In the past few months I have really started to take care of my skin. By doing so I have developed a routine, morning and night, to clean, cleanse and hydrate my skin. I have tried and tested lots of different products, and finally found a balance between affordable and good quality. I have also found products that are healthy for my skin, don’t cause irritation and have in all lead to my face being much more even and blemish free. However, I am still prone to the odd huge red spot on my forehead…nobody’s perfect! I published my night time skincare regime a while ago on the blog, but a lot has changed since then so I decided that it was time for an update. In that time I have also learnt a lot about my skin itself, instead of just what products are best to be used. I learnt this all from my experience with a Dr. Haushka skin specialist when I received a free facial via the blog. The experience opened my eyes up to all the things I was doing wrong, and really educated me on how to achieve that dreamy skincare look. I no longer use face scrubs, as I used to scrub and scrub to reduce dry skin. I have learnt now that I was actually making it worse, and not letting my skin naturally repair. I no longer use these scrubs, and do not suffer from dry skin in areas such as my nose and forehead. My skin was obviously given the opportunity to get the balance right and repair itself. I am also much more aware about the products I use. I need them to be specifically for sensitive skin, and use as natural ingredients as possible. This is one reason that I adore the Liz Earle products. To also help with my skin, I have made slight adjustments to my diet. I drink so much more water, I have lowered my dairy intake my cutting out milk and replacing it with coconut milk, and am eating much more fruit and vegetables. These adjustments have been minor, but seem to have had such a positive response to my skin! To read all about my Dr. Haushka experience, click the link here. 

“My skin feels nourished, radiant and simple fab” 

Now that I have all the relevant information for perfect skin, I was able to apply this and source products that were right for my skin type. I needed a good sensitive eye makeup remover, as well as normal makeup remover, and a good quality cleanser, toner and moisturiser. I tried lots out, varying from brand to brand and price to price. I tried them all out and found five products that have now become an essential part of my daily routine. I love them all, and can’t go a day without them. Even after a night out, at 3 in the morning I will still come home and do the whole thing. Now something must be good…!! 
Part of my nighttime routine also includes two other beauty tricks. I now also like to take care of my hair and nails, and the easiest time to do so is at night. This has therefore become an important part of my routine. 
Eye Make-Up Remover
The beginning of my night time routine starts with me removing all my makeup. I start with my eyes, using the Simple ‘Kind to Eyes’ remover cream. I choose this over the liquid, as it is much more gentle and doesn’t cause irritation. It is the only eye makeup remover that I have ever used that actually doesn’t sting my eyes to the point where they really really hurt. I naturally have very sensitive eyes, so if this is similar to you, I would seriously recommend this product. I use it every night, and love the effect. I put a small amount on two cotton pads, press them together and then gently massage into both my eyes at the same time. I do so for about 30 seconds before removing. I then fold them in half and wipe any excess from under my eyes. The cream gently lifts any makeup off, and doesn’t take a lot for it to work. I get through one bottle of this about once a month, which I don’t think is too bad. 

Face Makeup Remover

For quite a while, I was looking for a product that would remove my makeup before toning and cleansing. I used to just use a toner to do this! I found out about the Clinique ‘Take the Day Off’ when I got a small sample in a magazine. I tried it out and instantly fell in love. I went down to John Lewis just before my little sample had ran out, and picked myself up a new bottle. I use a tiny amount on a cotton wool pad and rub all over my face. It is an oil based product so it lift all makeup, but doesn’t leave a dry tight feeling, nor greasy. All makeup is removed immediately, and I adore how nourished the product makes my skin feel. When I was in Rhodes a few weeks ago, I used the oil overtime I got out the shower. It offers instant hydration, and a coolness which was much appreciated after a day spent in the sun. The product is more on the pricey side, although it goes a long way and is now my all time favourite makeup remover. To me, it is money well spent! 
Cleanse & Tone

To cleanse and tone my face, I use my two favourite Liz Earle products. The instant boost skin tonic, and hot cloth mask. I start by using the tonic all over my face with a cotton wool pad, and giving it a second to dry and all soak in. I then use the cleanser, however not in the way that I think you’re supposed to. I put a small amount in my hands, and simply rub it all into my face, making sure it goes into deeper areas such as around my nose and hair line. Both products make my skin feel so healthy and well looked after. I love the scent of both the products, and the fact that they use natural products. I must say, the packaging is also very ‘instagrammable’ too! 
For quite a long time I have been looking for the perfect moisturiser. Not only did I need it to be the perfect balance for my skin, but also good quality and something that didn’t break the bank. When looking around I found a lot from a variety of brands, high and low end, and decided that I preferred the much thicker luxurious type of cream. I found one from Chanel which was a gel formula one, and as perfect as it was, I decided that I would get through way too much to justify paying for it. I bought it for my grandma as a Christmas present, so still occasionally use it once when I feel like my skin needs a deep treatment! In the end I chose to look in The Body Shop, as I have always had good creams and scrubs from them, and they use natural ingredients. I found one with a similar texture to what I had desired and it turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. It is rich, hydrating and luxurious – great day and night. It is an intense moisture cream, which is always what I need as I get very dry skin, and it isn’t greasy as I had first suspected. It is the right balance for my skin, not too rich nor too thin. I have been using it for months now, absolutely loving it. I would really recommend this if you have dry skin, even if you just use it once or twice as a rich treatment. 

Nail Oil 

In December time last year, I started wearing acrylic nails. I loved the feeling of having perfect looking nails, so carried on doing so for about 2 months straight. Around my birthday time I decided to stop wearing them as I noticed how soar my nails were becoming and how weak they seemed. A nail house opened near where I work, and in there I learnt a lot about all the damage I had done to my nails in that short amount of time. I started wearing a natural gel polish continuously to act as a protective barrier, and used hand cream as well as nail oil. I had the gel removed about once every two weeks properly back in the salon, and immediately had the gels reapplied. My technician was showing me the damage to my natural nails, purely due to the colour difference, and I was mortified. I have truly vowed to never go near an acrylic nail bar ever again. My lovely technician told me that I needed to start using a nail oil as regularly as possible, hence this becoming a part of my routine. The last thing I do before sleeping is adding a bit of oil to each nail and letting it rub in. WOW…the difference in just a few months! My nails are so much stronger, are growing naturally more quickly and my cuticles are no longer dry. With my job, wearing gel nails is a bit impractical as everything gets steamed off, but now I don’t even feel like I need it as my nails look naturally healthy. 

Hair Mask
When I was in Rhodes a few weeks ago, I had a day where my hair was unbearably dry. I went to a pharmacy and picked up this hair mask. Prior to going away, once a week I would use coconut oil as a natural hair mask. I would simply rub a generous amount in the palms of my hands to let it warm up, and then brush through the ends of my hair. I would tie it in a bun, leave it overnight, and wash in the morning with plenty of conditioner. In Rhodes this wasn’t an option, so I bought an olive oil based one. I absolutely love it, and have started using it back at home. Again once a week, completing the same routine as with the coconut oil. I love the feeling that it gives my hair, a sudden boost of hydration and softness. I take pride in taking care of my locks, so will be very sad when this mask runs out… although I will always have a soft spot for coconut oil. I use it in everything! 
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