If I’m being completely honest, I would have to say that I do like to treat myself… Work hard play hard and all that. I go to work, I put maximum effort in and I like to reward myself. So many people turn their noses up at others for what they choose to do with their money, but quite frankly I think it is none of their business. Everyone spends differently – I am in the position at the moment where I don’t have a mortgage, don’t have many responsibilities and don’t have children. So why shouldn’t I buy the things that make me happy? This is a questions that I ask myself multiple times, especially when I start to feel guilty about things. 

“Work Hard, Play Hard”

Obviously I don’t have a wardrobe full of designer goodies nor drive around in a Porsche, but I do spend money on small things that aren’t exactly necessary. I wanted to share some of these things with you today, as a means of getting to know me better and me trying to get my message across that it is okay to treat yourself. I don’t agree with people that live in the mindset that spending money is wrong, because I quite simply love it. Nope I’m not sorry. 

Gel Nails
Omg, I cannot even explain my love of having gel nails. I am currently sat typing away, looking down at chipped and ugly nails. I didn’t have time to get them done before Scotland, so tried to make up for it by painting them myself. What a mistake that was. I have had gel nails almost continuously since Christmas, and at £24 every other week, it hasn’t been a cheap habit. Lots of people would think it was crazy to spend so much simply just on nails, but when I have nice nails I feel so much better. I feel elegant, up together and happy about myself. It is such a small thing, but it honestly makes me so much happier. Nail polish has NEVER worked for me, so when I discovered gel nails, it was a life changer.
I get mine done at a salon is Clifton called The Nail House. They use OPI gel, as well as a range of natural products. The girls in there are brilliant, and it is always a pleasure to go and have my treatment. 

Flowers & Candles
The first two things that make me happy, flowers and candles. In my bedroom, I love having a fresh bunch of flowers. Usually I buy the, for myself, unless my boyfriend is having a spontaneous generous moment. Every time I look at flowers I instantly feel happy, and love how they add that extra burst of life to my bedroom. My favourites are blush pink or white roses, as well as lilies. I have always loved flowers, and it is definitely something I have inherited from the ladies in my family. 
To go with my flowers, I like adding an atmosphere in the evening with some candles. I love buying nice candles, that not only smell nice but also have beautiful packaging. My favourite has to be ‘Winter’ from The White Company. It reminds me of Christmas, and makes me feel at home. I usually just have one or two lit in my room in the evening, as well as having some tea lights around the bathroom when I have a bath. That doesn’t happen very much as I am more of a quick shower kind of girl, so it makes it extra relaxing when I do it properly. 

Another luxury of mine is makeup. I wear makeup every single day, without fail, say what you will. I adore makeup, and don’t see it as a waste of money as I do actually use it. Most of my makeup is from cheaper high street brands, but there are a few more expensive items in my makeup bag. These include my Chanel foundation, Clinique skincare range and range of higher end mascaras. I know that you can get good quality cheaper products, but the reality of it is that you get what you pay for. If you buy a £3 mascara, the likelihood is that it will be pretty rubbish. Ultimately, the more expensive products are better. Obviously, I know this isn’t the case with everything, but on average it is true. This is why I choose to spend my money on a few key makeup pieces – they look better and make me feel better. 

Good Food
If you look at my bank balance at the end of the money, you will see that about 70% of my income goes on food. If it isn’t obvious already, I am a big foodie, and love eating good food. I love cooking just as much as eating, and always try to buy the best food I can. I spend money everyday on good convenience food for breakfast and lunch, purely because I am not organised enough to do it at home, and love spending money on good quality ingredients for food at home. Yes I go to just the local superstore, but I will always choose the better quality ingredients. It makes everything taste better, and makes eating so much more enjoyable. 
This is also the case with eating out. I adore eating out, discovering new restaurants. I appreciate a good meal out, and will always choose to spend money going out for lunch and dinner. It is something I love, and I am in a position where I can afford to do it. When I have a mortgage and two children I won’t be able to do it as much (if at all), so I’m going to make the most out of it now. 

I started driving over a year ago now, and literally have no idea how I survived before. I completely rely on my car, to get to work, run errands and simply live a life. It is a complete luxury, especially at my age, and it is something that I am extremely great feel for. The boost in independence is hard to beat, suddenly being able to do everything for yourself. Driving is by no means cheap, but I would pay it over and over again just for the luxury of having a car. 
Not only is it good because you can get everything done, but I also genuinely love driving. The majority of the time I would always choose to drive, and just love driving around. I’ m a bit of a boy when it comes to it, but I just can’t help it. If anyone wants to buy me a day driving super cars, that would be much appreciated! 


I spend a lot of money on coffee. As in, large skinny lattes from Starbucks and Costa Coffee. A few years ago they built a Starbucks drive through literally 5 minutes away from my home, and it has been the best and worst thing in the world. Coffee available all the time, and a very sad purse towards the end of the month. Being a barista, I also love trying out different coffees. Whenever I go somewhere new I will try the coffee, and I just rely on it a lot. I do go through phases with it, I can go a whole month without needing any, but then the majority of the time I use it to wake me up and fuel me for the day. I love buying nice coffee, and am a major brand victim. 
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