So I get that for all of you readers doing your GCSE’s this week as come and gone, so this post is a little dated to you. However, some of the advise in this post may still be a little useful, helping you through each exam etc… Three weeks ago, I wrote a post giving you my exam tips for the month before your exams. It included all the general tips like using flash cards and past papers, but also mentioned some important bits of advice such as slight alterations to your lifestyle and getting your head into the right mentality for exams. If you want to see that post you can click here. I get that it isn’t probably much help now, but hey, there are some pretty pictures! πŸ˜‰ 
I wanted to keep this post sweet and short, to just round of from what I was saying in my previous post, and tell you the best tips for preparing yourself so close to your exams. This is the stage in the exam season where I feel an immense sense of pressure being put on me, by my teachers and by myself. I am such a self critical person, and strive to always do my best. So when things go wrong, I get annoyed, like super annoyed! The week before exams should not be a rush to store as much information in your brain as possible, it should be a time to briefly skim over what you know, and hope that your work from previous weeks has paid off. If you saw my previous post, you will know that some of the main tips are going to make your life so much easier at this point…I hope you followed! 
Re-read your flash cards 
Hopefully by now, you will have produced a beautiful set of flash cards for all the subjects you are taking, and categorised them into the different areas you need to know. This is now your chance to sit back and use the materials you have made for yourself. Read them anywhere and everywhere… sat on the bus, waiting in a queue, before going to bed, etc… This condensed information will stick in your mind the more you read them, and because there is less to read, the easier it is for your brain to process it. They will make you feel so reassured with your revision, and ready to tackle any exam. 

Watch videos regarding your subject 
Something I find that helps me before exams is watching videos regarding that subject. With the vast amount of content available online now, you can always find a video of someone going through exactly what you need to know. This helps as you will be able to understand what they’re saying, and it will reiterate the facts in your mind. If they start talking it through in a different way that you don’t understand, STOP WATCHING! It will only confuse you!

Read through your practice papers 
Don’t bother completing any more papers as this is quite tiring, but do read through the ones that you have already done. Hopefully you will have colour coded the work, so you can see what you did know and what you didn’t. Try to focus on the things you didn’t to see if you can now remember, or if you need to quickly go over your notes again. This actually takes much less time than you would think, and can be so beneficial in terms of improving exam technique. 

Do not stress about others 
Don’t let others influence you. Yes, a bit of healthy competition is good, but don’t worry yourself about how much work somebody else has done compared to you. At this stage all you can do is try your best, and no one can ask anymore of you. Another little thing you should also think to yourself is that everybody has the ability to exaggerate, so don’t be fooled by someone trying to take the edge over you!

Take some time 
You seriously need to have some time to relax, and save your energy for the exams themselves. Completing exams is tiring, and  can mentally drain you for a good few hours. You have to be completely focused on that one topic, and fuel all your knowledge into one little paper. Spend some time relaxing before.. run a bubble bath, read a book or go or a walk. Do some things for you, and everything will be okay. 

No social life
 I’m afraid to say it, but from now until exams are over, it is goodbye to the social life. You need to get your mind focused on your exams, which ultimately are so much more important. You have an entire summer to socialise and be with friends, you need to prioritise your time now. Relaxing and having some time off is great, but only if it actually gives you rest. I know for a fact that spending time with friends is not good rest. I always come home exhausted from talking and constantly laughing. 

Maintain a healthy lifestyle 
As with my last exam post, having a healthy balanced lifestyle at this time of year is so important. You need to be eating the right foods to fuel you through the exam season. Eat breakfast everyday, and don’t snack on junk. Eat slow releasing energy foods to help you focus on revision and the task in hand! Try to exercise as well, as this relaxes your body and ironically gives you more energy. 

As I said pretty much! Revising before just stresses you out. Have the night off and do something for you. Put on a good film, lay in bed and do nothing until it’s time to get up and get your exam glam on! 

– I hope these tips are helpful! Good Luck <3 – 

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