Do you ever just get those days that you just wish would be over…like from the word go? For me these are very unexpected and are usually for no apparent reason, other than the fact that I am quite tired. I used to get them a lot more, with the stress of exams and everything, but have started to develop ways to make myself better reasonably quickly. Having said that, I do still get some days where there is nothing I can do, and just simply need to sleep and wait for the time to go by. I feel like I have wasted such a large amount of time when this happens, so it usually drives me to do better the next day and seems to press my productivity button! Wow, I can get so much done on these days! 

“Try hard to be positive, and always do the best you can”

I think the basic thing to do when having a bad day, is lots of little things that make you happy. In turn, these little things will all add up and naturally make you feel better, even if just a little. I have lots of small tips and tricks that I use for myself, which will probably vary amongst most readers, but these are all my favourite things to do. Some are smaller than others, but to me they do have an effect and I always see a massive difference in myself. I want to share each and everyone with you, and hopefully you can let me know what helps you, so we can all work together to build a much more positive community. 

Get Up
My first tip is the one that you have to do in order to have a more positive day. You have to get out of bed. If you are feeling crap, not tired just lazy, then you need to force yourself to get out of bed at a reasonable time. I always find that whenever I have a lie in I feel low for the rest of the day, purely because I have wasted valuable hours in the morning. I used to feel fine about it, but about a year ago I did notice the effect it had on my body and my mood. I would recommend getting up at 9am at the latest, preferably 8.30am, so that you have a good few hours in the morning. Trust me, I truly understand the urge to stay underneath the warm duvet when you’re feeling sad, but it is always so much better to resist. 
Have a shower, put some makeup on & get dressed
Once you have forced yourself out of bed, my motto is always to have a shower, get dressed and glam myself up. I’m not talking the whole fake tan and false eyelash treatment, but just a bit of makeup to make my face appear more alive, and putting on a nice outfit to just cheer myself up. Once you are clean and socially acceptable in terms of appearance, you are naturally going to feel so much better. 
Have some breakfast
Food for me will always be the right answer. When you wake up, your body needs nutrients, as it will have been fasting in the duration that you’re asleep. You need to get your blood sugar levels back up, as if they’re very low you will feel down in yourself. Having some proper breakfast with lighten your spirits, so I would suggest something filling. If I am feeling sad and have got the time on my hands I will have either poached or boiled eggs with some toast, as eggs always fill me up and bring all my nutrition levels back up. If I am in a bit of a rush, I will have some berries or fruit, with yoghurt and granola. Again, this is nutritious and the sweetness from the fruit is bound to put anyone in a good mood. 

I know that this is something that everyone has heard a lot, but exercise is perfect to make you better. It releases toxins that make you happy, and the feeling after a workout is simply priceless. You feel like you have achieved something and done something really right for your body… well at least I do. I really enjoy going to the gym – it is some me time where I am doing good. I feel healthier every time I go, and naturally having a more healthy physique is going to make anyone feel great this close to summer. If you are not a member of a gym, you can still do simple exercises at home or outside. I would always suggest going for a walk if you’re feeling sad, as well as some simple ab, leg and arm exercises that you can do in your own living room. 
If you are a gym member, I would say that the best thing to do when feeling sad is going for a swim. It is the most relaxing exercise that I do, and it is so so good for you. You can do as much or as little as you want, at your own pace, and it is always bound to make you feel good about yourself. I like swimming a lot, purely because I enjoy it so much.

Eat properly
As you could probably guess by now, I am a massive foodie, and enjoy everything about it. When you are feeling low it is so important to keep eating, as well as eating the right foods. You need to put good food into your body for a good outcome. After having a hearty breakfast, you also need to make sure you are having a proper lunch and dinner, as well as healthy snacks through the day. The thing I find the most difficult about days like this is that I just constantly crave junk. All I want is McDonald’s, chocolate and sweets. You have to resist these cravings, as these foods are fast releasing energy, and bring your nutrients levels rocketing down about an hour after eating them. Your body just rejects them, and instantly your mood with be brought down again. If anything, you should eat a small amount of these foods on days that you’re feeling fantastic. Below I will write a small food plan of the meals that you should be eating on a day like this: 

Poached/ Boiled Eggs
Yoghurt and Granola


Fresh Salads – salad leaves, tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, raw peppers. Protein – chicken or turkey. Carb – pasta, rice or potatoes. 


Homemade dishes: salmon fillet, spaghetti bolognese, chicken curry, etc… 
Experiment with your food
For me this is something I enjoy, as I love creating recipes, so I guess really this point classes as a hobby. What I love on days like this is experimenting with my food. I love going to the shops and choosing lots of ingredients, always trying something new. Then coming home and making myself something yummy for lunch, dinner or both. If you have got the time on your hands, always take the opportunity to do this. Even if it doesn’t really interest you, it is always better to make your own food and know exactly what has gone into it. I would also suggest baking if you prefer the more sweet side of cooking, as it is so therapeutic and you are left with some delicious homemade treats at the end. If you are craving sweet junk food, I would always say it is better to make your own, as there are so many less preservatives and ‘fake’ ingredients. 

Read something positive online
Being a blogger, I get so much back when reading other blogs and watching other Youtubers. I only actually read a small number of blogs, purely because I only like ones that have great photography and make me genuinely happy to read. To be a positive person I really do feel like you need to be engaging with other positive people. I want to read about people who are happy and have lots going on in their lives. These people often have the same values as me, and often write posts about being positive etc… A few of my favourites are: 
Read a book
Only recently I have really got into reading, but wow I find that it helps to improve my mood. I completely get lost in the stories, and feel so much better after reading. It relaxes my mind, and seems to just get rid of any sadness that may have been drifting around. I am not a particularly ‘heavy reader’, and mainly go for girly chick flicks, but these are what I enjoy and help me to feel better. I think some of my favourites have to be from Sophie Kinsella and Giovanna Fletcher. They are both amazing authors who write in similar ways, and completely bring their books to life. Everything is so relatable, and the narratives are so strong. 
Watch a film 
I have to admit, I am more prone to a film than a book when feeling low, often because it just puts me in a lazy mood. If I am feeling low, there is nothing better than chilling watching some girly film with a very predictable outcome. To be completely honest, I watch the same films over and over again because I just enjoy them so much. The stories just always make me laugh, and honestly just make me a tiny bit happier. Being a part of someone else’s life for an hour and a half automatically draws me in, and makes me forget about anything going on in my own. A few of my all time favourite films include: 
Pretty Woman
How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days
Knocked Up 
Life as We Know It 
The Princess Diaries

Pamper yourself
My last one is pretty predictable. Spoil yourself! At the end of the day if I am still feeling low, the only thing to do is give yourself some you time. Have a hot bubbly bath, use some of your favourite most indulgent products and get up to date with everything! Shave your legs, moisturise everywhere, give yourself a facial and do everything that you have said you need to do for the past month. The feeling of getting into bed after having done all of this is amazing, and nothing can beat it. Getting into fresh sheets with shaved and moisturised legs is the most satisfying feeling. When doing this I would also suggest having a bit of an earlier night, and drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. All of this will make you feel better, and you will be totally ready to tackle the next day, where you will be more positive. 
– have a lovely Sunday – 


I have not been paid to feature any brands, and all views and opinions are my own. 

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