A couple of weeks ago, I asked around on social media for some questions for a blog Q&A. I had lots of questions back, and had to decide whether to do this via my blog or Youtube channel. In the end I decided to do it via the blog, clearly, just because I really enjoy writing and have never actually done this before in my two years of blogging. 
As many of my readers are aware, blogging is probably my favourite thing in the world, and I do put as much effort into it as I can. The one thing that I do feel like I lack a lot is my sense of personality. I often spend so much time talking about fashion, food and all things lifestyle, that I often forget to also let you guys know more about me. I thought that a Q&A would enable me to tell you guys a little more about myself, as well as the specific things you would like to know! Surprisingly enough I am quite a private person, and always hold back online and through social media. I feel like this is a quality to keep, however would love to start opening up to you guys a little more. Watch this space…! 
What do you love most about blogging? 
I have to admit, I am a bit of a blogging nerve and love everything about it. My favourite part particularly is reading through a post that I have just finished, seeing how the images have turned out and reading what I have put. The feeling I get when a good posts comes together is exhilarating, and without a doubt my favourite part of the blogging process. The other thing that I love is the connections I have made through the blog, with other bloggers and companies. 
How did you build the confidence, or what gave you the confidence, to start a Youtube channel? 
To be completely honest, even now I still don’t feel very confident when it comes to Youtube. I always have a lump in my throat when uploading a video, and absolutely hate watching my videos back…CRINGE! It took me around a year to actually start it, as I was just constantly putting it off, excuses after excuses. In the end I just told myself to man up, get on with it and see how it goes. I knew that not only would it offer more to my readers, but it would also divert more people to my actual blog. I do actually really enjoy doing it now, and am so excited to get into my proper routine. I love filming and editing, so this definitely spurs me on keep going! 
How to you stay on track with blog posts and videos? 
Usually I am pretty organised when it comes to blogging. I keep track of everything with a blog diary, and dedicate specific times in the week for blogging. Whenever I have an idea I instantly write it in my phone, so that I don’t forget, and then I can incorporate this into my schedule. I spend Thursdays and Fridays prepping for my blog, making sure everything is done for the following week. If I am creating recipe posts or outfits I try to get these images done first as they take the most time, and most effort! I get everything written up on the Friday ready to go. With regard to emails, I spend about 20 minutes a day looking through them, replying to all. 
What made you decide on the style of your blog? 
When I first started this blog, I went through fazes with the google templates, and finally settles on a simple one with green leaves in the background. I loved the look of the template, as it was simple and something different to what I had seen from other blog designs. When I decided to get my blog redesigned last year, I knew that I wanted to stick to the green theme. I asked Felicity (blog designer) to make everything a bit brighter, and that is exactly what she did. I love the bright colour of it, and easy to navigate layout. I love the colour as it does stray away from the typical black and white seen a lot. I also like that it isn’t pink, as that is definitely what people would expect from me! 

Who has been your favourite PR company to work with? 
I think my favourite company to work with so far has to be Coconut Lane. I absolutely adore all their products, and loved working with them. There was such great communication and it was a pleasure to write and create blog posts for them. See them here.
Do you suffer from any hate on your blog, from people you know? 
This probably is quite a sensitive topic, as it is something that frustrates me the most. I feel extremely lucky to say that I have never received too much hate on this blog, however the few times I have it has been from people that I know. I cannot even tell you how much this hurts, but it is something that I learnt to deal with very quickly. I guess really the hate all happens on social media, making it even more difficult. It means that everytime you go on your phone there is something there (not now, but in the past). In the end you just ignore it, but it will always hurt you a little more than you let on. 
How do you deal with negativity from people towards your blog? 
“Never let anyone stop you from doing what you love” 

Rise above it. To begin with I took it pretty tough, and it hurt. But now, I couldn’t care less. I do this because I love it. I don’t make anybody read it, nobody has to follow me and I would never expect anyone to agree with blogging if it isn’t something they like. You just have to delete comments, turn off notifications and ignore what is being thrown at you. 
What are your haircare tips? 
I think it is probably easier to just bullet point this! I try to look after my hair a lot, and think that I have nailed my hair tips!
Do not over wash your hair, and be consistent with the shampoo and conditioner that you use. 

Use a coconut oil hair mask once a week. Rub the oil all into the ends of your hair, tie it up in a bun and wash it the next morning. 

Use as little heat as possible. 

Don’t use home hair dyes. Go to a salon and use organic and natural products (well as natural as possible!) 
What are your plans for after sixth form? 
This is something that I seem to have spoken about a lot recently, purely because a lot of people have asked me! I am not going to university – I don’t know exactly what I want to do so don’t want to waste time and money on something that will be essentially useless. I am going to be working full time, earning and saving. I want to travel a little (I’m talking a few nice holidays), spend time with my family and friends and see where my blog takes me. I am buying myself a little time, to see what direction I want my life to go in. 
Would you ever live abroad? 
The thought of living abroad terrifies me, but I do think that I may consider it one day. I am not interested in travelling across the world to Australia, but I do have quite a keen interest in the Scandinavian countries. The way of life seems to relaxed and happy, and everything and everyone just seems so much healthier and happier. When travelling to Copenhagen at the start of the year I instantly knew that I could live there, and would definitely consider it. I’m not sure if I would stay there forever, but trying it is defiantly on the cards. 
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