So as you can probably remember, I signed off for a week last week to go on an Internet free family holiday. Our ten and a half hour journey took us all the way up to Scotland, where we stayed in a beautiful cottage right on a Loch a few miles away from Fort William. I have never been this far north of the country before, so took every opportunity to stop and appreciate this part of Britain and get some photos of the magnificent scenery. Wow they have big mountains…oh and so many beautiful  Loch’s. When I was telling my grandma about it, I had to describe it as a British version of Lake Como, saying that if the sun is shining, you could sit and wouldn’t be aware that you weren’t actually in a completely different part of the world. I had already heard how beautiful it was, but you can never really appreciate it until you see it for yourself. I sure do appreciate it now, and am excited to start going more as a means of properly relaxing and getting away from everything. 
Whilst I was there, I wrote a dirty everyday to keep you guys in the loop. This is the only thing I did to contribute towards the blog, plus it was pretty low effort, so I still felt rested and like I had escaped. I just wanted to share the things I did with you, in case you decide to go and a better way of sharing some of the gorgeous photos! Enjoy πŸ™‚ 

Travelling to Scotland.

At 10pm we set off for the 10 hour journey to Scotland. I had just picked up my A level results so was feeling pretty happy, relieved to finally have finished school and over the moon that I managed to get some decent grades. 
The start of the journey was spent talking about the holiday, as well as other various thing. We stopped for a loo break them hastily got on the road again, trying to power through to avoid rush hour traffic in Glasgow. I watched Legally Blonde, saving the second one for the journey back the following week. I have no idea how many times I’ve watched that film now, but it gets better every time. Then we stopped for lunch, opting for a Burger King. I went for the chicken strip meal, which was massively disappointing. There is a reason it is called ‘Burger’ King. Anyway, we set out again and for the next part of the journey I indulged in another movie called ‘Love Rosie’. I absolutely adore this film, and sat in the back laughing and crying to myself. By this time we hit Glasgow, just managing to get through with little traffic. The next part of the drive was filled with beautiful Scottish countryside and amazing views. It was simply magnificent, and it was total bliss to just sit and be driven through the new place I had discovered and loved. We arrived at the cottage we were staying in at about 8pm, and finished the day with some amazing scrambled eggs and bacon. Yummy! Even though I hadn’t done any driving, I felt completely exhausted and in need of a good sleep, which is exactly what I had.


Walking to a Waterfall & Shopping in Fort William

A leisurely start at 10am was just what I needed after a restful nights sleep, followed by a welcomed cup of tea, toast and some cereal. I wouldn’t say that we are early risers, especially as we only managed to get out the door just before 12! 
On the start of the agenda for today was a 2 mile walk, making our way to a beautiful waterfall. The drive to the walk was really good, going through Fort William and driving past lots of mountains, including the highest in the UK. Ben Nevis. If I’m being completely honest, we struggled to actually identify which it was! Anyway, we got there in the end and began our walk after munching on some sandwiches. I am not a massive walker, but actually really enjoyed this one, taking in the beautiful scenery. Despite the rain we powered through and got to the waterfall. It was amazing, and we spent a while just admiring it and playing around with a wire bridge that goes over the water. After about 20 minutes we began our walk back, which was much easier as it was mainly down hill!
Back in the car, we made our way into Fort William to stock up on food and have a mooch in the shops. I found a beautiful Scottish shop full of slate goodies for the kitchen. My life at the moment is all about interior, getting everything ready for the flat! I managed to resist a few things, making my purse a little happier. Anyway, it was nice to just walk around and look at what they had. It is mainly chains, so nothing I couldn’t get at home. We then had a good shop in the Morrison’s, which is vast as it is the only shop for the majority that live around Fort William.
When we got home we had some dinner, Salmon with mashed potato and veggies. My absolute favourite dinner – healthy and filling. We relaxed in front of the TV, watching Chef. I LOVE THAT FILM! It makes me want to cook!


A trip to the most Westerly point in the UK

An earlier start to the day today… Well 9am! My day started in the most amazing way, purely because I had squashed avocados, scrambled eggs and toast. All my favourite things in one dish. Swiftly making some sandwiches for lunch and getting ready for the day, we left the house at 11. We drove for about 15 minutes, then got on the car ferry so that we could cross Loch Leven. We then drove for about two hours all through the countryside, stopping often to admire the view and take hundreds of photos. The weather was breathtaking, with clear sky’s and the sun blazing. In fact, I was actually way too hot in my jeans and walking boots (yes, I wore walking boots)! The drive was beautiful, and got even better when we stopped off for lunch. We stopped at a beautiful little cafe with highland cows right outside. I had a delicious Chilli Con Carne, followed by a vanilla milkshake. Not going to lie to you, I felt a little ill afterwards forgetting that I was already a bit nauseous from the drive around all lanes. I powered through, and got back in the car as we went for the last stretch of the drive. We landed up at a lighthouse, and just walked around having a look. The lighthouse itself wasn’t particularly impressive, but the views of all the mountains and other islands was. We got back in the car and headed home. 
On the way home we took a detour, landing up at this beautiful little beach in a Scottish village. There was one Scottish family there, meaning in was undiscovered by tourists. I got my feet out and in the water, and was amazed by the clear water. If I hadn’t told you I was in Scotland, you would never have guessed. After messing around for about 45 minutes we made our way home. We didn’t get in until 8, so we gobbled up our sandwiches that had been replaced with Chilli at lunch time, and sat and watched ‘Julie and Julia’ – a beautiful film about a celebrity chef, Julia Child, and an American food blogger starring Meryl Streep.


Loch Ness

An extremely late start to the day today, waking up at 11am! I was glad of the much needed sleep, but always feel a little disappointed in myself having wasted the entire morning. Nevertheless, we got up and got dressed, ready for another day of exploring all that Scotland has to offer.  As we were up quite late, we had to decide on something to do that wouldn’t take too long. In the end, we decided that we wanted to see the famous Loch Ness. I have heard from many people that as impressive as Loch Ness is, it is by no means the most beautiful and doesn’t have a lot going on around it. It is also known to be extremely busy and full of tourists, something that I am not fond of. Anyway, we decided to ignore all of this and drive to have a look. You can’t really come to Scotland and not see such a famous part of it. We drove for about 2 hours, stopping to admire the views and eventually got there, driving along the side of the lake that wasn’t polluted by tourists. It was magnificent, vast in size and beautiful surrounded by the Scottish countryside. We stopped at a little beach just by the lake, and I really really wanted to touch the water, which I then did. My boyfriend decided to have a go, and landed up falling in *trying really hard not to laugh*. We were around the lake for a while before making our way back again. We stopped again to do a little walk that only took half an hour, finishing at an amazing waterfall. It was spectacular, the noise of the water and spray everywhere put you right in the moment. 
In the evening we went out for dinner, to a lovely fish restaurant. The food was absolutely superb, honestly the best fish I have ever eaten. To start I had a Bean and Chorizo soup (straying from the fish theme), while everyone else indulged in mussels, scallops and oysters. I am really not a fan of sea food, but believe me, I really wish I was! Anyway, I had sea bass as a main, which was exquisite. It was pan fried sea bass, served with peppers, courgettes, baby potatoes and chorizo. I was in heaven eating it, and can definitely say that I am a ‘live to eat’ person!


The Town of Oban

A bit of an earlier start to the day today, as we were planning on a trip to the town of Oban, about a 90 minute drive away from our cottage.  So after a quick breakfast we headed out. We stopped a few times on the way, admiring an old Scottish castle and the beautiful scenery. We got to Oban at about 12, when we had to do a quick Tesco shop purely to get change for the parking metre! After parking we walked to get some fish and chips, with the idea in mind of sitting overlooking the water with our food. The fish and chip shop we chose had a sign in the window stating ‘the best fish and chips I’ve ever had’ – a quote from Rick Stein in 2002. He was right, it was pretty amazing, and it wasn’t even ruined by the drizzle of rain that came whilst we ate, nor the seagull that very nearly mugged me! 
After our scrumptious fish and chips, we went to Oban distillery for a tour of how they make their whiskey. The tour lasted for about an hour, and was extremely interesting – it’s a shame that I don’t actually like whiskey. I can see why people love and rave about it, but I simply cannot stomach it. Nevertheless, I enjoyed seeing the process of how it was made and would really recommend seeing one if you’re interested in that kind of thing. 
The day has gone really quickly, but we still had time to stop in the most amazing chocolate shop. Sitting with a white hot chocolate, slice of homemade carrot cake and chocolate taster plate was bliss, and made even better when I got first wifi fix of the week. I have to see, I enjoyed the rest from social media for the week, but was starting to miss staying up to date. 
We headed home after relaxing in the cafe, and I was massively looking forward to the prospect of roast chicken for dinner. We also got through two of the Bourne films, which I’ve been told I have to get through ready to see the new one coming out soon.


Red Squirrel Hunting

Our last day in Scotland, and we had already decided that today was going to be restful. Seeing as we knew we had a 10 hour journey the next day, we didn’t want to do much, so stayed local. We got up at about 11, and had a lovely relaxing breakfast. It was a bacon sandwich for me! 
The one thing I really wanted to see on this trip was wildlife, in particular, red squirrels. I as yet to see any, so we decided to go on a walk where they we almost guaranteed. When we got there, there was a board for us to hide behind, looking through at the squirrel feeders. I stood there for what seemed like ages, but realistically was only about 10 minutes, and finally got to see the stunning red squirrels. They were so much smaller than I had expected, and looked incredibly soft and fluffy. It was so peaceful to just watch them, and try to take some amazing photos. The one we saw ran away after about 10 minutes, enabling us to then do another small walk, with a waterfall at the end. It was beautiful, and made even better by a pub lunch at the end. A smoked salmon sandwich and lager shandy was a treat, and omg, the salmon was the best I’ve ever had. 
We relaxed in the pub for a bit longer, before making our way home. We stopped in a gallery where I bought a beautiful picture to go in the new flat, as well as a little arts and crafts shop. The rain was bucketing down at this point, so I was glad to get home, have dinner and chill in front of the tv.

– Thanks for Reading  & Happy Bank Holiday! x – 


I have not been paid to feature any brands, and all views and opinions are my own. All photos were taken by me, on the Nikon D3200, with both a 18-55mm lens and a 55-200mm lens. 
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