It literally feels like forever ago that I sat down and wrote a blog post. With all the stress of exams I prepped posts to last through the season, so now that it is over I now have time to get back into it! It feels weird knowing that once my last exam is over on the 8th June, I will officially no longer be a student and will spend my days working and blogging! Just a quick note, many people have asked me what my plans are after school, re university etc… unlike all my friends, I am not going on to further education, but I wanted to put all of this into a separate post in September. If you have any specific questions as to why, feel free to ask, and I will try to include this in my post nearer the time! 
So last Wednesday I had a really really busy day. It was my granddads birthday, I had my first official blogger appointment in town, and it was mine and my partners first anniversary. Everything seemed to happen in one day, but I am not complaining because days like these are my fave. I thought I would show you guys what I wore, just because I wanted to dress up a bit seeing as quite a few lovely things were happening. To begin with, I knew I wanted to wear my gorgeous summer sandals that were a Zara purchase last summer. I absolutely adore these – they are a perfect tan colour, have a completely manageable heel and have some beautiful frill detailing on the back. With the shoes in mind, I wanted to choose a black and tan outfit. I automatically reached for this midi Asos skirt, which is very plain and has lovely pleats. I then wore a simple black top and wore a tan belt to bring them together. In the end it looked more like a dress, but that didn’t bother me at all. I then wore my bargain purchase from last year, which is this tan jacket from Boohoo. This was so unbelievably cheap, and looks so expensive! As the weather is a little warmer, I rolled the sleeves up to give the illusion that summer is on its way! Of course though, the look wouldn’t be complete without Michael. Haha, that bag really is my baby. 
Wednesday 25th May 
8am – A bright and early start, jumping in the shower to wash my hair and make myself appear perfect for the blogger appointment. I used loads of rich moisturisers and oils, so that my skin appeared flawless. A cheeky way to make others think that you have everything in control! 
8.30am – birthday breakfast! My family and I like to do birthdays properly, so always have a goof fry up with prosecco and orange juice. As I have momentarily given up pork and beef, bacon and sausages were off the menu. Nevertheless, I was perfectly content with my fried eggs, baked beans and fresh croissants. To be honest, I felt very proud that I had stuck to something.  The fresh coffee and taste of alcohol had me ready for the day! 

12pm – we left for lunch. As it was quite a busy day for everyone we chose somewhere close and convenient. This was Cote in Clifton village. Ever since it opened, my family have become regulars, earning my grandad his precious silver croissant that gives him breakfast privileges in the morning…the little things in life haha. I absolutely love the food in Cote, and the whole atmosphere just makes you feel warm and happy. My grandparents and I had lunch, and also met two of their friends to make it more of a celebration. To eat I had a potato and leek soup topped with truffle oil, followed by roast chicken with naughty chips and a side of green beans. Wow it was yum, and I seriously regretted eating so much food by the time it got to my facial!
14.20pm – after a long and blissful lunch, I had to leave the group, and headed into the centre of Bristol. For my blogger facial, I headed to Harvey Nichols in the newest part of Cabot Circus. I felt so professional and humbled walking there, pinching myself from the daze of my dreams coming true. When I walked in I was instantly greeted by a lovely lady, who started talking me through all the products that the company use, and giving me so much knowledge about what I am doing wrong with my skin. It was actually quite a wakeup call. 
3pm – facial time! More about this on Monday πŸ˜‰ 
4.30pm – after my facial I headed home, quickly being brought back to real life, racing home in time to greet the Ocado man! Then this leads me on to a whole other story. 
5pm – I got home, and found a note saying that they had tried to deliver. My slot was between 5-6 so obviously they had come early. I rang them and the apologetic gentleman informed me that the driver had been told to go onto the next delivery, in bloody Glastonbury. So the earliest he could get my shopping back was 11pm. How ridiculous is that! I have to say, I have never had any problems before, but that was extremely bad. Needless to say I won’t be using them again. So the perfect anniversary evening I had planned was ruined. I had an amazing recipe planned out, so was completely gutted. 

6pm – after about an hour of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to cheer up. As I had no food at home, we treated ourselves to a KFC. What a lovely anniversary dinner *insert laughing emoji here*. In the end it was actually quite nice. We just got to eat some good, extremely unhealthy, food and binged on our favourite TV show, How I Met Your Mother. We have just got to season 9, 5 episodes in, and are completely hooked! 
To see my vlog of the day, click the video below! 

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