“Every week is fashion week!”
It may be something pretty obvious to previous readers of my blog, but I am such an organised person. Sometimes I do go through stages where I am unorganised and unmotivated, however the majority of the time I am pretty on it. I love to keep on track of my work, which was kind of necessary when I was battling A-levels and keeping this blog going. I also decided to start vlogging just before my exams – which many may think was such a silly idea. I knew that I would be able to balance my time, and I did. I worked my ass off for each thing, and am really happy that I got through my exams well, ready to start focusing more time on what I really love doing. My time keeping skills and way of organising my life has improved so much in the last year, and I no longer let myself get so stressed about forgetting to do things or not getting everything done. Serious question… has anybody ever gotten through a to-do list?! I can’t do it! 

“Nobody is Perfect”

When I have had a productive day I feel like such a happy and active person. It really improves my mood and I feel like I have achieved so much, even if I have only completely a few small things. Being organised in your life will make you happier, and it will be easier to get on with things. When I meet people who literally have no idea what they’re doing with their life, especially young people who just leave everything to mummy and daddy, it makes me feel so angry! I truly believe that young people should be independent and able to manage their own lives. Okay, rant over, back to the post *haha*. I have actually begun to enjoy organising things, and really wanted to share them all with you. The major thing that I like to be organised with is blogging, although I thought I would also include some points about general life. 

..and Youtube!
Having been blogging now for two years I have become quite content with my blogging routine, and have finally started to be consistent in my work and offer a wide range of content. I now find it so much easier to get posts done, and am never worried or feeling guilty about not posting. I think the longest I have gone without publishing a blog post in the last two years is 5 days. That is crazy, especially when I see a lot of small bloggers as well as more well known ones, not posting for more than 2 weeks! I do feel like if you are taking this seriously, you do need to be posting regularly to show your dedication to it. So what are my tips for keeping organised? 

Buying a diary 

My diary literally contains everything about my life – I couldn’t live without it! I tried the whole keeping track with my phone, but think I am just an old lady at heart, and need a paper diary to stay on track. I have a simple diary from WH Smiths, and each double page spread contains little boxes for a week. I always do my blog posts a week in advance, just to keep on track. I write the posts I am going to publish in the week, I write when I will take photos and write up posts, and when I am going to spend a block amount of time working on social media. 

Colour Code 

Carrying on from the diary, I am a bit OCD when it comes to colour coding. I have a colour for photo day, writing day and my posts. I then also use a different colour in my diary for appointments and everyday things that I need to remember. This just keeps everything organised and easy to find. 

Photo Day 

Once a week, I try to get all my photos done for the next week. This just means that all the images are there ready to use, and I have some time to focus on this one aspect of my posts. I find that my images and photography are such an important part of my blog. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing and have started to enjoy it so much more, but photography is a huge passion of mine. I am a very visual person, and love looking at well photographed pretty images. I love the way my blog looks when I have shared some good images. It makes me feel so proud of my work. For the images to be of a good standard, I then feel that the day/ weather has to be right. Usually I use a Wednesday for photo taking, however it really is all down to the weather, especially in the winter. If the weather isn’t great, I will look at the forecast and schedule in a  shoot day for the day that looks like it is going to have the best weather. For my photos I always use natural lighting, therefore always take them on a light day, however not when it is too sunny. If you have planned to take images on a Thursday, for example, but it is great weather on the Wednesday, do it on the Wednesday as the weather could turn around the next day. Always take your first opportunity of the week! 

Writing Schedule 

As with photos, I tend to set some time out for writing. I don’t usually write more than two posts in a day, but at least try to schedule the time in. I usually spend Thursday and Friday evening writing up my posts for the next week, just because I usually have free time. Recently I have started putting more time into my content in terms of writing, so spend between 1-3 hours writing a post. I spend a lot of time going back, editing and making slight adjustments. Sometimes, I seriously feel like I need an editor! 


Blog emails are something that you have to keep on track of. Obviously, you should have a separate email address for your blog to your personal one. This makes life much more organised, as you have ‘business’ things in one place. What I do is have folders within my email for different kind of emails. If I have been working with someone for a while, I will have a folder just for them with all the emails going back and forward. I then also have another folder, where I put emails that I need to sort out ASAP, however can’t do immediately. I then go back to this a few hours later. Obviously, you also have your junk and trash emails which are kind of taken care of for you. I would say regularly checking emails is the key – once or twice a day. I always spend time on emails later on in the day. As a blogger, the most productive part of the day is the morning and early afternoon, when the light is best. I always seem to be more productive in this time, so use it to take images and get some writing done. I usually relax when doing emails, sat on my bed with a cup of tea! 

Social Media 

Being organised with social media is so important for blogging. All I would say is that you need to try to reply to every comment on your Twitter/ Instagram and Facebook, so your audience can see that you interact. You need to be as active as possible, commenting on photos you like and liking lots of photos that have the same theme as you. With blog posts I would try to talk about them as much as possible, especially on Twitter. On Twitter you can get away with mentioning it lots during the day – so don’t hold back! 


Every month I create a new spreadsheet. The layout has the date, blogpost, images needed, and tick boxes. I organise my posts once every month and get them done throughout. This way I just have  a record to stay on track, and can tick when the images are taken/ editing, the post is written and been proof read, and it has been scheduled. This is quick and easy, and should always keep you on track. 


Editing images takes me quite a while as I am pretty particular. To stay on top of this I usually always edit them on the same day as I have taken them. Thus, having to leave myself time. Once edited I create folders on my hard drive with the dates for blog posts. The images for each date get put in there ready to be uploaded. Sometimes they are in there for weeks – but at least I know that they are done and ready. 

Keeping track of ideas 

I have blog ideas coming and going all day long – so the key is to keep a record of them as you go. I have a long list in my diary of blog ideas, however for ones in the moment, I just jot them down on my phone. I have a notes page with ideas on, which I just briefly outline. At some point in the week, I then transfer these ideas to my handwritten list in my diary. 

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