Signing in again from my little bedroom back in Bristol. Yesterday I landed up travelling home from holiday for over 17 hours, so I enjoyed a well deserved lie in this morning. I have now finally been able to sit and get this post written, as I had to unpack and go to pick up my two little fluffy babies. I am feeling so relaxed and happy with life after a week away in the sun, and have been so excited to share this holiday diary since before it began. Since I was young, we have been on quite a few cruises, and I just absolutely love them. I love how you get to see so many places in one holiday, and how nice it is to be on the sea. This time around I went with my auntie, cousin and boyfriend. My grandparents were supposed to come, but my poor grandma was ill, so was unable to fly or cope with being on a boat for the week! This time we chose to go with MSC, who I have been with once before, however this is the biggest ship I have ever been on with over 2,000 passengers. Wow, it was busy! After getting over the overwhelming feeling of being on board with this many people, we soon got used to it, and had a truly memorable holiday. 

“Holiday is a time for rest and relaxation” 

Our holiday officially started last Friday, when we travelling up to London Gatwick from Bristol. We went by coach, and landed up being on it for over three hours… this was very unexpected. I am awful on coaches because I can’t really do anything due to travel sickness. I am completely fine with keeping myself occupied on planes, but not coaches or cars. Anyway, we set off at about 12pm, and got to out overnight hotel at about 4pm. When we got there we just went up to the room and chilled for a bit, before heading for dinner. The hotel we were staying in had a few restaurants inside, but we just opted for something casual in a bar that served food. I am a really anxious flyer, so by this time I was starting to feeling quite nervous, especially having not eaten for a few hours! We had some lovely food, and then went up to the rooms so we could have an early night ready for the 8am flight. Erg… is there anything worse? I enjoyed having some relaxation time the night before, just by having a lovely hot bath, and watching some trash on the TV! Little bit of Take Me Out never hurt anyone! Surprisingly I actually fell asleep relatively quickly, which was so good because I usually can’t due to the thought of flying! 
Day One
The day started at 5.45am, getting up for the flight. We were staying in the North terminal, however flying from the South, so had to get top a few minutes earlier to get the shuttle. It was so lovely as it was quite quiet around the airport, and we were able to check the bags in quite quickly. Once past security we could relax, and have a nice coffee and some breakfast in Costa. I love this bit when you get to eat something and just do nothing whilst waiting for your flight. I don’t feel stressed because I know my case is gone, and you can just have a wonder around the duty free shops. Our flight was delayed but we still managed to make up time,  landed in Venice at about 12am. Once through passport control we already had transported sorted to the ship port, so that was pretty easy. The bad bit came when we had to queue to get on the ship. First waiting to give luggage over, then waiting to check in, then waiting to get on board. This was so stressful, and took about 2 hours! I am usually quite a patient person, but this really tested me. By this time we were all starving, and just went straight for food once onboard. Luckily a whole array of food was available, and we were soon able to head back to the cabin and admire the lovely view from the balcony. I was so gutted that we couldn’t spend anytime in Venice, but from what I did see it was quite beautiful. The ship left at about 4.30pm, and we were able to just explore and see what was on board. There was so many things to do, such as bowling or going to the cinema, and so many cafes and bars where you could relax. We were all feeling pretty exhausted, so after dinner in the restaurant at 18.30pm we retrieved to bed, ready to start the holiday on board properly. 
Day Two
On Sunday we all woke up feeling absolutely shattered, and so decided to spend the day on the ship. We were in Bari in Italy, although the weather was absolutely horrible, so I think we made the right decision. It has never been somewhere that I particularly really wanted to go, so felt completely content with the decision. I love how with cruises you always have the option to get on or off. The ship is also blissfully quiet when at port, as the majority of people do get off. We started the day with breakfast in bed, brought to us for no extra charge. We had so many delicious pastries, cereals and breads. As well as fresh coffee and orange juice. I sat in bed, looking out at the view of Bari, having breakfast and doing a little bit of work on my laptop. It was total bliss, and I was so grateful for the chance to just rest and enjoy being in the moment. After having a pretty lazy morning, my boyfriend and I wanted to go and check out the gym. It was so amazing, with so much equipment to use, and a gorgeous view all around. It was so open, making it a lovely environment to exercise. I did some cardio and tried out the different weight machines. It was really enjoyable being able to work out with such a gorgeous view, and an empty gym! Afterwards we had some lunch in the restaurant again, where we were spoilt with 3 or 4 courses. The restaurants are all huge, and offer really delicious food at breakfast, lunch and dinner. I always prefer eating in a restaurant, however there was a buffet open at all hours of the day. I don’t think I have ever seen so much food available! The rest of the day was spent lazing around the ship, reading, talking and sleeping! I love a good afternoon nap when on holiday. The dress theme for the first night was red, white and green, so I wore a lovely skater dress. It was white, and fitted the theme perfectly. On cruises I love how you can wear nice dressed in the evening, as I like making a little bit more of an effort. After dinner we had a few drinks, and went to see the show in the Theatre. It was Romeo and Juliet, and it was so beautiful. As there were so many different languages on board, it was done through dance and song. Luckily I already knew the story, so it was very enjoyable. By the time this was all over it was pretty late, so we always landed up going to the cabin and just resting, listening to the sea sitting on the balcony. There really isn’t a more peaceful sound. 
Day Three
Today we got off the ship! Again, we had our yummy continental breakfast in bed, and a quick morning gym session. As we were in port the gym was dead, so it was just so enjoyable. After showering and getting ready, we then all wet and had some lunch in the restaurant before leaving the ship. We had already decided to just spend some time in the little town off the port of Katakolon, rather than paying to go into Olympia. We had heard that the little town was very sweet, so we knew that we would just want to go and have a little wonder for a few hours. If i’m on holiday, I hate doing the whole sightseeing thing. I just want to relax and eat ice cream! We got off the ship, and walked into the town. There were some sweet little tourist shops, as well as boutiques. One we found had lots of handmade jewellery and clothing, and was set higher than the rest. You had to walk up some beautiful cobbled steps – it was so magical. We had an ice-cream over looking the water, where we could also see the ship. At this point we had been on the ship for quite a while, so when on land you feel quite off balance. Not to the point where you feel poorly, but your legs just feel a bit strange! Even now, having been home for over a day, I still feel slightly off balance. Hopefully this will fade! 
After getting back onto the ship, we went and got ready for dinner. It was gala night, so I got to wear a beautiful dress. I love these nights, as I never get an excuse at home to wear all my evening clothes. We are such a casual society! However, I did manage to spill half a glass of red wine down my dress, which was a nightmare, but luckily it dried. The dress was red, so once it had dried it was barely noticeable. I am seriously so clumsy with drinks! There was such a good atmosphere on this night, and so we landed up having a few drinks in one of the lounges. There is always live music, which compliments my Cosmo perfectly πŸ˜‰ There was another show this night, so we went to that, before heading to bed. 

To be continued… 

All images were taken on the Olympus Pen. 

I have not been paid to talk about any products or companies mentioned, and all views and opinions are my own. 

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