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A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a London based jewellery company, called Elly Pinx. They have just started their online services delivering straight to your front door, free of charge, making shopping for well made and affordable jewellery even easier. I was extremely excited looking through the website, and found so many pieces that I loved. Jewellery will always be a perfect addition to any outfit, bringing everything together and adding a sophisticated edge. The mixture of colours and originality scream out about the type of personality traits a person has, giving a leap of life to anyones style. A selling point for Elly Pinx is how unique their jewellery is. The designer always works to create unique items, that are their own. In the end I decided to choose a range of products from the website, with different outfits in my mind, and occasions that they can be worn. The owner and designer of Elly Pinx has been designing and manufacturing costumer jewellery for over 25 years, guaranteeing the quality of the products, as well as credibility for the customers. 

“Always remove the last thing you put on” – Coco Chanel

Elly Pinx have recently just launched a brand new website, making it easier for the customer to navigate their way around and find the right style for them. It has a simple layout, enabling the jewellery to stand out and enable you to find what you are interested in. Although the jewellery is unique in design, Elly Pinx are highly affordable, therefore accessible to everyone. It is a company that want to be available to everybody, and not just a select few. With this in mind, each piece is only produced in limited runs, so you can be assured that not many others will have the same piece. There is a large range of styles and looks on offer, with their being something for everyone. To see the full range of products, check out their newly designed website at ellypinx.com

What I chose
In the end I chose a range of styles, including two necklaces, two rings and a bracelet. I chose a mixture of gold and silvers, to accessorize and style them in different ways. In terms of gold, I got a long pendant necklace with a simple design, as well as a ring with copper detailing of crystals in a flower like design. I also got a gold evening necklace with round metal detail all intertwined together. The silver items I chose were a beautifully designed ring and a modern and trendy bangle. Each are very different, and gorgeous in their own way. I have to admit that my favourite piece has to be the silver bracelet. It is the perfect fit for my wrist, looks good in so many ways, and is comfortable to wear. I am not usually a bracelet person, however this is so easy to wear and really works with my own style. The silver ring I chose works very well with the bracelet. It is more of a matte coloured silver, although it adds contrast with the bracelet and works well. The ring is a good size for more of a special occasion and the pattern is something really unusual to what I have seen around at the moment. The gold pieces I chose are much more dressy than the silver, especially the bangle necklace. I absolutely adore it, but will probably only ever wear it for evening occasions. This is exactly the same with the gold ring, with brown toned crystals. In terms of size it is perfect for the evening, and adds a bit of bling. The final piece I got was also gold, however could be worn in the day or evening. It has a long gold chain and gold pendant. With a white t-shirt in the day it will add a bit of contrast, and in the evening will just add something to the outfit. 
All five of the products I was kindly gifted, are so perfect for me and are extremely wearable. I love jewellery, but sometimes buy things that never get worn simply because they are not my style or don’t go with enough. All of these are perfect for me, and I am so impressed with the great quality of the products. They are all so well made and original in their design. 

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This post is in collaboration with Elly Pinx London, however all views and opinions are my own. For any further questions don’t hesitate to get in contact. 
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