A little while ago, I received a little tester product in a luxury magazine. I adore getting these little products, and sometimes, although I’m quite ashamed to admit it, it can be the only reason I actually choose that magazine. It was a miniature tester for a new product released from Clinique, called ‘Take the day off’. I was so intrigued by this product and couldn’t wait to use it. Prior to finding it, I had been searching for a good makeup remover that was healthy for my skin. My old skincare regime would consist of me using eye makeup remover, cleansing water, a toner and a cleanser – in that order. The cleansing water was the main product I would use to remover the majority of my make-up, and I thought it was amazing when I started using it. A few weeks after getting into the routine of this regime, I noticed that my skin was so so dry and felt so unhealthy. The only thing I had changed was the use of cleansing water, so I instantly stopped using it as soon as I worked it out. Although my dry skin did stop, I was then just using the toner to remove most of my makeup. A toner isn’t really designed for this, so I had to go on the hunt for a product to remove makeup and not dry out my skin as the cleanser had done. When I found the Clinique Take the Day Off, it said that it removed all makeup, as well as for the eyes and lips. It was advertised as everything in one, and seemed to fit what I need perfectly. I was already using an eye remover that I really loved, so didn’t want to use it for my eyes, however for everything else it was right. I started using it from the miniature tester, and completely fell in love with it. 

“Simply a Must Buy”

The ‘Take the day Off’ remover comes in a range accompanied by a cleansing oil, cleaning milk and cleansing balm. I have only tried the remover, however based on my feelings towards this, I would be more than happy to purchase the rest of the collection and try them out. The remover, which quickly became a top seller on major websites such as Boots.com, offers a unique two-way formula that loosens the grip of makeup and speeds up the departure of more persistent products. It has an oil like texture, making it feel like it is gently removing any makeup and nourishing my skin at the same time. To begin with I was using a little too much in one go, and having to rinse my face to remove all the excess oil. After realising that I was using way too much, I started using much less, and saw how amazing it was. It was removing all my make-up, and wasn’t leaving my skin feeling oily at all. It has now become a staple product in my skin care collection, and I couldn’t live without it. 
How to Use: 

Shake the bottle well to distribute all particles of the product.

Using a cotton pad, pour a tiny amount onto it, ready to use. 

Sweep on. Wipe Off. 

Rinse your face to feel fresh, and finish your skincare regime. 
I adore using the remover as it feels healthy on my skin, and hasn’t made it feel dry or sensitive in any way. My skin is very susceptible to reactions from products that use lots of chemicals etc… and I’m happy to say that I have found one that is perfectly okay, and doesn’t cause irritation. 
My New & Improved Skincare Regime
By this point in the day, the only thing I want to do is take all my makeup off, wear some joggers and get into bed with my boy and a box set. When taking my makeup off, I want it to be quick and stress free. I now feel like I have got this sorted, and don’t find it as much of a chore as I did even three months ago. I always start by removing my eye makeup, which is my favourite part. I use a cream based product, and using a cotton pad, I gently rub my eyes until the makeup is removed. I find these the easiest products to use, as they gently lift the makeup and do not cause any irritation. I then move on to my face, using my Clinique Take The Day Off. I use the method stated above, as a fast and effective remover. I then tone my skin, and cleanse, using my favourite products from Liz Earle. I love these products as they use natural ingredients and are cruelty free. The packaging is also rather pretty! I finish off my using a St Ive’s face scrub (every other night), and a rich moisturiser. My favourite is from The Body Shop, however I would use Chanel everyday if I weren’t on a Saturday workers wage! 
To keep my face hydrated, regularly I use a face mask. I do this about once a fortnight, and most just use simple packs from Boots. This helps my skin to stay fresh, and feel amazing. 
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