Today I wanted to quickly share some blog news with my readers. Since I have been blogging for nearly two years, I decided it was time to expand. I have started a Youtube channel to coincide with this blog and would love it ever so much if you could come along and follow me on this new journey. I have been debating about doing this for a while, but it was a constant battle with myself due to low confidence levels and simply a lack of time. I have finally decided to say ‘whatever’ to the haters and go for it! For the next few weeks I am going to be doing some weekly vlogs, published on Sundays. This is just to get into the swing of the Youtube world, and hopefully will become a good base for consistent content. I hope you enjoy, and I would love for everyone to come and check it out and SUBSCRIBE!
I would also like to quickly mention, that in no way does this mean anything will change on this blog. My blog is my baby, and as much as I am enjoying filming and editing videos together, my blog will always be my number one. I just want to do something else do better the blog and give my readers a bit more of an insight into what I love and my passions in life. 
Youtube: Abigail Hunter
Link to your right now…! 
Thank You *hugs and kisses*

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