I don’t think the feeling of being asked to work with companies will ever fade, a slight butterfly feeling in my stomach, the excitement that someone has been reading my work and decided that they would like to work with me! It is something that I will be ever grateful for, not matter how long I decide to go on blogging. When Lily and Rose got in contact with me, I could not contain my excitement, and I fell completely in love with their products. The most beautiful, glamorous jewellery collections, perfect for special occasions. Choosing just three was an amazing struggle, and in the end I decided to go with ones that I knew I could wear and could picture with outfits in my mind. Lily and Rose are a Swedish company, which to me is just amazing, as I just completely love Scandinavian design, and follow so many bloggers from Sweden. Working with a company that isn’t even in the UK is such a pleasure, and has made me realise how much I would like to work with brands from all over the world. 
Therese Zetterberg has created a successful concept with her two complementing brands. Under Zettenberg Couture, she has been designing exclusive couture and ready wear clothes for nine years. Lily and Rose is the accompanying brand for coinciding jewellery. The brand to me screams elegance and sophistication, everything women should look for in jewellery. The designs by Therese Zettenberg are inspired by what she finds beautiful, similar to the lines created for her couture dresses; mainly fashion and architecture. Relatable media texts  inspiring the designs also include The Great Gatsby and the elegant aristocrat family in Downton Abbey. My all time favourite TV programme. 
The name of the brand comes from the TV series Sex and the City, about the lives of four fashionable New Yorkers. One of the main characters is called Charlotte, who has two daughters named Lily and Rose. Hence the name of the jewellery collection. Therese says “Lily and Rose is a tribute to the best TV series ever made”. A quote that I can totally relate to – I must have watched both films so many times! 
The first two pieces I chose were yellow gold with black stones. These two to me stood out so much, purely because I would never choose the colour black in my jewellery. I could picture is so much with a bold lip and simple dress. Which is exactly what I chose! I have got a neutral make-up look with a bright pink lip, and a simple black skater dress from Asos. It has 3/4 length sleeves, and a beautiful neckline. The jewellery adds subtle glamour to the look, not looking over the top. As Coco Chanel said ‘always take your last accessory off’. 
The second look I chose was completely opposite from the first, opting for a more girly theme. The earrings have light pink stones, with a rose gold setting. Rose gold is a colour that I am completely smitten with at the moment, and seem to choose it with anything I buy. Rose gold bags, jewellery, the lot! The light pink stone compliments the colour perfectly, and I just find the design so gorgeous. The earrings are simply stunning, and were the only accessory needed with any outfit. I went for a similar dress to the last, a skater style, however this time in white. White with the pink goes so well, as well as the bright pink lip as before. If I were to wear this again, I would probably have my hair up, just to show off the earrings even more! Earrings like this should never be hidden by my blonde locks!
– have a great week – 


This post is in collaboration with Lily and Rose, however all views and opinions are my own.