I guess this week is turning into a bit of reflection time on the blog. Firstly with a roundup of our girls trip to Rhodes, and now our end of year prom. I have spent such a long time this week just trying to catch up and organise myself. I feel like I have failed a little as a blogger and vlogger, having got so behind, but am going to be spending a bit of time catching up. I guess everyone goes through more quiet spells in this industry, and that it can be a good thing to have some time and relax your mind to give yourself new and original ideas. I have had so many ideas going through my mind in the past two weeks and am so excited to bring them all to life in the next few weeks. I am going to be starting everything off again next week, so please excuse me while I speedily catch up! Nevertheless, I really want to share with you a little about Wednesday’s prom. 

“A night to remember” 

At the beginning of the school year, we all started to organise a prom that would be one to remember. I absolutely love organising events, so leapt at the opportunity of finding a venue. In the end we found one in the centre of Bristol, The Lord Mayors Mansion House in Clifton. It was perfect for our event, as it wasn’t too big and was just a bit more formal than something we have ever had before. After countless emails and visits to the venue everything started to come together, including the schedule of the evening, meal plan and means of entertainment. I’m not going to lie to you, this was probably one of the most stressful things I have ever done, but it was so so worth it. All of my expectations were truly exceeded and the sense of relief at the end of the evening was off the scale. There was such a happy atmosphere, the food was delicious, and the continuous Gin & Tonics put me in a very happy place. Getting to spend some quality time with those who I have seen for the past 6 years was so special, and I do really think that it is a night that will be remembered forever. 

My Look
Being completely obsessed with all things fashion and dressing up, I wanted to really make an effort for this prom. I knew instantly that I wanted to wear a black dress, even though I did have a stunning red one sitting in my wardrobe for the event. In the end I decided that it wasn’t dressy enough, and I didn’t really know how to accessorise it. I got this black one from Misguided (a complete bargain), and the thing I loved most was the back. It was simple and was just right for the occasion. I chose to accessorise with gold, everything the same as for my year 11 prom. I had gold glittery shoes and clutch, as well as some simple drop earrings from Swarovski. As it was my last school prom, I wanted to get my hair and makeup done. Tomlinson hairdressers in Clifton village have a package available for hair and makeup so I decided to just go for it. Abby came and had hers done too, so it was nice to spend some time together before the celebrations began. I wanted to go for a natural made up look… if that makes sense! I had a smokey eye, with red lips and amazing contour. In the end I changed my lip colour because it wasn’t really the red I had imagined, so just went for my typical MAC Spice liner and Honeylove lipstick! For my hair I wanted a relaxed up do, with a relaxed look at the front. It turned out so well, and really reminded me of something that Jessica Alba often wears. I felt amazing and dressed up! 
After the prom we all went into town for after party celebrations. I did leave early as I had been so rushed getting prepared for the prom, however loved spending time with everyone and relaxing. To go out I just wore a simple navy lace dress, with some block heels. Standard town attire I guess! 
Shop the look: Dress // Shoes // Bag // Earring Swarovski

Corn Fed Chicken, Pea & Mint Puree, Potato Rosti and Greens

From Left to Right: Amy // Amber // Me! // Abby // Kira // Grace // Mille // Robyn 

– have a  great day – 
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