A few weeks ago, I was offered an amazing opportunity to test out the new Samsung S7. I am a complete phone nerd, and always land up spending hours everyday texting, instagramming, tweeting and snapping. Being a blogger this is kind of a given thing, and I notice now that the more I blog, the more time I spend on my phone. A lot of the time I am not able to be sat at home on my computer with perfect wifi reception, so I need a smartphone that is right for what I do. During the day I study, all my free time is spent working on my blog, and I am constantly referring to my phone to keep on track. I need a good camera, a phone that is simple and easy to use, and something that fits into my lifestyle easily. At the moment I use an iPhone 6, so was very intrigued to see how this Samsung would work for me. There are a few key things that I loved about this phone, and that also took me by surprise. The camera to me was the best quality to this phone, and completely defied all expectations that I had. It is the perfect blogger accessory, and I really feel like this phone is going to do amazingly well in the blogging and photography industry. 

“A blogger needs a phone that can produce extremely competitive images and offers a lot of applications to keep on track.” 

As I wanted to try out this phone to its maximum potential, and see just how well it would suit me, I tried as hard as possible to leave my own phone alone and just use this as a tool for the week. Three mobile gave me a sim so that I was able to use it, so I was also able to make comparisons between Three as a mobile provider and the one that I currently use. I don’t really feel like it is necessary for me to name the company that I use, as I like to be as honest as possible, and I am not overly impressed with the service that I am provided with. However, this post is about the phone and not the company…I love to ramble! I have broken down my key points about the Samsung S7 below, to show you just how great my experience with it really was. 
As a blogger, I am always searching for new and improved devices on the market making it easier to capture the perfect photograph. This is usually in the form of an SLR or a smaller device such as the Olympus Pen. Never in a million years would I ever consider taking the photos for a blog post on my phone, let alone being pleased with the results. This is also the case with images uploaded to Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat now. In order to compete, you need to be producing the best.  When I was offered the opportunity to try out the Samsung, I was told how amazing the camera was, however never thought it would produce the images it did. I was astonished with the results, and spent a lot of time just taking random images to simply admire them. I wanted to really see what this camera was capable of, so I took the photos for a blog post on it, which was published last week all about reducing static hair. When I uploaded the images to my computer, I really thought that they were going to look awful, but in fact they looked no better than what my SLR can produce. I edited them slightly in terms of lighting and exposure, but I was completely content with uploading them into a blog post. To see the images click the link here.
The camera in itself is a massive selling point to me. Photography is something that I am very passionate about, and use on a daily basis. Having a camera able to produce such good quality images just on my phone would make my life so easy, as I would be able to photograph for a blog post any time and anywhere. I hadn’t realised before how much I need something like this in my life. The camera also had lots of functions to create the image type you want, as well as things like the ‘beauty mode’. I was able to create any kind of image that I wanted, and never failed to be pleased with the results. 
I have heard from a lot of people that the range of apps on offer from Samsung is not as large as with Apple, however I did not notice this at all. I guess really, I don’t actually use as many apps as I could, and am happy with the basics such as Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. I also love all my lifestyle apps such as Rightmove, Asos and Zara. These apps make life so much easier, as they are just there to be used at your convenience. I was able to place my apps where I wanted on the phone, being able to sort them into categories, which pleased someone like me who has undiagnosed mild OCD. The icons were all easy to see, and were all so easy to use. Each app that I use was a little different to what I use now, although it literally took a few hours to get used to it. I was off in no time, and found it so easy to just get on with everything. I absolutely loved snapping from this phone, and posting to Instagram, as the camera quality was just insane. I had a pretty awesome snapchat going on for the duration of the week ๐Ÿ˜‰ 
I am not a phone gamer at all, but I wanted to see what sort of range the phone had to offer. At this point I summoned my boyfriend, who was very easily persuaded, to test them out for me. He downloaded quite a few games and spent quite a long time on them. He said that they downloaded quickly, and were incredibly easy to use. The phone offers a lot for gamers, making it appeal to a very large target audience. 
Ease of Use
I like to be completely honest on this blog, and feel completely comfortable saying that I really didn’t have high expectations for how easy this phone was going to be to use. I have seen before that Samsung have quite complicated layouts, and everything is obviously a lot different from what I am used to at the moment. When I started up the phone I was feeling a little nervous, although it took me no time at all to get used to it. Everything was laid out in a simple way, and it was so easy to work everything out. I was quickly downloading apps, messaging people, and finding out all the little quirks that the phone had to offer. To make it even easier it had a ‘simple mode’, which really simplified everything. Suddenly all the apps were basically laid out and I could easily navigate my way around. Making a phone call, sending a text and adding a contact was the easiest thing in the world, and I very quickly started to become very attached to this phone. 

Things That I Found Different
When I started planning this post, I really wasn’t sure about making comparisons between this and the iPhone, however I decided to go for it. Nearly every person I know nowadays owns an iPhone, and would never even contemplate changing. I myself was one of these people until I tried the Samsung out. One thing I noticed that I loved very quickly about this phone was the phone size. When I bought my iPhone I decided to go for the normal one instead of the plus, and it was purely because I felt the plus was too big. Using this phone, I found that it was the perfect size for me. The amount of time I now spend on my phone I have really noticed how much I need a bigger screen, and this really made a difference for me. I could use it for longer without my eyes feeling strained, and everything was just much more clearer. You were also able to split the screen to see two different things at once, which I really loved. Obviously I have already made it clear how much I love the camera, however it has now annoyed me about my own phone camera, as it simply isn’t as good. I want to have this quality on my phone! 
So all in all, most of my comparisons are positive, but there was one thing that really bothered me. What on earth are the Samsung emojis?! Haha, I am such an emoji lover, and was so disappointed with what I found the first time I took a snapchat! This is defiantly something that I would get annoyed with, but i’m sure I would overcome it. I mean anything for that camera *insert heart eyes emoji here*. 

Battery Life and Three Mobile
Battery life is something that I struggle with so much because I use my phone so much. I usually always have a charged portable phone charger in my bag, as it generally always gets used. I have to say, this phone was reasonably good with battery. I did charge it every night, but it really wasn’t as low as my own phone is. I found that the battery lasted a lot longer, and one day I didn’t really go on it because of work, and it had pretty much lost no battery by the time I had finished. It also seemed to charge relatively quickly when I was looking, but to be honest once I fall asleep I have no idea what is happening! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Overall, it was pretty good! 
I also have to quickly mention Three Mobile, because I used to always think of them as a pretty rubbish service provider, but wow have I been proved wrong. There was not one place that I didn’t have decent phone signal, and there also wasn’t anywhere without Internet reception. I was so surprised, and have decided that every blogger needs to be with a company that can guarantee this much Internet service everywhere! Haha, I think Three Mobile may be gaining a new customer in September! 
So some finally words about this phone. I was so intrigued to see if this phone would fit into my lifestyle, and I can completely 100% confirm that there would be no doubt in my mind that it would. It is the ultimate blogger accessory. It has a perfect camera, has all the applications that I need to stay on track and get work done, and is so terribly easy to use. It has everything I need, and am so pleased that I was able to try it out and see for myself. I love the size of the phone, and loved the smart and professional finish that it had. 
To see more information about the phone, visit the Three Mobile website here. The phone comes in Black or Gold, and there are so many different contract options to choose from. 
– happy texting tweeting snapping instagramming – 


This post is in collaboration with Three Mobile UK, however all views and opinions are my own.