When going through my teenage years, I quickly learnt how big my love of films was. I used to totally binge on them, not just because I was a moody teenager, but I genuinely loved them. Over the last few years my taste in films has definitely matured, and I actually enjoy a vast range of genres. Obviously being a major girly girl, my favourites will probably always be romantic comedies, most likely to star Jennifer Aniston, but I am also starting to love action films and some traditional movies. The latest film that I watched, and surprisingly enjoyed, was Deadpool featuring Ryan Reynolds. It was hilarious, and exceeded all expectations! 
I love the escape that you can from a good film, completely indulging in other peoples lives and forgetting reality for that short amount of time. I guess it is the same as with books, but I just find it easier to sit, relax and enjoy a film! It is amazing how some movies can really bring people together and create a whole heap of conversations amongst people with that one common interest. 

“I’m just one stomach flu away from my goal weight – The Devil Wears Prada 2006” 

For years, my best friend Abby and I would have endless sleepovers, eating junk and watching too many films. We got through so many, and really started to nail our movie routine. Everything had to be right, and it became easy to do that as we were doing it so often. By the end of the weekend, I think we definitely needed to give our eyes a rest and eat some vegetables! 

The Films
Obviously, the first part to creating the perfect movie night is the actual movies themselves. This is dependant on my mood mostly, as well as who you are watching them with. For arguments sake, lets say I was having a movie night with my girlfriends, we would most likely be opting for rom coms that are just easy to watch. A few of my favourites are ‘How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days’, ‘Pitch Perfect’ and ‘Bride Wars’. Sometimes though, Abby and I like to have movie marathons, making our way through sequels like Twilight. I cannot even tell you how many times we must have watched all five films in a row! I kind of have to watch them all together, but obviously this is impossible during one night, so we often would spread it out over the entire weekend. Other sequels that we enjoyed we The Hunger Games and The Princess Diaries one and two. 
Different kind of movie nights would probably be ones spent with my boyfriend. I do think it is a bit unfair to make him sit through rom coms, so we often compromise and watch one of each. If I am with him we will often go for something that we both want to watch at the time. Now You See Me was something that we both really enjoyed, as well as The Avengers Films. I am not a big Marvel fan, but there are a few films that I do really enjoy. 
“Love Never Means Having to Say You’re Sorry” – Love Story

The Food
How can anyone get through a film without munching on something? Usually when having a movie marathon, I will start with a proper meal. I am quite particular about things, and like everything being done properly, so usually make a big spread on a table in front of the TV for us to devour whilst starting the films. I like to cook easy food for occasions like these, and often opt for home comforts like spaghetti bolognese or chilli. I love how you can have everything in one bowl and eat it with a fork, as well as having all the extras laid out in front of you. Abby and I always used to have pasta, so we would buy three pasta dishes from the shop and lay them out so that we could have a bit from each. We were always so full my the end, but it was always so nice to have a variety. 
After eating some ‘proper food’, movie nights to me always call for food that is sugary and simply unhealthy. I am not a massive fan of popcorn unless it is from the movie theatre, so often buy chocolates to have and biscuits. Being a keen baker I sometimes make things like cookies, but I must admit my favourite thing for movie nights is the share bags of chocolate buttons. 
The Location
Obviously the location is always at home, but i’m talking about where in the house. When I was younger we would always be in my bedroom, lounging on the bed with the TV at the end or my laptop perched so that we could both see. Now I much prefer to have a movie marathon watching it on a big screen, so often in the living room. Living at home this can sometimes be difficult, so I always take the opportunity when everyone is away. You can snuggle up on the sofa with the food laid out and watch the films on the TV. The part that really makes it for me has to be bringing my pillows and duvets down from my bed and having them on the sofa. 

The Company 
To me, who you are with makes every movie night so much different. Everybody has different ways of doing things, and I have definitely got into a routine of doing stuff in different ways with different people. Abby and I are probably the best pair at movie night, as we love the same films, eat the same food and both love the duvet situation! As we are both pretty lazy when put together we really enjoy the whole doing nothing thing, and can actually sit there for hours just watching things that we have most likely already seen about ten times! With my boyfriend it is a bit different as we watch different kind of films, and we just don’t do it as often so haven’t got into a proper routine. He would hate having a duvet as he is always hot, and probably couldn’t sit through more than two! I feel like us girls have got this nailed so much better! 
The Clothes
The final thing that makes a movie night to me is the clothes. How can anyone sit there in jeans and a top! Movie nights are all about being casual and relaxed. Get your onesie out!! I love my onesies, but omg I get so so hot! In the end I probably just go for either pyjamas or joggers with fluffy socks. The duvet keeps me warm, so my clothes are just really about comfort. It doesn’t happen often that I laze around looking awful in my comfy clothes, so I like to push the boat out when I do! 

My Favourite Movies

How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Bride Wars
Pretty Woman
The Twilight Saga
Knocked Up 
Life as We Know It
What To Expect When You’re Expecting
Valentines Day
Wild Child
– have a great day – 


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