Last week I was in Rhodes, a beautiful Greek Island with my girlfriends. We went to celebrate the end of two years at sixth form, to overindulge in the sun and have some much earned relaxation time. We booked this on New years day, so have been looking forward to it for six months, getting us through the last hurdle of compulsory education and exams. I cannot even explain how nice it was to just go away, have a real rest and visit such a breathtaking place. I have been to Rhodes before, as a stop off on a cruise about 5 years ago, however never got the chance to explore it fully. I have absolutely fallen in love with the island, and would love to go back some day and see more. As it was a girls holiday, a lot of the week was spent lazing around the rooftop pool, working on those tans and getting through some books. I never usually read at home, but really got into it on holiday. I am hoping that it carried on, as I can get so lost in a story. 
The holiday was such an amazing opportunity to spend some time with my friends, who will all be going off next year for the next chapter of their lives. In a way it is actually quite sad, as it probably was the last time before prom that we are all together! I guess that’s life, but I think it can justify an emotional moment! Anyway, I wanted to do another travel diary, as I love writing them and they seem to get such a positive response. I will go day by day, and you can also watch the video to bring it all to life. 

Saturday & Sunday 
Travel Travel Travel
Saturday we set off for Rhodes. I spent the morning drastically preparing, making sure everything was packed, going to get some extra euros and picking up my prom dress that had been altered. Yes this was cutting it fine as prom is two days after the holiday! We arrived at the airport at around 2.30pm, checking is quickly and going through security. We had time for a little mooch around duty free, where I wanted to buy a YSL mascara. Went to the check out to pay and realised that I had left my debit card on my bedside table. I cannot even begin to explain how anxious and worried I was. I had no sterling on me, and my card was my back up for when I was away. Luckily my friends calmed me down, and I realised that I would be okay for the trip. However, I never got my YSL mascara! Nevertheless, we waited around the airport for a few minutes, getting some food and coffee. We then made our way to the plane, where we boarded and took off swiftly. The journey wasn’t too bad, and my flight anxiety seemed to be okay. We then collected our luggage and headed for the transfer. As Greece is two hours ahead it was about 11pm at this point. The coach journey was quick and we got to our hotel at about half 12 in the morning. We all checked in and headed to our rooms for some much needed sleep. 
We actually had a few problems with out rooms (just mine and Abby’s) as it was right on the end, had hardly any furniture and the shower was broken. It wasn’t the same as everyone else’s so in the end went and had to swap the next day. It was a big disappointment when we first arrived, but luckily everything was sorted in the end. 
On Sunday, we were all pretty exhausted from the travelling day before, so decided to have a chilled day around the pool. We started with breakfast all together, before trying to find a sun lounger. Something that annoys me more than anything is people who reserve loungers with towels when there is a sign clearly stating not to. In the end you have to as well as you will land up without them, but I absolutely hate it. Anyway, we chilled by the pool, cooled down in the water every so often and tried our best not to get burnt. It was so nice to be relaxing, and the day seemed to go on forever. For dinner we walked out of the hotel, and found a strip of restaurants. We fell in love with a blue and white one, purely because of how Greek it looked. We had our first meal in there, a Cosmopolitan in hand and my first taste of Chicken Souvlaki. We seemed to have so much of this dish over the week, simply because it was so delicious. It is basically a chicken kebab with greek seasoning, served with chips, salad and tsaziki. 

Waking up on a Monday morning in 28 degree heat was total bliss. Not having to worry about getting to work/ school, and just lying on a lounger taking in the vitamin D. I paced myself a lot at the beginning, as I burn easily, and cannot stand the pain. I used factor 50 for the first to days and wore my most covering bikinis. It was also about getting a balance between being in the sun, and being in the shade at peek times. We started with breakfast, before I spent a few hours really getting into my book. I started reading Giovanna Fletcher’s ‘Dream a little Dream’, and finished it within a few days. I completely fell in love with the story, and am now so eager to read all of her books! For lunhc we headed down to the hotel cafe and had some yummy Greek food. I loved the greek style pizzas and sandwiches, all with feta, olives, tomato and sprinkled with oregano. In the afternoon, we had to go downstairs and lay on the day beds in the shade. The sun at about 2pm was unbearable, and I found it so difficult to cool down. We then all decided that this would be a good opportunity to catch up on Love Island, which started to get so tense. Please don’t tell me what has happened, as I am still trying desperately to catch up! 
The day seemed to run away with itself, and we were quickly showering and getting ready for dinner.  We already knew that we wanted to go to a restaurant which was kind of hidden above some stairs, so headed there. It was typically greek, run by a lovely family serving traditional Greek cuisine. I strayed from this a little, and had penne with chicken and a cream sauce. I can honestly say that this was the best pasta dish I have ever eaten, despite it beating me as it was so rich! We also shared some tsaziki to start, a greek yoghurt dip served with homemade pitta. There pitta is definitely what we would call flat bread! It was all delicious, and we then went to a cocktail bar, to enjoy some drinks and support the England in the football. I am not at all into football, but with everyone together it was more enjoyable. I also found the result hilarious, but please don’t be offended by me saying so! 

Tuesday we decided to leave the hotel! We had left both evening before, however not in the day. After breakfast we got a taxi into Old Rhodes Town. It was a quick 10 minute journey across the coast line. It was such a beautiful view, and so nice to be enjoying what the island has to offer. We were dropped on a little beach, and walked through an arch to find the old town. We walked all the way to the top, stopping in shops, finding good places for lunch and my friends holding a parrot. No I wasn’t brave enough, there is just something about their feet that freaks me out… ew! The weather was very hot, however most of the walk ways were shaded from the buildings. It was bearable, and made us able to enjoy the town that little bit more. I bought gifts for everyone back home, but didn’t actually treat myself to anything. We had lunch in another greek restaurant, this one much more for tourists. I had a Mexican style wrap with chips, and an iced tea! It was really good, and we landed up sitting in there for a while just while the temperate dropped a little. We then walked all the way up, finding little ally ways and cobbled streets which were very much residential. Everybody was so kind and welcoming, allowing us to explore at our own pace. I found a beautiful little hidden shop, that sold olive oils. Obviously, I had to bring some home – my god the luggage weight allowance was bound to suffer! We spent a long time in Rhodes, treating ourselves to an ice-cream on the walk back. I chose pistachio, as it is my favourite flavour in the whole world, and I always seem to just have it on holiday. 
When we got back we had a little rest in the room, watching another Love Island. We come away to Greece, and land up watching the ITV reality show… bad we know! The time went very quickly, and we were suddenly getting ready for another dinner. We went for a more casual option on this evening, going to a sports bar for some food. I ordered chicken souvlaki again, and was so surprised by the food. It was absolutely superb, and so much better than I expected from a bar! We were all exhausted from this day, so just went back to the hotel with our tummies very full. Abby and I landed up talking for hours, but eventually got to sleep ready for another day. 

Having gone to Rhodes on the previous day, we wanted to rest again on the Wednesday. We had breakfast in the little restaurant before convening to our loungers for another day of reading and tanning. Breakfast in the hotel was lovely everyday, with a continental being provided in our package. There was a choice of cereals, greek yoghurt, honey, cold meats and cheeses. As well as coffee, teas and juices. It was more than we needed and I landed up having the same thing over and over. Real greek yoghurt with muesli and fresh runny honey. I cannot even explain how delicious this was, and whatever they advertise as greek style yoghurt here… it is a big lie. There is nothing like it, and I am making it my mission to find something similar in the UK. 
Lazing around on the Wednesday was bliss, and I actually spent quite a lot of time in the pool. It was good to keep cool, and was actually really good fun just lying on the lilos. It was a very good rest day, and we actually managed to stay in the sun for quite a while. At about 4pm we wanted to go and have a look at the beach. We got ready and walked down, knowing that it would be a little cooler. We found a spot on the warm sand, two of my friends instantly heading for the sea. I love the sea, but hate to swim in it, so when they came back saying that they saw an eel whilst snorkelling, there was no way I was going anywhere near it! Instead spent about an hour and a half lying on the sand, reading my book. It was total bliss, and such a pretty place to be. 
We then headed up back to the hotel, having to shower and change quickly for dinner. We made it in good time, and landed up going back to the blue and white restaurant for some food. This evening I opted for a Spaghetti Bolognese, which was so good. It filled me up completely and it was nice to have something with a taste of home. We ended the evening with a few more cocktails, before heading to bed. 

Obviously I started the day off with my greek yoghurt, muesli and honey! God, I miss it so much! It made me feel like I was really on holiday, as it was something that wouldn’t be the same back at home. Another day was spent around the pool, topping up my now flourished tan, and finishing my first book! I finished the last few chapters of ‘Dream a little Dream’ before going onto ‘Always with Love’. Although, I had made a little mistake and didn’t realise that ‘Always with Love’ was a sequel to Giovanna Fletcher’s first book ‘Billy and Me’. This, therefore, meant that I didn’t want to read it as it would ruin the first and I had nothing to read. Instead I put my headphones in and spend the day listening to music, and properly relaxing in the sun. In a way, I was the most tired at the end of this day as I had done completely nothing. It was obviously a good feeling, however this was the moment that I did start to miss being busy. We were all together on the Thursday, so there was a lot go girl chat and messing around in the pool! It was such good fun, and really felt like we were properly on a girls holiday! 
In the evening we headed back to the sports bar, where we had a feast! I had chicken souvlaki again, however we all had cocktails with our meal and soft drinks. We pushed the boat out, and I have never ever felt so full in my life! The sight of chips was starting to become off putting, and I craved vegetables so much! Even now I am getting so much joy out of broccoli and carrots! 

This was our last proper day in Rhodes, and everyone really wanted to visit the waterpark, which is apparently the biggest in Europe? My friend Sophie and I are not really into things like this, so decided to stay behind while they all went off. They were gone for hours, so we just had some real relaxation time. As we had been in a big group all week, it was so nice to just talk one on one with someone and enjoy some more peace and quiet. As we were at the stage of all being quite red from the sun, we stayed in the shade on our loungers all day. I started to read a book that was Abby’s, and really got into it. It is set in World War 2, about a little girl who was sent to the country with her mother, and her life story as she grows up. I am still early on in the book, so am trying to get through it! The day seemed to completely fly by, and we decided to go back to our rooms a little earlier for a nap! I had a quick shower first, before getting into bed and snoozing for an hour. The feeling of showering, getting rid of the sun cream and applying after sun is just simply amazing. The nap just made it that tiny bit better! In the evening we had dinner in the hidden restaurant again up the stairs, where I opted for something more simple. Chicken fillet. It came with a gorgeous mushroom sauce, rice, chips and a few bits of vegetables. Carb overload right?! I just ate the rice, and can’t tell you how delicious it was. I probably enjoyed this meal the best, purely because it was something different! We went back to the hotel, and landed up playing cards and drinking some rum and coke. It was really good fun, especially as I am not usually into these games. 
Home time… 
Our flight was not until midnight, so we spent the day relaxing and getting ready. We had breakfast, but I just couldn’t be bothered to fight for a lounger, so landed up spending quite a bit of time in the air conditioned room. Apparently it got to highs of 35 degrees, with no breeze, so the heat was just unbearable. We packed everything up and a few of us went to the shops by all the restaurants. Both myself and Abby bought a handbag, also taking the opportunity to look around for more presents. We then had lunch in the sports bar again, sipping on a cold Corona and enjoying some more greek food. As much as it was nice to have an extra day, because we knew we were coming home I was feeling a but anxious. I kind of just wanted to get going, so that leaving was being dragged out. We went back to the hotel, played some more cards and showered ready to leave. We had to check out at 7pm, so afterwards we all went together for some dinner. We decided to walk up into the more residential parts and found a divine little restaurant, that very obviously doesn’t get many tourists. The food was so good, and the man who owned it was hilarious. I even think that we brought more customers in! As much as the meal was lovely, the mood was a little lower than the other nights, as we were all so tired and sad to be going home. 
We got back to the hotel and had about an hour to kill. So landed up having a few cocktails. I knew that this was good for me as it would get my nerves down, and help me through the whole flight! The transfer was only about half an hour, and got us to the airport quickly. From here the nightmare travel home began. There were so many queues to check in, and then for security. By the time we got through we had literally 2 minutes to grab some water, before boarding. We then took off just under half an hour late, which meant that we arrived late too. We got into Bristol at 2.30am (UK) and went through passport control and everything in about half an hour. We were then waiting for our luggage, where they moved the belt 4 times! By the time we got our cases we got out of the airport at about 4. My poor boyfriend and everyone else’s lifts had been waiting for around an hour and a half. To be honest it was appalling, and not the best way to finish such a good holiday. We went straight home to bed, and wow I slept amazingly! 
I hope you enjoyed this diary – I hope to be doing some more this year! 

– have a good day – 


This post is not a paid advert, I just like to share my adventures. 

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