In my last post I started my travel diary off with the first three days, in Venice, Bari and Katakolon. This post is going to finish the travel diary, where we finished the trip by visiting the gorgeous greek island of Mykonos, and Dubrovnik in Croatia. I was completely mesmerised by both places, and have really developed such a need to travel more and visit such beautiful places. I have also realised how horrible the UK really is, and how much I want to venture out later on in life!…there could be a blog post in that some where ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have been to Mykonos before, however was just as charmed as the last time, whereas Dubrovnik was completely new. I have never seen such a picturesque place, and will definitely be trying to get back as soon as possible! 
Day Four 
As we drew the curtains this morning, we had a gorgeous view of Mykonos. Everything you would imagine from a little Greek island was there. There was the green hills, crystal blue water, pure white villas and manic calm and composed locals. I truly felt like we were in paradise, and was so excited to enjoy the day. We started off with breakfast on the balcony, over looking the view, and enjoying the warm weather. The weather in Italy had been awful, but Greece was so much better, and I felt toasty warm sitting outside. I absolutely love having a relaxed breakfast outside in the fresh air, as it makes me feel revitalised and ready for the day. Instead of lazing around the for the morning and having lunch on the boat, we decided to spend more time off the ship. After breakfast we all got ready, and headed for a water taxi once we had got off the cruise. The water taxi took us all along the front of the island, so we could admire the beautiful view. It was so magnificent, and I started to feel like I was on a real summer holiday. Once we got to the island we were dropped in the ‘city’, where we could walk on the beautiful cobbled streets and see all the beautiful architecture. The first thing I saw was the amazing church photographed above, which I just completed fell in love with. We then walked around a lot of the island, down all of the little side streets, coming across the hidden boutiques and restaurants. We stopped for lunch in a little restaurant hidden away, with beautiful pink flowers and pom pom light shades above. We noticed instantly that all the people in there were locals, which instantly said to us that this was the place to go. We sat, and were felt welcome by the hilarious owner, who sat drinking wine with a cigarette, sorting out the bills by hand. It at a casual charm that you couldn’t find anywhere in the UK. I had an exquisite pasta dish, with chicken, mushrooms and a cream sauce. My boyfriend had a beautiful looking seafood risotto served in a giant shell. How amazing does that sound?! We sat for a while just soaking in the atmosphere, enjoying the relaxation. After lunch we headed for a beach seen by where the boat dropped us off, and we just sat on the sand, sunbathing and playing in the sea. It was just like being on a perfect holiday, and I was it total bliss. Seeing as the ship was leaving we couldn’t stay forever, so we soon left and got the water taxi back. That night I felt so relaxed and in good spirit. We had a lovely dinner, and a few drinks before heading to the cabin for some beauty sleep. 
Day Five & Six
Day five we were in the port of Athens, however we weren’t too keen on the idea of doing the tourist thing with all the people, especially in the heat. We decided to stay on board, and landed up having an amazing day. We decided to get up and have breakfast in the buffet, as we’d heard there was much more to choose from. We had a huge english breakfast, and there were also things like pancakes on waffles on offer. You could honestly gain about a stone during this holiday! We then decided to go and have a workout in the empty gym, but when we got there I was literally so unmotivated to exercise! All I wanted to do was sunbathe and enjoy the rest. I know it’s lazy, but I did try. I pushed myself to at least do something, but did not do nearly as much as I should have done. After this fail of a gym session we then went up to the top deck where there was a pool. We got some good loungers right next to the pool, and spent hours sunbathing and swimming. I am such a wimp when it comes to getting into a freezing cold pool! It took me a good 10 minutes! The rest of the day was just spent relaxing, and getting some work done on the balcony. I loved sitting, and just looking out watching everything going on at the port. We left Athens during dinner, and it was so bizarre sitting having a meal, then the ship starting to move off. After eating, we wondered around the ship, had a few cocktails and enjoyed the entertainment on offer. 
The next day was a sea day, and we were travelling all the way to Dubrovnik. It was nice to have a day on the ship, where we weren’t stopping. Everywhere you went on the ship, all you could see outside was blue water. I absolutely love the feeling of being surrounded by the sea, as it is a really beautiful thing, but I do also find it slightly strange that there is just 3,000 people in the middle of the ocean with very few people knowing where we were. We did pretty much the same thing as before, however trying to battle about another 2,000 passengers. Everywhere you went it was full, and everything you wanted to do you would have to wait. We soon got used to it, but I did land up going back to the cabin for a few hours to escape the noise and get some work done. I also had a nice little nap, which made me feel a lot better. I wish an afternoon nap was a thing everyday! Diner that night was 60’s themed, however I had no idea that was happening so was completely unprepared! The dinner was fun, and the show was featured around musicals through time. It was great, and such a feel good show. We didn’t go to the 60’s themed party which started at about 11pm, because basically I am just an old lady! I prefer sleep! 
Day Six
Today was the day that I discovered an absolute treasure of a place. I have never been to Croatia before, so was so excited to get off and explore this place that I had heard so many good things about.  We got off straight after breakfast, as we were actually only stopping here until 3pm – which to me seems like such a stupid decision. We got a taxi from the ship into the main city, and the delightful driver was pointing out all the main places and telling us how much better it has become. He was such a lovely man, and really represented the place in such a good light. When he dropped us, we saw  a spot where you could look over and see the water, with the gorgeous castle and restaurants with such pretty views. We carried on walking through the castle door, and landed up in a traditional area with loads of lovely shops and restaurants. There were so many little side streets and such gorgeous architecture to look at. We found an amazing restaurant, where the waitress took us out to the back terrace where we were hit by the breathtaking view… as you can see below. It was a wide terrace with widely spread out tables, overlooking the hills with villas, water and amazing boats. Not only that, the food was incredible and it was all so reasonable! I felt like I was in paradise, and wish so much that we’s had more time to explore the city. I will defiantly be trying to get back on my next holiday. After lunch, we walked around a little more, in the shops and also found a lovely little market. I found a sweet shop set out like a ship, where you could choose some and put them in a bag – it was amazing! On the walk back, we saw some parrots, and stopped to have a look. Somehow my boyfriend land dup holiday one, and it was so tame and gentle. They were so entertaining to watch, and were so good with all the people. You can see them in my cruise video. Coming back to the ship I was so upset because that was the last stop before going home, and I really didn’t want to leave such a wonderful place. 
The holiday finished off with a 17 hour journey home, which can only be described as pure hell. We were out of the cabin by half seven, and off the ship at half ten. Our flight wasn’t until 15.50pm, and we then had to wait for a coach back to Bristol. We got back home past midnight, and I was absolutely shattered. I had an absolutely fabulous time, and was so grateful for the quality family time and relaxation. I hope you enjoyed both travel diary posts, and maybe have shown you some more travel options. 

– happy travelling – 


All photos were taken on the Olympus Pen. 

I have not been paid to talk about any brands mentioned, and all views and opinions are my own. 

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