, that no one is ever going to get the balance
right! I have to try and balance:
Family time
Seeing friends
time with my boyfriend
School Work
Going to the
Having some
me time


One thing I
find that helps is to simply right down everything it is you have to do that
week, and try to plan out how you are going to use your time during the week. I
still use a written diary, as I prefer it so much more to using my phone. In
different colour pens, I write everything down, and try to stick to it as much
as possible. Once you get used to doing everything it becomes so much easier,
but you do have to be a bit realistic as well. If you know you are going out
with your friends on a Saturday night, don’t schedule in all your school work
for the Sunday. Trust me… It really won’t happen!

The Little
There are
so many little things in life that I do to make me happy, and I think in a way
they make me me. My friends make little jokes about the amount of Starbucks I
have, my boyfriend likes to tease about how much time I spend looking at
clothes online, and my teachers hate how I spend a lot of my time doing blog
work instead of revision. All these things make me the person I am, and I
really wouldn’t have it any other way. A few little things that I love include:
Drive Through
– I live around the corner from the drive through, so I love
getting up in the morning and driving to get a coffee, or even better going to
get a Frappuccino on a hot day. This is a small thing that takes five minutes,
but it is something that just pleases me a lot.
this is by far my favourite form of social media, and I can spend so much time
on it. Hence, why you can probably already tell if you follow me that I spend a
lot of time on it. I love seeing all the beautiful pictures that people upload,
I love sharing photo’s and receiving such kind feedback, and I can say that I
have actually made a few blogger friends and business connections through it. I
absolutely love the interaction, and exploring the app to find new people to
follow and enjoy what they share. Obviously, with this app you can also
experience the negative side, although I really don’t let this affect me as I have
learnt that people who are going to waste their time writing nasty things,
really aren’t worth my time or emotions, so I just ignore and block.
Obie – Just
before Christmas, I decided that I was going to get myself a hamster. My
boyfriend has one and she is just so gorgeous, so I decided that I was going to
get one myself. I got two, however they were fighting, so we had to separate
them. Obie stayed with me, and Bu went to live with my boyfriend. Obie
literally makes me such a happy person, and I never realised how much love you
could have for such a small little animal. He is such a lovely little friend
who comes out to greet me when I get home, cuddles me before going to sleep,
and just constantly finds ways to entertain me. We have got into a cute little
routine now, where he wakes in the morning, so I put him in bed with me. He really
isn’t normal! He gets in with me, walks all over me, then finds a spot by my
pillow where he then decides to just have a little nap while I snooze! Cute or
Going out
for breakfast
– breakfast is now probably my favourite meal of the day, and
nothing makes me feel more positive than going out for a nice breakfast. I don’t
really go out for dinner as much anymore as I just love cooking something nice,
and chilling with homemade food on the sofa! Getting up that little bit earlier
in the morning makes me feel so much more energised, and I always find that
breakfast food in restaurants is so delicious. It gets me out early ready for
the day, and a proper breakfast can keep me going for a long time.
Driving – there
are so many little things that make me happy, but I think I may stick to just
five otherwise this post will go on for a little too long! My final little
thing is driving. I started to learn to drive two days after my 17th
birthday in March 2015, and passed in the August. I worked so hard as I was
completely desperate, and wanted that independence so so much! Luckily I passed
first time, and was off in my car the next day. I have now nearly been driving
for 8 months, and my love for it has only grown. It is something that my
boyfriend and I both enjoy, and we have both said that on holiday we have
actually really missed it! I get into such a good driving zone, with my music
and air fresheners, and just love going around, doing all the things that need
doing. As I drive so much I feel like I have also improved a lot, and would
like to say that my parallel parking is now on point 😉 Haha, it is just
something that I really enjoy, and I would really advise everyone just to get
it done as soon as possible.


That One
Special Thing
I think in
life everyone has one thing that they really enjoy that makes them happy. Whether
that be their job, a hobby or a subject they are studying. For me this is
obviously my blog. I get to put so much of myself into it, and do things that
make me happy. I adore clothes, so putting together outfit posts really pleases
me. I love seeing what styles are currently on trend, trying to incorporate
this into my work, as well as working with brands in order for their company to
grow, as well as my blog. I love cooking, so this is a platform where I can
share this passion, and I just generally have such a busy life that I love to
share things that I do that make me happy. I love getting feedback from people
on my work, and it really is the main thing that inspires me to keep going.
Before starting this blog, I had no idea that it blogging was really a thing,
as I wasn’t really into social media anyway, and I didn’t even know who Zoella
was! Now I feel like I am a part of a big community, and am willing to be
patient and put the work in to see where it goes.

In life I
think it is so important to find that one thing that you love, no matter how
big or small it is – as long as it gives you pleasure and positive vibes! If
you truly love it, you will stick to it. That is why I am able to sit on
holiday in the sun relaxing, however also have my laptop with me writing a four-page
blog post!
– how do you stay positive? – 

Outfit Details – Dress New Look // Shoes Dune // Sunglasses Ted Baker

Photography – These images were taken in Katakolon, Greece. All photos were taken on the Olympus Pen – the perfect travel accessory. 

I have not been paid to talk about any brands mentioned, all all views and opinions are my own. 
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