As you have probably seen quite a few times on the blog, I have worked with Boutique of Molly quite a bit, who are an online fashion boutique. When they asked if I would like to try out some new stock, I not only knew that I wanted to try this dress, but also that I wanted to incorporate it into a different kind of post. Often when I upload outfit posts I am stuck with what to write, and it can become quite tedious when there really isn’t much to say about an outfit… it’s all in the photos! So I think from now on, I may actually talk about something specific in a blog post, that relates to an outfit. So today I am going to show you my beautiful new dress, as well as talking you through my idea of perfect date nights and how they differ. 

“The internet has a weird way of coming between people – my policy is to keep the important things in my life away from it” 

I don’t really talk about my relationship much online as it is something very personal, however I feel like I can still do it without going into too much detail. I do honestly feel like, as much as the Internet is a great place, it can also be the worse. Things can change so quickly on their own without others getting involved, and the Internet invites people in to have a say about situations that quite frankly are none of their business. It is a difficult situation, especially for people like myself who dream of a career which only the Internet can allow. For me, I just keep this and my personal life private. I work extremely hard on my blog, and I also work hard on my relationships with special people in my life. Date nights are a way to do this, dedicating time to that one special person, putting the phone away and engaging in real conversation. There are lots of different kind of dates nights that I enjoy, and I thought I would share a few. 

Let’s go for dinner… 
So the first kind of date night is the one that happens the least often, as it is to celebrate something special. As a couple we enjoy going out and trying good food, however neither of us ever want to break the bank. Straying away from the date talk, let me talk quickly about the bill. I am not one of those girls who thinks the guy should pay everytime. We both go to work and earn money, and I love treating him as much as he likes treating me. Personally, I think it should be equal and taken in turns. This whole perception that ‘princess’ girls have where they think they need to be spoilt all the time, it just doesnt work and ultimately it is these kind of relationships that I see time and time again not work out. 
Back to date talk. We both love going out and trying new restaurants, finding good places to eat and making memories. There are some classics that we just have to do, like Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Pizza Express, but we do also like to try small independant restaurants. In clifton we have found a few that we adore, including an amazing Thai and pizza place. Part of the fun is always just looking out for these places and trying to find ones that we know we will like! If we go out for a nice dinner, that is generally all we will do. We sit and drag the meal out, drinking wine, have all the courses and utterly over induldging. As I said, we dont do this too often so when we do we like to push the boat out. We generally always have a date night like this for something special, like a birthday, anniversary etc… It is just lovely to sit and talk to each other, not distracted by anything and just enjoying each others company. 
Our Favourite Restaurants in Bristol:

Cote, Clifton
Thai Restaurant, Clifton
Pizza Express

KFC & Movie Night…? 
I think this is the one that I am probably most ashamed of, as it is possibly my favourite. Every few weeks when we decide to go on a date night/ lunch, we will get fast food and go to see a movie. It has become a big thing, and something rather tedious yet utterly enjoyable. We always opt for KFC, going through the drive through and munching away in the car. This started because we are physically incapable of getting to a film on time, so have always needed to eat in a rush! We both go for a mighty bucket for one, because y’know, we need that much food! Not gonna lie, it is so ridiculously unhealthy yet my ultimate guilty pleasure. I love it, and enjoy it so much! After the food, we then go to the cinema and see a good film. We both have similar taste in films, so always land up watching something that we both genuinely want to see. We try to mix it up in terms of genre, but usually just go for the film of the moment. We are both willing to compromise with the choice, for example sometimes I want to see a chick flick and he wants to see an action. We don’t mind sitting through something for the other person, which I guess is all you need in a relationship! 
The films I loved this year: 

Mother’s Day
Inside Out

Let’s stay in and cook… 
Seeing as I am a very passionate cook, I would say that we do this the most. I love having a chilled night in, eating some good homemade food and relaxing in front of the TV with a good box set or film. We both love wathing films, and are both currently addicted to House, the hit medical series featuring Hugh Laurie. I guess a lot of people would say that this isnt necessarily a date night as it is something that people do everynight, but to us it is. We both still live at home, so it makes doing this a little difficult, especially when you want some time without being distracted. We both cook dinner for each other, however I usually like to take charge in this area, purely because I enjoy it! If i’m cooking for us both i’ll put a lot of effort in and make it something special. Usually I go for the whole three course theme, however cheat a little on the starter. I tend to get a chopping board and put lots of nibbles on it, like camembert, cheese biscuit, cold meats and salmon tartlets! It is so yum, and means we can nibble as I prepare the main course. Too often we both eat way to much of these, and land up being too full for everything else! For a main I also try out different things, but often always resorting to our favourite comfort foods, including risottos, a chilli of pasta dish. I will like some recipes below! Obviously I always over serve both of us, so we never land up eating it all! After dinner we usually have to have a little break, do have dessert a few hours later when watching something. I always like to make something easy like eton mess, or something completely induldgent like chocolate cake! Basically anything with too many calories that will make me feel extremely bloated and in need of a gym session the next day! Eating all this food makes us feel like balloons and we just end up spending hours in front of the tv, which is actually pretty nice. The only thing about these kind of date nights is that you dont really get the opportunity to talk much, so a balance is probably better! But if you’re both in need of some relaxing time, this is the best idea! 

Recipe Links:

Shop ‘Georgie’ (the dress) via Boutique of Molly here. 
– what is your favourite thing to do on date night – 


This post is in collaboration with Boutique of Molly, however all views and opinions are my own. 

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