On Saturday I am jetting off with my girls for a week in the sun. We are off to Rhodes in Greece for some serious relaxation time, soaking up the apparently baking hot sun and slowly sipping cocktails. I have been looking forward to this trip for months, and in my mind have been thinking about all the clothes I want to take and beauty products.. surprise surprise! When I went on the cruise a few months ago I did quite a few blog posts centred around it, such as hand luggage essentials and my holiday makeup bag. I don’t want to do too many of these for this trip, yet really wanted to share a few of my favourite beauty products that I will be taking away with me. To make this post a bit different I want to be truthfully honest about the products, as I have actually not owned most of them for that long, however have heard great things. Each product that I have bought kind of falls into a category, such as the Clarins Booster Glow…coming into tanning. I thought I would lay the blog post out like this, so that I can talk about more than just the products featured and the application of them. 

“It’s all in the preparation”

As I have heard that it is going to be so hot, I would say that I am overly prepared. With my lighter than average complexion I want to make sure I am taking care of my skin during the trip. Not only do I burn easily, but I also suffer from heat stroke if it is too hot, so am also taking lots of hats with me, and telling myself that I am going to be drinking an insane amount of water. After the holiday, I am going to update you all with how this went, and do a follow up on some of the products I bought, and how helpful they were when away! 

When on holiday, my beauty regime completely changes. In the day I wear no makeup at all, and in the evening I crave lighter products that compliment my growing tan and protect my face from the last of the sun. In the morning, I also carry out my usual skin care regime, of cleansing, toning and moisturising. This just keeps the balance in my skin. I then always use a face sun cream. My favourite is from Hawaiian Tropic with an SPF of 30. It is gentle on the skin, not greasy and makes my skin feel protected. I always put a healthy amount on, and reapply throughout the day. In the evening, again I carry out my usual night time skincare regime, however I then use products with an SPF. I apply a thin layer of the face sun cream, underneath my foundation. The foundation I use everyday is from Chanel, and it has SPF 10. Summer evening away are never too bad to burn you, but at least I can be reassured that my skin is always protected. I tip I also find on holiday is that it really is good to get back to nature. Washing your face a few times a day simply with water, then reapplying sun lotion with freshen your skin. It also cools you down and acts as a natural cleanser. From day to night I also like to use something nourishing on my lips. I always used to just stick with Vaseline, however have been keen to try out lip oils. I have seen them advertised a lot recently. I treated myself to one from Clarins a few weeks ago, with the intention of using it on holiday. I have used it a few times, and am actually really loving it. It lasts for a long time, gives a beautiful shine to the lips and makes them feel so nourished. It also has a slight hint of colour, which will be perfect when on holiday in the sun. 
Before going away, I like to have spent a little longer pampering myself in preparation.  I always get my nails and toes done, preferably in a bright and vibrant colour. It makes me so happy when I look at my beautiful glossy nails, that don’t only match but look picturesque for the duration of the holiday.  I usually get gel nails as I wear them constantly on my hands and know that they will last through the holiday. However, I always choose a colour that I know I have a similar one to at home as well. If I have an unexpected chip I can fix it and not have to worry. This means that I usually always go for a simple bright red or hot pink. 
Another treatment that I love getting for a holiday is lash extensions. They are the individual lashes that you have  applied professionally at a salon. It takes about an hour to an hour and a half and they last a good 2-3 weeks. I love them, but resist from wearing them too often as they do ultimately damage your lashes if they are worn for too long. This just means that I can spend less time on my makeup when on holiday and always have defined eyes. 

Looking after your skin in the heat is so important to keep it hydrated and healthy. The quick difference in temperature can be lethal for those used to the cooler and darker climate that we have here in the UK. Those who spend 7 hours on their first day sat on a sun lounger with the intention of tanning are simply crazy, and need to build it up over the duration of the holiday. The easiest way to do this is to have regular breaks. On the first couple of days treat yourself to a lie in as it is a few less hours in the sun, then prepare yourself well. Apply a generous amount of sun cream all over your body before you leave the hotel room, just so that you need small top ups through the day. I also start by using a high factor sun cream, usually 50, then working my way down. I keep using 50 on very light areas of my skin, such as shoulders and top of thighs, then use lower facts on my legs and arms which are less prone to burning. I always wear a sun hat to avoid sun stroke and drink gallons of water to stay hydrated. When on holiday I also find that it is best for your skin to have limited caffeine and limited alcohol. I usually have one coffee in the morning, then drinks in the evening. The day is all about water and a chilled diet coke for me! Another trick I have learnt is to do with fashion. I always wear a swimming consume on the first day, and perhaps the second, to ease my skin into it. Then work my way down to my smallest bikinis! My skin is prone to burning around my shoulders and tummy the most, so a swimming costume just helps me get into it. 
In terms of keeping up you body skin care regime, I would just say to moisturise every night and scrub. The heat always dries up your skin, so gently scrubbing in the evening, both your face and body, just removes the dead skin cells. This means that the new skin can shine through and naturally replenish in the heat. Using a good quality moisturiser every night is really important, as it hydrates your skin so much more than sun cream does. It will repair any skin that has become slightly burnt, and will protect it more for the next day. After showering, I would also suggest using baby oil, just as another form of nourishment. Rub into wet skin and just pat dry. Easy peasy. 

I am not a pro when it comes to tanning, and have gradually accepted my pale complexion. Don’t get me wrong, I love having a tan, but I am never too fussed. I always want my skin to look natural, especially with my very blonde hair and light features, so I always need to know when to stop. One product that I do use is the Clarins Booster Glow. I add a few drops to my night time moisturiser, mix it in and rub into my face. It creates a natural glow, and creates a natural tan overnight. It isn’t over powering nor fake, and adopts the completely natural Chelsea girl look. I love this little product, and am so pleased with the results. It is a very small bottle, which surprises a lot of people for the price, however you only need the smallest drop for it to have an affect. It is a must have this summer for those who crave a natural radiant glow. 

– what is in your summer beauty bag? – 


I have not been paid to talk about any products mentioned, and all views and opinions are my own. 

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