I have a very exciting blog post for you all today. Last week I was contacted by a company called Bath and Unwind, who sell many well known beauty products, from the likes of Burts Bees, Elemis and Dr Haushka. They were contacting me to see if I was interested in having a facial in Bristol, and blogging about my experience. Of course my answer was an instant yes! The facial was with a brand called Dr Haushka, who I had vaguely heard of before, who were offering some facials to members of the press and bloggers like me. The facial is a specific treatment, that can only be done by qualified Dr Haushka skincare technicians, as it uses all their products and gives you an experience specifically designed for you. I feel so utterly blessed to have been given this experience, and couldn’t wait to share it here on the blog. I have never felt more like a real blogger, making my way to Harvey Nichols in Cabot Circus for a blogger appointment! 
I learnt so much from the experience about skincare, including the things that I have been doing wrong. I thought I had finally nailed my skincare regime and product choices, however it seems I am back to square one. This is by no means a bad thing, as it has opened my eyes as to how I can achieve  more beautiful and healthier skin. The products I had originally been using, such as the Clinique ‘Take the Day Off’, contain quite a lot of chemicals that have such negative implications on my skin. I have extremely sensitive skin, susceptible to a break out from the tiniest amount of chemical product. I get red patchiness, and dry prone areas that I just never seemed to be able to shift. I thought this was just something that would fade in time, but now I realise that I can get rid of it by using healthy plant based products and creating a better routine of cleansing and hydrating my skin. A vicious circle that I was getting into was scrubbing my face. I absolutely love scrubs, and used to use them so much to get rid of dry skin. I realise now that I have been damaging my skin for so long, by scrubbing off the natural layer of my skin that offers protection. Yes I may have been getting rid of dead skin cells, but scrubs always go past that.  My skin felt tight after scrubbing, which I am now informed is extremely bad. Safe to say my precious face scrub was thrown in the bin the minute I got in the front door. 

My Experience
Wednesday 25th May
At about 14.30pm I headed into Cabot Circus, Bristol, to have my facial. The facial was in Harvey Nichols, one of the newer shops that has come from London, and it was quite surreal going to such a well known brand for my first blog appointment. When I got there I instantly felt welcomed, and was talked through the Dr Haushka brand, that I knew very little about. It was so fascinating to learn about such amazing products, and the different methods of using them. The main product that caught my eye was the cleanser. Different from other cleansers, the idea is to bring up the dirt from your pores and remove dead skin cells. There is no scrubbing, just a simple gentle movement to let the product do the work. This is when I realised that I was doing a lot wrong, and was so eager to learn more so that I could better my skincare regime. 
I then met Tara, who has over 8 years of experience in holistic treatments, and was going to be giving me my facial. Tara instantly made me feel comfortable, and seemed to really relax me even before the treatment. Naturally I feel quite uptight in situations like this, when I have no idea what to expect, also feeling very self conscious about my skin. I have had facials in the past, however have never found them to be my favourite kind of treatment. Quite honestly I have always found them a little painful, which must be because my skin is so sensitive. Tara told me about what the facial was going to include, and asked me basic questions about my lifestyle, obviously trying to see if I am doing things wrong. Something I took from the conversation was that consuming too much dairy isn’t too good for your skin. Obviously everything is good in moderation, but it is something that I have been trying to cut back on. Just by making small changes I have noticed a slight difference in my skin. I now love coconut milk..haha! Tara didn’t make me feel at all guilty for the things that I eat in my diet, such as sugar, fats and dairy, which I really liked as I hate it when people make you feel uncomfortable about your diet. I like food! 
The facial I had was for ‘combination skin’. This means that I have a blemished T-zone, am large pored, skin quickly becomes oily and dry cheeks. I couldn’t agree more with this, and was so relieved that somebody else agreed that my skin is both oily and dry! So for this skin type, the facial started with a clarifying steam bath, the intention being to open up the pores and bring up the dirt. I then had the facial mask applied that was specific for my skin. It didn’t irritate me in any way, and felt so gentle on my skin. When it was taken off, my skin felt so fresh and hydrated. I then had some moisturisers and oils applied, making me look like I had such a beautiful dewy glow. I also had some lip treatment put on, as my lips are very prone to becoming dry. 
After the facial, I went straight home, so resisted from wearing any makeup for the rest of the day. I was in such a relaxed mood, and just lounged about admiring my new skin! I was a little worried that I was going to have a break out the next day, however my skin felt better than ever, and my blemishes looked like they had faded. I had no negative after effects, as I have often experienced in the past. Using what I learnt from the experience, as well as the products I was given, my skin has started to become so much healthier, and I am extremely excited to see the long term effects of the change I have made to my skincare regime. 

When I had finished my facial, I was gifted an amazing goodie bag. Inside was a huge booklet full of information about Dr Haushka, as well as what I need to be doing for my skin type. It also had  box with products in for a skin treatment, which had a bowl and brush to use for the clay mask, as well as some of the steam bath product. It means that I am able to give my skin a good intense treatment myself at home, which is amazing, as my skin definitely needs a little TLC at the moment. The last thing I got was a little gift bag, full of little testers of products that I could use. I have not yet used all of them, however have completely fallen in love with a few. 

Melissa Day Cream 

I was gifted this little tester of the day cream, for my face. Every morning I wash my face with warm water, just washing it gently with a sponge. I don’t use any product at this stage, as I feel like the steam from warm water is enough. It makes me feel refreshed, and I think it is doing wonders for my skin. I then cleanse and tone, before applying this face cream. I put a small amount in my hands, and just rub all over my face. You only need a little bit of the product for full coverage, and it makes my skin feel so hydrated. It isn’t oily, and feels so light on my skin. 

Night Serum 

In the evening, I always try to take my makeup off a few hours before bed. I take all my make-up off, and again wash my face with some hot water. When I have tried my face, I then use some of this night serum, which is very much like a gel. Again, you only need a little of the product for your whole face. It makes my skin feel so soft and nourished, and I feel like it soaks in even more over night. I absolutely love it. 

Body Wash

The products I was kingly gifted weren’t just for my face, they were also for my body. One of which was a body wash, in the scent Lemongrass. I absolutely adore this body wash, and the smell is just divine. Again, most products I was using for my body were full of chemicals, and this products has just started to make my skin feel so much more healthy. 

Body Milk

Now a body milk is something that I have never really used before. I just never really thought about it as something that would be good for my skin, but this one I was gifted is just beautiful. It is light and refreshing, and feels amazing for my skin. I use it all over my body, and you only need a small amount to feel hydrated and nourished. 

I am so happy to say that I have discovered a brand that I will without a doubt be investing some money in, trying out some other products and developing a new routine. I love the way my skin is starting to feel, and how much healthier it is starting to look. The facial itself is also something that I would love to have again. I believe that Tara is not always available in Bristol, however I have asked the team at Dr. Haushka to see how I can have this done again, or indeed you. There is a lady in Bristol called Grace, who is accredited Dr Haushka Esthetician. Take a look at her website here, for more information. The treatment I had was an hour, as it was a taster, however the full treatment is 2 hours. The price for this is £94 (by Grace), which actually for a 2 hour treatment is not too bad. Grace describes the treatment as: 

“Relax with a warm foot bath during which time we discuss your needs and adapt the treatment especially for you. Gentle massage, deep cleansing and nourishing treatment masks combined with gentle lymphatic stimulation using soft brushes, restores proper functioning of the skin internally and externally. Your skin will have renewed vibrancy and you will feel profoundly relaxed. A home care programme will help maintain this healthy balance.This popular treatment stands alone as a lovely and effective one-off experience. Many people, however, recognise that this exceptional facial offers valuable support through the challenges of time. Most people return for a regular treatment plan with a frequency to suit them; once a month, seasonal, once or twice yearly or as needed. It is wonderfully affirming that people travel from all over the South West and beyond.” 

Grace is in Redland, so is very easy to get to if you live in Bristol. If you are interested, but don’t live in Bristol, there are many qualified Dr Haushka skincare technicians all over the UK. 

“Not only do I love the products, but my skin does too”

As with any facial, I wouldn’t recommend having them too often, perhaps every 8-12 weeks. This way your skin has time to settle in the time between facials, and the facial will have more of an impact if you have them less often. I will link below all the links to the companies involved in this post, where you can have the treatment and some of the products that I have been loving. 

Shop this post: 

Get the treatment in Bristol: Grace
Thank you so much to Bath & Unwind, Dr Haushka and everyone who made this experience amazing. I am so grateful for the opportunity. 
– have a lovely day – 


This post is in collaboration with Bath & Unwind, and Dr Haushka. All views and opinions are entirely my own. 

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