So todays post is another one of those motivational ones, where I give you advice, then get told by my friends that sometimes I need to take my own advice! But I promise, I am right with this one! Now I know that summer is the easiest season to stay motivated, what with the endless daylight, constant warmth and everything going on; but I do feel that if you are a student, summer can be fun in the first week, then you go slightly off track and actually land up not doing very much. I think the not having anything to do thing can actually become very tiring, and unmotivating for people. However, I actually do know how to solve this. Motivating myself is something that I am genuinely good at – I mean yes sometimes I relapse but I always manage to pick myself up again. I remember last summer, it got to about week three and I was so ready to go back to school. If you know me, you know this will mean something. I don’t think anyone could hate school as much as I did, I pretty much never went, and always landed up having a row when I did! I hated the teachers attitudes towards students, and I hated feeling like a number amongst a thousand others. Anyway, that is a whole other thing, and completely not relevant for this post! Back to summer, it is amazing. Yet, with all that free time, it needs to be used wisely. 

“My kind of summer; sat outside a cafe in a cobbled street, drinking iced coffee and taking in the vitamin D”

I have developed ways to make myself feel better when feeling unmotivated, and it has made me enjoy life so much more. I mean yes, these are things that I do all year round, but I feel like they are really relevant now. The summer holidays are quickly approaching, so I couldn’t think of a better time to get this post out to you. I guess it is also not only relevant to those in school, but also university, and those taking some time out during the summer. 
Starting the Day

Getting up at a reasonable hour – now I know that you have spent the past 10 months (give or take) getting up at ridiculous’o’clock, but don’t waste your whole summer in bed. Try to limit yourself. I always used to spend the first few days of summer having 2/3 proper lie ins, then would give myself a lie in just at the weekend. Not only do you have more hours in the day when you get up at a good time, but it makes you feel so much more productive. I would say, make sure you are up my 8.30/9am during the week. Treat yourself to a good breakfast, have a coffee and plan your day. 

Wearing summer clothes that you’re comfortable in – this may be just me, but I definitely prefer winter clothes to summer. I find the style of a lot of summer clothing so unflattering on me, so if I wake up and put on a horrible outfit, it just makes me feel crap. Make sure you are wearing summer clothes that you are comfortable in. I have now come to terms with the fact that playsuits do not do my figure any justice, so pretty much need to just stop wearing them! 

Having a plan for the day – always plan out your day. Don’t have any plans? MAKE SOME! There is so much to do in this country, don’t limit yourself by not being willing to do something new. Start researching online places that you would like to go, meet up for an hour with a friend, pop to the gym…there’s loads! You don’t even have to leave the house to be honest. Sometimes I have so many plans, and all of them are at home! There are always jobs to do, and ways to relax in the comfort of your own home. However, that doesn’t mean you can stay in bed all day and binge on a Netflix box set πŸ˜‰ 

Before the summer time off begins, make loads of lists of things you want to do. I remember that before the summer about 3 years ago, I decided that I wanted to get through every film on a list I had been building up. I had most of them on DVD, and gradually made my way through them over the summer. I would usually watch one a night, sometimes two, and absolutely loved it. During term time I never really had time to watch a whole film, so it was such a luxury to get through them all. This isn’t just films though, it is things that interest you. Examples of the lists I would make include: 

Make a list of films to watch

Places I want to visit, e.g Bristol Zoo, Madame Tussauds, Dartmouth, etc… 

Ideas of fun days out with friends and family, e.g. London trip with my girls

Plans with friends, events etc… 

Getting all my unwanted clothes up on Depop! 

Do the boring things early… 

If you are going back to school after the summer, get all the boring school things done early. Get your new uniform sorted, a new school bag, pencil case, glasses. If this is all done, you no longer have to worry about it over the summer, and will be able to avoid the rush when everybody else has left it to the last minute. If you are going to sixth form or uni, start organising your wardrobe early, as you are suddenly going to need a few extra pair of jeans and day tops. Not wearing uniform suddenly makes you realise how many clothes normal people need in their life! 
Start a hobby

If you are going to start a hobby, the summer is the best time to do it. You have all the time in the world to focus on it, and it will occupy you over the time you have off. I mean an obvious one for me to say is blogging, or Youtube, but that is because it is just something I am passionate about. I was meant to start mine in the summer of 2014, but couldn’t wait and started it in the May. Possibly not a good decision with it being about 2 weeks before GCSE’s, but I did okay! If you do want to start blogging, or Youtube, summer really is best, as you do need a lot of time in the beginning. It would probably terrify me to know how many hours I spent on social media at the beginning, trying to get it to go somewhere. Other hobbies could be cooking/baking, a new sport, gaming, and so many more. There is a hobby out there for everyone!

Write a summer diary 

If you want to be really dedicated, write a summer diary. I think this is such a wonderful thing, as you have all the memories documented. In 10 years time you can look back at all the things you did, and feel completely bewildered that it was you 10 years ago. I think diaries are a magical invention, and I guess in a way I kind of use my blog as a diary. I look back through posts, just looking through the time periods. The posts force me to remember. I can see past the post itself, and remember a good or bad time in my life. You can get so creative with diaries, and it is something small that doesn’t have to take much time. You can also add little keepsakes like train tickets of currency. 
Eat fresh summer food 
Switch your diet up. Having the extra time means that you can experiment with more foods, and make the most of the amazing fresh food on offer in the season. Have a homemade smoothie every morning, and enjoy a lighter meal in the evening. Your health will increase so much, and you will start to feel so much more alive. 
Get into routines
Summer is the perfect time to get your body into a routine. I used to find summer was amazing for getting into beauty routines. Last summer I perfected my night time skin care routine. I would always be so inconsistent with what I was using, and it had bad implications on my skin. I am so glad that I used the time to get into the routine. It can also be used to get your body into good routines with sleep, diet and exercise. You now have time to start exercising, and create good meal plans for yourself. As you are also less stressed and tired, you can programme your body into a proper sleep routine. Going to bed at the same time every night, and getting up at the same time is so important. 
Re-oranise your bedroom 
This is usually what I used to do about a week before going back to school. I wanted to feel like I had achieved something, so would completely declutter and reorganise. Every drawer would get emptied and tidied, every inch of my room would be cleaned and hoovered, and my wardrobe would suddenly become somewhere that I could actually see my clothes! Every year I would land up giving so many bags to charity, of things that I simply didn’t need any more, and the feeling was insane. I felt like a new person, ready to get back to reality. 
– have a great summer everybody – 


I have not been paid to talk about any brands mentioned or seen in this post, and all views and opinions are my own.