I guess being a blogger, you kind of have this typical representation of being super organised, healthy and happy. Yes, I would think of myself as quite an organised person, however I do have one major flaw. I always have been, and probably always will be the last person to get to a party. I am always late – no matter how hard I try to get somewhere on time, something always seems to happen making me fall behind schedule. If it isn’t my alarm not going off, someone will be in the bathroom, I will have lost an item of clothing that goes with my outfit, or I would have forgotten to feed my little princess. It is something that I have gradually accepted, and everyone seems to have accepted about me. With this in mind, I am also now great at getting ready in a rush. When I get up too late, I have now nailed my routine to get out the door in less than half an hour. No, I don’t look like a supermodel stepping off the plane, but I do look socially acceptable. Which is all you need I guess. 

“That signature look models do walking through the airport – killer outfit, flawless makeup, volumised hair. It doesn’t even happen on a good day for me!”

Personally, I feel if you are a person prone to oversleeping, it is possible to get into a routine that allows you to still get to where you should be on time. You don’t have to feel crap all day about the state of your hair, nor do you have to feel uncomfortable in your outfit. There are just small adjustments that need to be made to your morning routine that will get you out the door that little bit quicker. I have put together below a timetable of how I get ready in half an hour. For arguments sake, I have gotten up at 7.45am in order to be out the door at 8.15am! 

The first thing I do when I have overslept are the things that I run out of time for. I quickly make my bed, get my bag ready and run downstairs to put the kettle on. Fresh coffee isn’t an option on these days, so I put some instant in a thermos and leave it. I then feed my baby girl (princess the bunny). 
Shower time. It’s a no to the hair wash i’m afraid. A quick in, shower gel and out. This literally takes me 2 minutes and makes me feel so much more clean and energised. People who say that they didn’t have time to shower are lying! There is always time. Followed by a quick brush of teeth, and the bathroom bits are done. 
I then get dressed. When I am running late, I go to the same outfit, over and over again. I will wear some black jeans and a striped top. Depending on the weather I will either wear some sandals or pumps, as well as a light summer jacket or a warmer coat. This outfit cannot involve a lot of thought, yet I always feel like the stripes with a summer jacket just looks so chic. 

It’s make-up time. When I am in a rush, I can actually get my makeup done in 5 minutes. I know this sounds ridiculous, but it seems to be a skill that I have mastered. Obviously there is no winged eyeliner situation or detailed contouring, but just a little bit of product to make my skin appear a little more radiant. I thought I would just share the makeup routine with you, instead of simply saying ‘do your makeup’ haha! 

I start by moisturising and priming my face with a Clinique primer. I then apply a thin layer of foundation using a brush. This takes 30 seconds max. I then use my thick under eye concealer, and just cover all my blemishes and under eyes. I finish off with a light dusting of MAC foundation powder. 


For my eyes, I use my origins creamy eyeshadow, and using my finger just rub all over the lid. This really brings out the colour of your eyes and adds a pop of brightness. I then apply some black eyeliner pencil to my waterline, followed my a good lathering of mascara. 


I have just started using a new beauty product from Next. It is advertised as a ‘bronzer’, however the colours in it are perfect to act as bronze, blush and highlight. Using a big brush I apply this all over my cheeks. It gives me such a warm subtle glow. 
On a rush day, I always want something light. I usually use a nude MAC lipstick, either ‘honeylove’ or ‘kinda sexy’. I just put a little on my lips to add some colour.
In my bag I then throw in my mascara, concealer and lipstick, ready for top ups throughout the day. This does take 5 minutes once you get the hang of it! I will link all products below. 

Hair time. When in a rush my hair goes either of two ways. If it was in need of a wash, it gets half a can of dry shampoo in it followed by a volumised ponytail. If it was washed the day before, I will still need the dry shampoo, however can just about get away with it down. I usually pin it back with a few clips at the front if it is like this. For the volumised ponytail, I achieve this quickly by only brushing through he ends of my hair after applying dry shampoo. This means that it stays bigger. I then do a high ponytail, and tie it with a rubber band. I love these as they give a much more volumised look. 
Then I grab my coat and bag and head downstairs. 
Using the hot water that I had already boiled, I pour it into the prepared thermos with my coffee in, add some milk and put on the lid. I can then drink this on my way to work/ student life/ appointment. 
If you have followed the steps, and been strict with yourself, you will be out the door by 8.15am! 

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