Over two years ago now, I decided that I wanted to start a blog. All I knew was that I wanted an excuse to start showing off my outfits, take photos and develop my writing skills. At this time in my life, I wasn’t massively into social media, so really was so naive to this whole online community that has grown over the years. I didn’t read or follow any blogs, didn’t pay attention to what was being shared on Instagram, and had no idea about the massively established blogging industry that people have managed to make successful careers out of. Looking back, I had no idea what I was getting into. Sharing your life online is so controversial, it can offer you amazing opportunities, however can take away things in your life. Suddenly your world becomes a blogging opportunity, you dedicate all your free time for an online cause and actually give up a lot of privacy. Yes you can share what you want online, but you have to offer enough of yourself for people to relate and enjoy your content. You need a personality! I love blogging, and don’t regret starting it in the slightest, but the one thing that does get me down is the negative comments. Just because I am a small blogger, doesn’t mean that I haven’t suffered from online abuse, and I am not afraid to say that it has got me down. I would never let anyone make me stop doing what I want, but if you are suffering from this, you are entitled to feel sad about it for a while. Personally, it has never been too bad for me, but the things I hear about other bloggers who are much more successful, it really isn’t okay. 

“I love sharing my life online – although there is a lot that I like to keep private. It is the balance that you need to get right” 

Not only have I learnt a lot in the last two years about my own blog, but I have also become a consumer of others! I follow a very small circle of online stars, and enjoy them all in different ways. I thought I would put together a post all about who I like to follow online, on Instagram and their blogs. I take a great deal of inspiration from these amazing bloggers, and have completely fallen in love with their work. Most of them are very well known in the industry, and have gained a huge following. Their work has made each of them their own successful careers, and I have a great deal of respect for their dedication and persistence with their jobs. 
I started following Lydia around 8 months ago, when her and Sarah Ashcroft did a Youtube collaboration together. I had never come across her before, and for the life of me couldn’t understand why. She is AMAZING! After watching the video (which was really good – link) I then searched through all of her social media accounts and blog. I instantly fell in love with her style, as well as the professionalism of her blog. Her photos are beautiful and her content is so up to date and unique. She has such a lovely personality, and it is so clear just how much work she puts into her blog. I then also started following her on Snapchat, and absolutely love watching her everyday videos and pictures of what she gets up to. One thing I find that makes Lydia different is her style. She has such a sophisticated and feminine style, with a lot of it coming from luxury brands. I am just completely in love with her handbag collection, including pieces from Chanel and Givenchy, as well as all the beautiful shoes. To be honest her life and style is just goals. Around Christmas last year, I then also started watching her Youtube videos, and am just a complete addict. She is so funny, and the quality of her videos is amazing. I love everything about what she talks about, and can really relate to so many subjects she brings up. 
If you like everything luxurious and sophisticated, then Lydia is one to follow. 

Instagram – @lydiaemillen
Twitter – @lydiaemillen
Snapchat – @lydiaemillen

I have been following Rachel Parcell now for about a year, as I found her via Instagram. At the time she had just had a baby girl, so I instantly fell in love with all her new born baby photos and extremely beautiful style. Rachel is an American blogger, who lives in a beautiful home with her husband, baby and lovely puppy. Rachel’s blog is called Pink Peonies, which perfectly sums up her style. She is constantly sharing photos of gorgeous flowers accessorising her home, and has a very feminine sense of fashion. She shares so many dreamy outfits, has a beautiful array of handbags and has the best house interior I have ever seen. Clearly, a lot of time goes into this blog which I love. Last month, Rachel also released a clothing line, which reflected her style and personality perfectly. There were beautiful pink floral tones, and lots of lace. Everything was perfect for spring, and I wish I lived in the US so that I could have gotten my hands on something! Rachel is now also having another baby, and I just love seeing how she styles her bump and how she tackles pregnancy. To get an insight into the real life of Rachel, you can also add her on snapchat. She is extremely active, and shows you so much of her wonderful life. 

Instagram – @rachparcell
Snapchat – @rachparcell

Clothing Line – Rachel Parcell

Victoria is a new blogger that I have started following, and have become completely obsessed with. I don’t think I have ever come across such a dedicated and professional blogger. Her work is flawless, and she is just the sweetest person ever. Both her blog and Youtube are very unique, and she is constantly thinking of new ways to stay up to date and ahead of the trends. Victoria has a lot of luxury items to coincide with her style, however gets the balance right working with high street brands that are a bit more realistic for the majority of bloggers. Victoria is very knowledgable about the whole industry, and shares so many of her experiences that her career has offered her. She is very active on all her social media, and interacts so well with her followers. She listens to what they want to see, and very clearly works hard to never let them down. One reason that I have been completely addicted to Victoria in the past few months is because she has done a lot of travelling. From the likes of the Maldives, to Hong Kong, Victoria has been to a lot of places and has shared everything. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing all these places via her blog, and she really has made me realise how much I want to go and explore the world! 

Instagram – @inthefrow
Twitter – @inthefrow
Snapchat – @inthefrow

Caroline has always been, and will always be my favourite blogger. It scares me how much I know about her, just because I have been such a dedicated follower for the past two years. Caroline is from Norway, and lives in a beautiful home with her footballer husband, little girl Nelia, two lovely doggies, and a new baby on the way. Caroline updates her blog about two to three times a day, and somehow always manages to include relevant and original content. I love everything about her work, from her award worthy photography, fantastic content and beautiful home and fashion style. She is such an inspiration to me, and has massively influenced the way in which I choose to share my life via my blog. I absolutely love the scandinavian culture, and Caroline makes me want to make the move every single day. I started following when she was near the end of her pregnancy with Nelia, and have been addicted ever since. She has such a beautiful life, and I hope that one day I can get to her level. Caroline has also been able to bring out lots of collections because of her career, such as a whole handbag collection with Adax and a beautiful range of shoes. Again, I wish I could get hold of some! 
If you want to be following someone who produces stunning content everyday, and lives a completely dreamy life, then you need to follow Caroline. 

Instagram – @carolinebergeriksenno
Snapchat – @carobergeriksen

Fashion for Lunch / Labels for Lunch
If it isn’t obvious from the colourful feed below, Fashion for Lunch is the happiest and most colourful Instagram/ Blogger that I follow! I love her! I have watched this Instagram grow from such a small following like mine, to now having over 30k followers. If that doesn’t give me hope, I don’t know what will. I absolutely love her original and happy style, as well as her beauty and fashion tips. I mean… look at that beaut of a Chanel bag! I always feel inspired when I scroll through this feed, and to be honest I always like to look at it when I am having down moments in blogging. The happiness is flooding around, and I just love it. Fashion for Lunch is so active on social media, and also is so interactive. I love it when she drops me a comment or a like… I feel so in it in the blogging world! 

Instagram – @labelsforlunch
Twitter – @labelsforlunch
Snapchat – @labelsforlunch

If you know of any bloggers that you think I would love, please let me know in the comments so I can take a look! Also, if you are a blogger, leave your URL below so I can have a nose! I am always up for collaborations πŸ™‚
– have a great weekend – 
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