Happy Saturday everybody! The weekend has finally arrived, and hopefully the sun has come out to help you enjoy the relaxing two days off. Here in the UK we have had the strangest combination of weather this week, the sun being out everyday, glaring through, however extremely low temperatures with spells of snow! How bizarre… and how annoying in terms of choosing an outfit everyday. Haha, anyway, the cold temperatures have an me reminiscing so much over my latest trip, and planning some more. I am going to Rhodes in June with my girlies for a week away, and am trying to plan something in September time with my boyfriend. I really really want to go back to Dubrovnik, Croatia, where these photos were shot. We went for the day on our cruise, however were only there for six hours, so we really didn’t get to do or see as much as we would have liked. It was truly such a beautiful place, where the locals were so welcoming, the shops were gorgeous and the architecture was simply breathtaking. Apparently some of Game of Thrones had been filmed here, which accounted for all the merchandise we found in the shops. I can really imagine this place for a programme like this, with it’s period buildings and open layout. The views all around were so special, and I felt like I really was in some kind of paradise just for the day. I will definitely be going back, and whether that will be this year or in a few years time, I will make it happen! 

“Seeing new places is such a treasure in life – that often myself, and many people I know take for granted”

For someone as young as me, I am pretty lucky to say that I have seen quite a lot of places. I am so grateful that I have had this opportunity in life, and it has definitely given me a taste of how much travelling I would like to do, whether that be leisure or simply for work. I just adore exploring new places, learning about different cultures, and trying to fit in to a different way of life, even if it is just for a week. I am a bit of relaxer on holiday, and don’t like to do too much walking around and tourist things, so I always choose places where there is a bit of both. My dream is to do a big tour across America, maybe hiring a car. I want to save this until I am at least 21, just because I want to be able to pay to do it properly, and remember it more. I would also love to do some city breaks including Berlin, as well as a Scandinavian trip. I went to Copenhagen in February, and completely fell in love with the city and their way of life. Next year I am hoping to go back, and then travel across to Norway and Sweden. All these places seem to be adding up, and I am so excited to actually start seeing them! 

My Holiday Fashion Tips
Shoulder Bags – A bag that can be put over your shoulder will always be the way on holiday. A rucksack is always just so annoying when you have to get stuff out of it like money or a camera, plus I hate the thought of someone being able to grab something out of my bag without me knowing. I guess to a certain extent you do have to be careful when you are abroad, just because you are a much easier target. 
Wearing Bikinis – I always wear a bikini under my clothes when on holiday, preferably with a  strapless bikini top. This just means that you are ready to sunbathe or swim immediately, as you can find hidden beaches etc when exploring. 
Flip Flops – I try to always wear flip flops instead of sandals when on holiday, just because sandals can often rub if they are either cheap, or not worn in properly, and you get more tan lines from them. Flip flops can easily go on and off, and to be honest are so comfortable. 
Limited Jewellery – I don’t really wear jewellery when i’m on holiday, as i just find in the heat it gets so uncomfortable, and the sun can often discolour costume pieces. The only thing I do wear is my Pandora bracelet, as I never take it off, as I lost my first one. Whoops! 
Light Colours – Dark colours are a bad idea in the heat, as they absorb heat from the sun, making you so much hotter and uncomfortable. Opt for light coloured clothing, which is loose fitting and comfy. 
Hair Up – I love my long blonde locks, however cannot stand to have them down when roaming around with the sun glaring down on me. It is hot and sweaty and so not worth the hassle. Personally, I also feel that a messy bun works best on holiday, with the shorts and sunglasses look going on. 
This outfit was all based around my latest top from Boutique of Molly, with a pink and white theme. I chose some simple white denim shorts, and light brown accessories. The top itself was a beautiful pink, with white lace detail and shoulders on show to get myself a rocking tan. 

Top Boutique of Molly // Shorts New Look // Bag Vintage // Shoes New Look // Sunglasses Ray Ban

– happy weekend – 


This post is in collaboration with Boutique of Molly, however all views and opinions are my own. 

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